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August 5, 2015 4:57 pm

US Official Says Palestinian State Won’t be Established During Obama Presidency

avatar by David Daoud

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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas shakes hands with U.S. President Barack Obama, on March 17, 2014. Photo: Screenshot.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas shakes hands with U.S. President Barack Obama, on March 17, 2014. Photo: Screenshot.

An American official told Israeli political reporters on Tuesday that the Obama administration understands that there is no possibility a Palestinian state will be established by the end of President Barack Obama’s time in office, Israel’s NRG reported.

Despite this belief, the official made clear that Washington would not take the issue off its agenda, and would continue to promote the peace process during the remainder of Obama’s presidency.

The official said the White House is concerned over the stalemate between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and pointed out that the nuclear deal with Iran had overshadowed the issue.

“You cannot set [the peace process] aside while you are dealing with the Iranian issue, because of demographics and because of what is happening in Gaza,” said the official, according to the report.

“There is no scenario where we would not deal with the Palestinian issue or not do something to push it forward in any case,” the official continued. “But we are realistic when it comes to this, that we will not reach an agreement during this administration. However, we must keep the issue in focus.”

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  • bamminer

    America should not agree to it, because God has BLESSED Israel! If they agree, then America has plenty to fear from the judgment of God. And it is not hard to see, either. Yellowstone(which would be a worldwide catastrophe: super eruptions always are) and extreme droughts in the Western US and the New Madrid Fault Massive Earthquake maker for 8.0+ earthquakes(maybe daily or hourly for half a year or more that can be felt from the top to bottom of the Eastern seaboard–radiating outward from Memphis and St Louis for maybe a thousand miles in every direction; HIGH IRONY WOULD BE TO AFFECT THE NEW MADRID ZONE TO SPLIT THE U S INTO FOR SPLITTING ISRAEL; Rev 16:3-6 seems to indicate that God punishes in this high irony fashion), tornadoes, and hurricanes in the Eastern US. An economic collapse of possible Great Depression or stronger strength(as people ran plenty of personal farms back then that people don’t have access to now–personal animal and plant farms have gone away for the 9 to 5; also, there were by far more hunters per capita than now, so a Depression could be far worse) may be imminent if God does not decide otherwise. Plus, some predict a 2 mile artificial or real asteroid, meteor, etc.(have heard they bring fire rocks from above) to hit Earth this month somewhere near Puerto Rico or near the Gulf region; only God Jehovah can stop that if “invisibly”, powerfully, incredibly evil men want to set it into motion or if God Himself has that in store and is awaiting America’s response on Israel. To be honest, if Yellowstone or a space rock happens and maybe New Madrid, there is probably not much in domestic American animals or plants anyway. That only severely intensifies it. Another thing, can your bunkers save you from these problems? I seriously doubt that, as ordinary war may be preferable to the most potent natural disasters(as Yellowstone or an asteroid could wipe out man or change the world with just that single action–I don’t think WMD have advanced that far yet).

    Still, another alarming issue is that with all the sophistication of America, they don’t seem to have a plan B in place for the masses. What if the power goes out for 5 years or more? Are there any water wells, raising of animals to be released into the wild for hunting if times get bad, government warnings to take a little out of your finances and buy gold and precious things for your own protection, “stenographing” of computerized documents and low-teching what you have geeked up, telling people that if any EMP(solar flare or nuclear attack) happens just right that modern, newer technology will be useless for a decade(including newer cars), etc. With the right spin, people will still want both–as modern technology is attractive in almost every area. But, the low-tech is available for emergencies. All I’m saying is that why not have a low tech alternative to oil, electricity, running water(by electricity), computers, of doing things, etc. Also, what about solar cars or cars that used alternative fuels? You may need that. Sure, it requires a lot of man-power(Flintstone like doings to move a foot) in an era where enslaving man has been outlawed, but at least the schematics would be in place to be initiated at a moment’s notice. Granted these deficiencies and ensnaring, possible troubles and problems, America should not open up “pandora’s box” by splitting up Israel! Even if America didn’t have these negatives, God Jehovah can unravel a ball of yarn(US or any powerful nation or entity).

  • Mike P.

    What will the Obama administration do to educate the Palestinian people–and its educational infrastructure, government, summer camps, media and mosques–for peace, rather than for violence, terrorism, genocidal aspirations, and hate?

    What will the Obama administration do to hold Palestinian leadership responsible for incitement and for refusing to compromise on any material negotiating point and for refusing to negotiate seriously and in good faith?