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August 3, 2015 3:16 pm

Israeli NGO Calls on British Authorities to Probe New Palestinian ‘Resistance’ Curriculum

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A National Teachers Union rally. Photo: Wikipedia.

A National Teachers Union rally. Photo: Wikipedia.

An Israeli NGO called on the British authorities to investigate an offensive new curriculum developed by the National Union of Teachers that educates young students about Palestinian “occupation, freedom and resistance.”

“An immediate, thorough and independent investigation by the Charities Commission as well as the U.K. education authorities is clearly required,” demanded the president of Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor, Gerald Steinberg.

Steinberg called the curriculum, which was developed by NUT together with a Christian charity called Edukid that aims to educate children living in poverty or conflict zones, “a fictitious narrative that promotes hate and incitement.”

Some have said the “extremist agenda” attempting to describe the often violent and unresolved Palestinian struggle for a state does not belong in a classroom with three-year-old students.

“We need to be more vigilant about the politicization of British classrooms,” said Tom Wilson of the Henry Jackson Society, according to the U.K. Daily Telegraph.

“When dealing with a subject as complex as the Israeli Palestinian conflict, it is so important to avoid giving young people a distorted or one sided account,” he said.

NUT responded to the concerns about its new curriculum by saying it had also distributed materials promoting Holocaust education and new government anti-radicalization measures.

Edukid, Steinberg added, partners with organizations with known links to the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine (a European Union-registered terrorist group) as well as supporters of a one-state solution that seek to dissolve the Jewish state, and the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS).

The curriculum follows Palestinian children such as Saleh, a 10-year-old Hebron native who is accompanied through military checkpoints by human rights organizations, and Jenna, whose house was fired on with rubber bullets and tear gas — Israel is not mentioned in the brief summaries provided on Edukid’s website. It provides pictures, written materials and videos. Edukid said some of the money raised through sales of the curriculum will go toward producing more footage.

The group also has curricula on children in Cambodia and Uganda.

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  • Abraham

    Not because agroup of persons wants a state, itmeans they have the right to have it. The country of Israel and the religion of judaism are diferent things.

  • with their given bedfellows the reply that holocaust education is also taught is but a blind. it facilitates teaching from the angle that the State of Israel rose as a result of the Holocaust and on the ashes of the palestinian homeland.

  • Brian Scates

    Islamic terrorism should be taught to the students. That represents danger to the entire world. Islam wants world control. Not just control of Israel. So-called Palestinian occupation, freedom and resistance indicates that their Aras cause is the only acceptable one. This is not the case. This is propaganda directed at children – a specialisation of Islam. And Fundamentalist Islam wants to murder all non-Muslims. With Fundamentalist Islam conversion is not viable or acceptable. You are just murdered. Above all else children shown this kind of totally biased information are being brain-washed.

  • Graham

    When I read articles like this about how are own children and grandchildren are now being brainwashed I am ashamed to be British. We deserve the aweful future that is ahead.

  • Vivienne Havalant (Leijonhufvud)

    This just goes to show that teacher’s and educational officers are so young and lack knowledge of contemporary history. Most teachers in the UK are under 30 – officers max 45, therefore, will be oblivious of the rise of Arafat, the six day war, Yom Kipur. Worst of all none of them will know the history of Israel since most of these kids were born either in the late sixties or seventies. This is the largely the generation in politics today. Is it any wonder the the world is in such chaos? Last Senior PM of UK was Mrs. M. Thatcher who swept British politics clean and taught the nation independence. Banking was improved but there was little she could do about idiocy of doing away with Grammar schools. Prior to the demise of the grammar school we had men and women in power who came up through merit rather than money. Many grammar school kids went to top universities with high standards. I am appalled and disgusted the Brits are brainwashing kids into believing ISRAEL is the bogey man. The real bogey man is ISLAM directed by Saudi Royal’s Wahhabi Islam.

  • today they will call Israel as the occupiers of west bank. tomorrow they will ask England to vacate cyprus, falk land and gibralter. So england must expel these palestininans

  • Elihu

    This picture of Saleh, the 10 year-old Hebron native followed by the Eukid Palestinian curriculum does not appear in the curriculum materials… one wonders why not..

    • Sam Hamilton

      Probably because it’s a toy gun…

  • This is another example of the new antisemitism. There is a general consensus in the UK among leading trades unions, left-leaning newspapers etc. that while it is wrong to castigate or individual Jews for being Jewish or deny the Holocaust, Israel can be singled out among all the other countries in the world as being the epitome of evil. These people refuse to admit that by denying Israel the right to exist (as the majority do) they are denying the Jewish people the right to exist. They are swapping the six million for the eight million (population of Israel).

    • danny kid

      At last someone speaks bravely. There at last the avoided word: antisemitism. That’s what it’s all about.

  • Michael Mayben

    What is happening to the conservative position of Britain? There are a lot of Americans who died to defeat the Nazi’s to save England from the boot heel of Hitler. Now their government is allowing a much worse de-humanizing scourge to over run their nation with the vile religion of Islam. America lost many American soldiers and spent a lot of money helping England rebuild their country after WWII only to see England allow radical Muslims over run their nation. Does anyone in England understand how important it is to stop the immigration of Muslims as well as to begin the deportation of Muslims already in England. At the rate Muslim’s birth rate is growing and England’s is falling it will only be a matter of time before the majority of England’s population will be Muslim. This will change England from a primarily Christian nation to becoming a Muslim nation! Act now or prepare for the worst for your government and citizens.

  • Mickey Oberman

    The Brits are using forethought.
    They are educating their children in advance to become good sharia obedient citizens of the very soon to be UK Caliphate.

  • steven L

    The “bete noire” of the left/far left is the Jew. The “bete noire” of the Muslims is the Jew. The “bete noire” of the Christians is the Jew. The “bete noire” of the seculars is the Jew. The “bete noire” of the orientalists is the Jew. The “bete noire” of the Russian nationalists is the Jew. Who else did I forget?

    • Dr John Jennings

      The good Lord himself

  • ajh

    Reminded of grandfather who had to teach history to me, as some wrote out Holocaust,and sidled up to tell lies to me, as a young man.
    Later, we saw vietnamese refugees mistreated because of those who supported Communism, making the victims perpetrators. Say,”Never Again.”

  • Tess

    Jewish families especially with small children should consider leaving. This propaganda aimed toward school children is as dangerous now as it was in the 1930’s. they could then make room for the Islamic refugees who would love to call iwelcoming UK home.

  • schm0e

    IT’s not a “Christian” charity, I assure you.

    • Sam Hamilton

      They are very much a Christian charity, and one that does a lot of good. These people close-minded enough to misinterpret these resources deliberately to support their own opinions are jeopardising the education of thousands of children worldwide who are supported by Edukid.

    • N. louden

      Edukid is a wonderful charity. Sadly it is being attacked by those who are anti-Palestinian and intolerant of the truth which this resource highlights.