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August 3, 2015 2:07 pm

Iran Deal: New York Post Columnist Says Schumer Will Choose Career Over Principles

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U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY). Photo: WikiCommons.

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY). Photo: Wiki Commons.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer will choose his career over moving to scuttle the nuclear deal with Iran, a columnist for the New York Post predicted on Monday.

If the nuclear deal struck by negotiators from Iran, the U.S. and five other major powers that mostly wanted this deal to go through had been raised and supported by a Republican president, Schumer almost certainly would have rejected it, wrote Michael Goodwin.

But since the president is Barack Obama and Schumer is eyeing the Senate Democratic leadership, the New York lawmaker is going to have to let go of his opposition to the deal, which is shared by many Republicans and pro-Israel groups and lobbies, among others.

Goodwin wrote: “… breaking with a Democratic president on a signature, legacy issue would be so huge as to jeopardize the position he has craved and earned. Obama would see the act as unforgivable treason and demand a replacement.”

Schumer lost his power to vote independently as soon as he decided to reach for the party leadership, Goodwin said.

Congress is in the midst of a review period for the Iran nuclear deal, which will ultimately culminate in a congressional vote on whether to back or oppose the international agreement. If Congress rejects the deal, Obama has vowed to use his veto power, though a two-thirds majority in the House and Senate could override that veto.

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  • HaroldT38

    Schumer another Richard Goldstone ??

  • David Peters

    If Schumer does vote in favor of the Executive Agreement, he cannot be accused of double loyalty, because he has chosen his loyalty: the Democrat Party, right or wrong.
    If he does vote in favor of the Agreement, any claim he makes or will make that he supports or defends America and Israel will be empty words, because everyone will know that he serves the party before all else.
    G-d save us from patriot like this.

  • Mark_NYC

    What many of the responders on this article fail to take into account is that Schumer is a reform Jew. It is my impression that the overwhelming majority of reform Jews support Obama on the Iran deal, taking the position that it is the best we could get and it avoids war. (Of course, the rest of us believe it only postpones war with Iran, and the appropriate historical comparison- unlike the recent NYTimes editorial- is not Nixon and China but Chamberlain and Hitler.) A very dear friend who is against the Iran deal but attends one of the largest reform temples in NYC recently found out that the well known rabbi of that temple fully supports Obama on Iran, stating that it is not even a close call. I suspect that the leaders of other reform temples also take this position, and unlike the readership of The Algemeiner, they unfortunately represent the majority of Jews in this country. So Schumer has plenty of political cover if he comes out in support of Obama on this. Sadly, the situation is again reminiscent of what went on with Jews in this country during the Holocaust. What makes this whole situation even more unfortunate is that the Republicans cannot seem to get their act together on picking a respectable candidate for the Presidency, which is probably our best hope for the future.

  • Ron

    Senator Schumer’s support for the Iran deal is not a done deal in itself. The Senator has not made his decision yet. Let’s hope Senator Schumer will wake up tomorrow morning and decide America comes first, not Obama, who clearly has “problems” with Israel, but apparently finds no fault within the Muslim community.

    New York Jews and Christians, please support let your Senator know he will not be re-elected if he continues his blind support for Obama.


    Some people would sell the moth for a dime.
    this man is a disgrace to the Jewish world.
    If it is true that Obama would demand that he be replaced, the this shows again who and what Obama is.
    He is a dictator who needs to be replced.
    by his demanding to agree to the Iran Deal, shows what a piece of drek Obama is.
    I hope and pray that in the next POTUS election the Republicans will have a huge majority in senate and Congress, and the the next POTUS will be a Republican, Hopefully, the US Jews will vote for the person, not the Dem party
    Obama is a MUslim and he is pushing for Israel to be destroyed so that it becomes an Islamic state.
    We also have the big liar, Kerry, warning the Jews of the world that the Jews will be held responsible for the deal being scrapped.
    Kerry also threatened Israel that Israel will be “isolated” if the deal does not go through

  • Robert Davis

    This is the problem with many jewish politicians in all countries included Israel : they are OPPORTUNISTS.

    • June Getraer

      All politicians are opportunists!

  • BMS

    IF he does choose to vote in favor of this horrible deal I hope all New Yorkers, Jew and non-Jew alike, vote his cowardly butt out of office come the next election. That would be true justice.

    • Irina

      I completely agree. His Jewish supporters need to choose a different person, who has the guts.

    • HaroldT

      Unfortunately your hope is misplaced. As 69% of Jews voted for Obama the second time, America is now a country of Quisling Jews like Schumer.

  • Yeshol

    Schumer should set his career sights a lot higher than the leadership of the Dems in the Senate. He should set his sights on the Presidency. The Dems have no good candidate. In poll after poll, the majority of Americans are against the Iran deal, against nearly everything Obama stands for. Hillary is a sad joke. Obama’s recent remark that he would win another election is just ludicrous. Fact: in the last congressional election no Democratic candidate wanted the help of the Democratic President.
    If Schumer defeats Obama, he will position himself as the person to lead the Dems from a sure defeat to a possible victory.

    • Hank

      If Schumer should decide to run for president, the Democrats would still not have a credible candidate. Just one more candidate/

  • judorebbe

    Schumer will sell out. He is a “progressive” (ugh!) Dem and a loyal player on Team Obama. – But don’t worry, he will come up with a really great explanation why Obama’s deal is in both Israel’s and America’s best interests.

  • Kenneth H. Ryesky

    An item for the next edition of JFK’s (actually, Ted Sorenson’s) “Profiles in Courage” — NOT!

  • Marco Redwolf

    Schumer is a Court Jew… Always was.. Always will be. He has always put career before righteousness. ( Principles are self taught they have no flag ) . It is said that ” The most dangerous place to be is between Senator Schumer and a camera ” If Schumer votes No I will be the most surprised person on Earth… Well…. one of several million anyway.

    Marco Redwolf

  • steven L

    The President and J. Kerry are strong believers of the “La methode Coue”. Please Google if U do not understand.

  • steven L

    Schumer will have to decide between the President and the country.

  • Eliot Schickler

    Chuck Schumer should be ashamed of himself and needs to say al-chait over this act!

  • MartyNYC

    Are you now saying that Senator Shomer and Congressman Levin are self-hating Jews? You must be joshing.

    • HaroldT

      I don’t know about self hating, but they certainly are Quisling Jews.

  • H.S.Cohen


  • Florence

    What principles? Do you really think Schumer or any of his cohorts have principles — I have a bridge to sell you. They are always thinking what is best for them not their constituents or for the world. They have made a career out of a position that should only really last 8 years. They probably can’t get or keep a job in the real world. What good is the title he is seeking when his constituents will vote him out of office the next time he is up for re-election. I sadly am not surprised by Schumer’s tactics. Why does he think he owes Obama anything. Obama doesn’t think he owes any body anything but his own private agenda. I hope the N.Y. Post is wrong in their conjecturing but I doubt it. They think Schumer worked hard and earned this Senate leadership — yes, as always — on the back of others.

  • Fran Pierce

    Should Schumer decide to vote for the Iran deal and against Israel – he is not Jew – and his career should be over. To choose a horrific deal that will endanger America and Israel should be grounds for him to lose his position. He is not worthy of it. When politics becomes more important than moral values and doing what is right there is no respect and this person cannot be trusted ever.
    Fran Pierce

  • ART

    How can one endorse a treaty when parts are kept secret. What happened to transparency.

  • art

    A true sin and schanda . He will not only betray Israel and his Jewish constituents but he will be the stereotypic Jew willing to self his soul for 30 pieces of silver

  • Jeffery Saddlemire

    It’s going to be alright. Our heavenly Father will protect Israel and he most certainly will punish those that have and will turn against Israel and our God, so it is written.

  • David

    It is absolutely necessary for Organizations, such as ZOA, etc to obtain through Freedom of Information Requests lists of contributors to Schumer and put great pressure on his financial supporters to contact him and advise him that he will lose financial support and their support. This is the only possible way of reaching someone who has sold his soul.

  • Shelley

    Typical Shumer CYA when the chips are Dow his ego will prevail

  • Francis Figliola

    Mr. Schumer is a party man, a total partisan. He votes party, right or wrong, every time. Principals be damned!

  • Steve

    It’s ok for a black Muslim democrate president to disrespect a Jew like Schumer by forcing him to vote on something dangerous to his own people. What a weasel, he’d throw his own people into the gas chambers to advance his own cause. Yes, it’s the shmuck Jews that vote for these politicians that are their own worst enemies.

  • nelson marans

    If he does support the president, as is likely, he will show that he is two-faced, professing love for Israel, while collaborating in its destruction. He will have been exposed as a typical politician, eager for advancement regardless of principle. His decision is a disgrace, if it occurs to favor a destructive Iranian nuclear deal.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    I think Schumer is waiting to see if something else intervenes to save him from having to make a decision. And he must know that if he backs Obama he will become the most hated man in the world. Because he can stop this dangerous deal.

  • schm0e

    Godspeed, Israel.

  • dante

    this is chuck’s PROFILES IN COURAGE moment, the opportunity to put principle above the personal.

    if he’s busy now writing his hollow excuses, his stupid justifications, his unconvincing rationalizations, maybe the people of New York will accept them and forgive him. History will not.

    let him be remembered, if at all, for what he did on this vote.

  • All this rhetoric concerning Iran and Obama will solve nothing. America is isolated and stands alone. It does not matter what Congress says , Obama will veto it. Israel must annihilate Iran’s nuclear sites now .

  • Mike P.

    Senator Chuck has already chosen career advancement ahead of principles by opposing strengthened sanctions in late 2012 in order to be the Master of Ceremonies at Obama’s 2nd Inauguration.

    Senator Chuck has already chosen career advancement ahead of principles by failing to oppose the deal EARLY and LOUDLY enough to lead other Democrats who looked to him on the issue, in order so he will be Democratic Senate leader.

    Senator Chuck is pretending to analyze the details of the deal. In fact, the deal is one big fat joke that any high school student could rip apart after an hour of reading.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    At this time in modern Israeli history, Israel is dealing with in-born Jewish terrorism as in Jew on Jew terrorism and Jew on Palestinian terrorism, the constant threat of terror from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and this iran deal. That the one Democratic senator who could very well sway the pendulum against the Iran deal would not do so because it would jeopardise his ambitions for leadership is beyond my most ghastly nightmare in my belief in decency in the American conscience. That this man, this Jewish man Chuck Schumer, who has so much power and so little conscience would sway the vote in Congress in favour of the Iran deal is an ungodly self-centred odious decision contrary to the goodness that I know is still in the hearts of most Americans as I am also an American and proud of it. I sincerely hope that the New York Post columnist is wrong on this one!

  • Ezra

    Dear Senator Schumer,

    As a NYS/NYC resident and admirer of yours, I can say that if you decide to vote for the Iran debacle, I for one and at least 30 of my immediate friends will vote for anyone but you in the next Senatorial election. Moreover, President Obama wil hold office for another 12 months, and no more.

    The Iran debacle is an American problem, not just an Israeli. As an American and supporter of Israel I believe that the U.S. and Israel have a common enemy in the form of a terrorist state called Iran.

    I urge you to vote against the Iran deal and come to the side of rational and concerned American citizens, most of who do not support the deal.

  • Ben Kramer

    The deal gets done with or without Schumer. Why would Democrats want to help Republicans with anything at all?

    • theo

      This deal, if it goes through ,will have serious consequences for the U S and for Israel
      The stigma will cleave to whoever supports it for all his living years Of this there is no doubt
      Schumer should consider his position very, very carefully There will be no going back for him to say ” I did not realize the consequences ” This is his moment of truth !