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August 5, 2015 4:46 pm

Pharrell Williams Concerts in South Africa Face Disruption From BDS Activists

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Pharrell Williams. Credit: The Bull Pen via

Pharrell Williams. Credit: The Bull Pen via Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement activists plan to disrupt concerts by American Grammy-winning singer and producer Pharrell Williams in South Africa next month due to Williams’s promotional deal with the Woolworths retailer, which trades with Israel.

Williams is currently involved with Woolworths on its “Are You With Us?” campaign as its style director on several sustainability-focused projects involving fashion and fundraising for education.

“He is about to face the biggest backlash any artist has faced in South Africa in over 30 years, since the days of apartheid,” said Braam Hanekom, a BDS South Africa board member, Reuters reported.

“He is walking into a very angry, unhappy environment because he has chosen to walk with Woolworths,” Hanekom added, noting that protesters could block roads on concert nights and rally inside concert venues.

Meanwhile, representatives of Grand West Casion, the venue for Williams’s Cape Town concert, said they will not allow any protests on their property. Another concert will be helped in Johannesburg. Williams himself has not yet addressed the BDS issue.

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  • dante

    so, the hateful, fanatical, south african swine are out for blood because Pharrel has a deal with Woolworth? and, what? horrors, Woolworth has some kind of relationship with Israel.

    don’t like Israel? stop using your email, your computer, your phone…Israel has contributed to the functionality of each of these. and, be sure that you’re not using any medical devices or drugs developed in Israel. ideological purity and consistency required that you succumb to disease rather than have any association, whatsoever, with Israel>

    iran, china, russia, iraq, afghanistan, yemen, syria, libya…what about them? NO PROBLEM! don’t you see, they’re not Jews.

  • Maureen Hyman

    How dare they, How dare they!!!!!!! As an ex patriot to South Africa, it were the Jews who went to jail fighting and putting their lives at risk, and many died to end discrimination and fight for equal rights for everyone, to abolish apartheid. That is Point One.
    Apartheid does not exist in Israel. NO APARTHEID. PERIOD!!!! Point two
    This hateful BDS movement is nothing more than Jew Hating Antisemitism. Point Three.
    Your disgraceful BDS movement have caused companies like Sodastream to close it’s factory in the West Bank and reopen in Israel. This has caused unemployment for 400 Palestinian families, stripped them of their benefits and pensions, and deprived them of jobs. And there are other very successful companies that you have forced to do the same thing, hurting Palestinians. So what have you achieved? Point Four.
    You are bullies and rampant anti-Semites to a brilliant country that has given so much to the world in technology, medical procedures, the ability for paraplegics to walk again, life saving drugs, and on and on. What have you and your ilk given to the world? NOTHING!

  • Joseph Feld

    In America Jewish leaders like Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel walked arm and arm with Rev Martin Luther King Jr., fighting for civil rights for Afro-Americans. Jews were among those murdered by racists for helping Afro-Americans register to vote. In apartheid South Africa Jews were among those who fought for equal rights for Africans. And this is their response, to attack Israel who helped many African states modernise their technology and, to attack Israel where Arabs are in every profession aside from the Rabbinate . In this world there is a Judge and there will be a great Day of Judgment.