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August 5, 2015 9:18 am

Obama: Israel Will Face Rocket Attacks if Congress Rejects Iran Deal

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President Obama warned that Israel will pay the price for the failure of the Iran nuclear deal. Photo: Screenshot.

President Obama warned that Israel will pay the price for the failure of the Iran nuclear deal. Photo: Screenshot. – President Barack Obama told a group of Jewish leaders on Tuesday at the White House that if Congress nixes the Iran nuclear deal, the U.S. might be forced to use military force against Iran, which may lead to the Hezbollah terrorist group firing rockets at Tel Aviv.

During the two-hour meeting at the White House, Obama said that while Jewish groups have the right to protest the deal, they should do so based on the merits of its content. If the U.S. is forced to target Iran’s nuclear facilities, he said, Iran will use its proxies rather than its own forces to fight back.

“They will fight this asymmetrically. That means more support for terrorism, more Hezbollah rockets falling on Tel Aviv,” Obama said, according to Greg Rosenbaum, chair of the National Jewish Democratic Council, who spoke to reporters after the closed-door meeting. “I can assure that Israel will bear the brunt of the asymmetrical response that Iran will have to a military strike on its nuclear facilities.”

Among the Jewish leaders in the room were Michael Kassen and Lee Rosenberg from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which is strongly opposed to the Iran deal and has launched a massive lobbying campaign to urge Congress to nix it; Jeremy Ben-Ami from the left-wing J Street lobby, which strongly supports the deal; and other leaders from the Orthodox Union, the Reform movement, the World Jewish Congress, and the Anti-Defamation League.

According to Rosenbaum, Obama said that he is willing to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to increase Israel’s security, but that “he won’t meet with me.”

“Meeting me would be, for him, like waving a white flag, and Netanyahu wants us to keep fighting over the agreement,” Obama said.

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  • Mike Schwarzer

    If Israel want’s to make war, let them do it, Benny will bring about the end of days for Israel, he’s the right man for that job.

    The real question is whether the average family in Israel is willing to pay the price in blood.

  • Mike Schwarzer

    Finally some sanity from Israel’s government. Those that are anti-war will know clearly who voted for war and we can route hem out.

    A ‘No’ vote on Iran’s NPT is a vote for another Iraqi/Afghanistan war. ‘Yes’ gives us a chance to see if peace will work, there is still lots of time for war. Benny is not going to be too successful is selling another Bush WMD’s story. We’ve had enough liars misleading us. This has nothing to do with Israel’s security, this has to do with suppressing a geopolitical competitor. The US is not a puppet of Israel.

    A VOTE FOR NO IS A VOTE FOR ANOTHER IRAQI / AFGHANISTAN STYLE WAR. Do we want that? Can we afford that?

    The question is really that simple. Forget all those people trying to tell you what your opinion should be, the celebs bought and paid for, the massive media propaganda, the warmongering without fact or foundation. They want to turn this in Pro verses Anti Israel argument. They don’t want to tell facts, just leak bits and pieces of misinformation. There is no such thing as a perfect deal in negotiation that is a fantasy, the deal is excellent and quite an accomplishment.

    And in case you don’t get it a non proliferation agreement is NO NUKES, NO NUKES, NOT ONE FRIGGING NUKE PERIOD FOREVER. In case some are asleep Iran already has an existing stockpile to manufacture a dozen bombs. All of which they are giving up. If they wanted Nukes they would already have them. Not every government lies, spies, assassinates and does dirty tricks like Israel and their horrible leadership. With success, there will be fertile ground to progress on other issues. Unfortunately Israel only knows how to use a club to negotiate peace. Israel’s leadership has to go as it represents the single most dangerous threat to Israeli security.

    Remember who voted ‘No’ so we can remove the warmongering puppets of Israel next election. Any presidential hopeful who votes ‘No’ will be a marked man. There will be no blaming on the intelligence services for misinformation. They are either in the Israeli lobbyist pockets, or have confusion as to which government they serve, or lack the intelligence to understand the deal, (stupid). None of that presidential or congressional material. There will be a backlash from the silent majority for this betrayal of the US public interest and lack of US political integrity.

    Hezbollah could disappear over night if Benny was doing his job instead of trying to club everyone into submission. Without a club Benny is clueless. Iranians are all smiles these days. Israel is doing far more damage to it’s interests then Iran could ever do. I expect they will be a model treaty participant just to rub salt in Israel’s self inflicted wounds and they haven’t spent a penny to do it. Iran wants to improve life for their people, help Iraq fight ISIS and protect the religious sites in Iraq. This is their priority, Israel overinflated it’s importance to Iran. They are laughing at Benny, soon they will be laughing at the US Republicans, revealed to US voters – for who they are.

  • Rick

    Just because the republicans were wrong about Iraq and the presence of weapons of mass destruction, does not mean they are wrong about everything. And in this particular case, they are right. Iran is not the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was a developed industrial nation, run by European bureaucrats. Even though the Soviet Union scared the West with its nuclear brinkmanship, there was probably never any real threat that they would actually push the button. Iran is an underdeveloped Central Asian Muslim theocracy, run by a cadre of unpredictable religious despots who would dream of few things more than pushing the button on Israel. So we are really talking about apples and oranges when the President tries to compare negotiating with the Soviet Union as somehow similar to negotiating with Iran. Beware. We are forging a relationship with truly evil men. And if the defeat of this agreement means regional war, at least it will be conventional war, not nuclear war. An important distinction.

    • Mike Schwarzer

      If that is true why hasn’t Iran bombed Israel with dirty bombs. They have the stockpile which with the NPT they are forced to give up.

      Benny is playing dice with Israel’s security interest trying to tell us that Sanctions is all that’s needed.

      So why isn’t Israel destroyed??? If Iran is normalized they have something to loose. This is a productive motivator to improve there act. If it’s ‘No’ I expect escalation against Israel.

      By the way Iran and Israel are similar in many ways, both have an extreme religious right and right wing governments. Israel’s record is just as ugly is not more so then Iran.

      Nobody want’s to placate the evil leader as it was done in WWII. But who can tell which evil leader. Right now the US is moderating, so is Iran, it is Benny who is bent on escalation and prosecuting a false war.

  • Julian Clovelley

    What Obama has voiced is the fear that we have avoided talking about – that the only alternative to a negotiated agreement is a military strike that would lead to a war with Iran

    Indeed it would probably lead to total war in the entire Middle East – with masses of casualties amongst totally decent and innocent people. Israel might well feel forced to consider nuclear weapons being used from its arsenal, a threat which could easily bring in Russia, Pakistan and even North Korea. A first strike on Israel would take about ninety seconds from a submarine in the Mediterranean. The entire population could die. That is a horrific scenario

    I fear that the lack of a stated Plan B on the part of opponents to the Iran Deal means that a military strike is the only actual Plan they have

    In my opinion Israel could well not survive such a conflict. In a practical war situation involving the threat of nuclear weapon use, Republican Party support would disappear overnight, taking with it the alliance between Israel and the USA

    Netanyahu I think has lost the required understanding of the actual dynamics in play – a matter that must be of great concern to Israel’s military and intelligence services. Netanyahu is playing a very dangerous game. That is why he is losing world sympathy and why the attitude to militant Zionism and the Settlers is so negative. They are a major threat to world peace

    Obama has put the real cards on the table. I would have hesitated to do that, which suggests the situation may well be worse than we know