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August 6, 2015 2:20 pm

Leading Democrat Donors Haim Saban and Jack Rosen Rally Against Iran Deal

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Haim Saban. Photo:

Haim Saban. Photo:

Top donors to the Democratic party rallied in opposition on Thursday to the Iran nuclear deal pursued by the Obama administration.

U.S.-Israeli billionaire Haim Saban and Jack Rosen, the chairman of the American Jewish Congress (which issued a statement rejecting the Iran deal on Thursday), both rebuffed President Barack Obama’s plea on Wednesday to support the deal or risk another Middle East war.

Saban told Israel’s Channel 1 that the Iran agreement was a “very bad deal” and said “we still need to fight it.”

Rosen released a statement on Thursday through the American Jewish Congress, saying the “burden of preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon must not be passed on to our children and grandchildren,” singling out the so-called sunset terms of the nuclear agreement that will allow Iran to become a legitimate nuclear threshold state in 10-15 years.

The American Jewish Congress statement followed a similar one by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) on Wednesday, as more and more Jewish groups urge Congress to use its power to reject the deal and perhaps override Obama’s promised veto of the rejection.

Both Saban and Rosen were supporters of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Saban had previously intimated that he was convinced based upon statements from Clinton herself that she opposed the nuclear deal, though, as secretary of state, she made the initial push to get negotiations with Iran underway.

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  • JohnWV

    “While we’re at it, how about a Citizens for a Nuclear Free Israel effort as well? No need for nukes anywhere in that part of the world. If they give up their nukes, I’m sure the Iranians will as well.” (GKSanDiego in The Hill 7/17/2015)

    • Shmuel Mendelsohn

      How about Citizens for a Nuclear Free USA?

  • Conrad

    schumer knowing that the Dems have enough votes to prevent Congress from stopping this agreement has decided to vote against it for political reasons. To many of his constituents are against it so he has to pretend to oppose it.

  • Conrad

    This agreement will result in control of the Middle Eastern oil by Iran. Under it’s umbrella of nuclear tipped ICBMs Iran will be able to take over the oil rich countries of the Middle East. No one will be able to oppose them because Iran has nuclear weapons.

    This will be a win win for Obama because it will hurt the 1st world nations of Europe, Japan and the USA. While helping the Muslim terrorists.

  • Conrad

    The way to kill this agreement with Iran is for the Senate to declare it is a treaty and schedule a vote on ratification ASAP. When the Senate rejects it this treaty will be null and void for the country.

    If you read the constitution it’s clear that the President has no control over the Senate’s power of consent to treaties. It doesn’t require him to call his agreements treaties and it doesn’t require that he submit agreements to the Senate. That’s only the way things have worked when we have had a president who respects the constitution. Clearly Obama doesn’t. He is trying to neuter the Congress so he can rule like a dictator/tyrant.

  • Simcha Kruger

    Never again is a mere slogan unless there is
    courage and determination and sacrifice to back
    it up. May it never be a red line drawn with
    Obama paint. We are not just standing idly by and complicit in another imminent genocide if we do not reject the Iran deal, we are actively
    encouraging and facilitating and protecting the
    evil activities of the Ayatollah and his acolytes. Do not neglect to thank Schumer and the others for taking a stand.
    Then let us crack down on the oldest form of
    racism that is alive among us – Jew hatred.

  • The explanation of the signing of the Treaty with Iran is very simple:
    – Anyone who declares that he hates Israel and wants to boycott, or even destroy it, is financed and encouraged.
    And so Iran and their ‘pawns’: Hezbollah and Hamas, receive understanding those interested in this PROGRAMS.

    Way the ‘West’ is complicit in Islamic Jew-hatred?
    Because Iran together with Hamas and Hezbollah – want to finish what Europe did not finish 70 years ago…

  • I cannot begin to understand American Jews. They do not raise a voice condemning the anti-Semitic action of Obama. That Israel would be attacked by the mad men from Iran doesn’t seem to bother them at all. As in 1945 when the death camps were exposed for all the world to see the American Jews wrung their hands and cried, but when from 1934 on the world knew what was happening to the Jews in Germany then thru 1945, yet no one including the Jews did nothing.
    So, here we are again, and the silence just screams so loud.

    • Benny Berger

      Very well stated!

    • Daniel K

      In the 1930s Jewish organizations in Germany did their best to remain loyal to the Nazi Regime, and opposed protests against it. Why? They were afraid of that regime and did not want it to have an excuse to do worse to the Jews than it already did.
      In other words they were subject to terrorism from a ruthless regime. That is the same reason some Jews and some Jewish organizations today still support Obama. (It is also why big business and people like Donald Trump have supported him) It is out of fear of the consequences of crossing him. It is also why most Arabs say they support terrorism. They are subject to terrorism, are the most vulnerable and hope that will save them from being murdered by the terrorists.

    • JohnWV

      “Zionists: transforming ‘anti-Semitism’ from something horrible into something honorable since 1948,” Professor Steven Salaita, June 14, 2015.

    • You are fully right Lily !


    i am not impressed with either the wealth of these individuals (whom have no home in Heavens world) suddenly appear as wanting to be welcomed with open arms by the jews of past their friends…their world…their beginnings…..from me to you…..its not negotiable any more for these farce continues…as time even moves closer to our glory how many more money grubbing individuals will crawl back home….not negotiable any more….

    you have had more than enough time to come forward….the beginning of anything is basically the trying time…no you (non humans of greed) were busy making deals.

    this is my deal….your not welcome in my home…and as far as american jewry i not impressed with them at hats fine…but the higher levers of american wealth and from Jews will no longer have the opportunity to scratch the surface of humility ….not negotiable any more…you have had your chance…..the doors have closed…..poor sick souls and you americans jews and non jews whom i feel is not one iota better than a dead snake

  • theo

    Obama ,to his shame ,is willing to see Iran have the bomb in the not too distant future
    Israel says Iran must never have the bomb
    That is the essential difference between the sides
    Obama ,as a negotiator ,is an utter disaster His weakness is known to the Iranian negotiators They have exploited this and have received and received over and over The U S has received nothing of significance in return
    Weakness in the face of terror will come at a great cost in the foreseeable future

  • Mike Levy

    I wonder how Saban made his billion if he voted for Obama in the first place and that he is a Democrat in the second place. I wouldn’t put my money with him due to his stupidity. He may even lose it all due to having the enemy as president of the USA.

  • hammersmith

    This is one revealing article!

  • Stan

    Interesting to see that Hilary Clinton first gave the impression that she was against the deal and when push came to shove – did the opposite.
    Without trying to tease the honourable democrats amongst us (and there are many) – I just seem to think that here is another “tell you what you want to hear” lying, two-faced politician (maybe they all are) that has no real achievements to her credit to warrant her leading the most powerful country in the world.

  • Elisheva

    If only American Jews would move to Israel, America would crash economically and we would not need its financial support, because we would have the monies… if…

  • Elisheva

    why don’t you show all the comments???

  • Bryna Weiss

    why does it always tell me there are many comments- i.e. this articles says 17 comments- but only 2 are shown. That happens all the time.

  • Peter Joffe

    You Chose!
    Is Obama a Muslim or is he not a Muslim?
    If Obama is a Muslim then everything he does to both Jews and Christians makes sense, within the confines of him supposedly being the leader of a non Muslim world.
    If Obama is not a Muslim then what he is doing makes no sense at all.
    Draw your own conclusion as actions speak louder than words. When all the evidence is collected and non of it makes any sense then the obvious must be true.

  • If Saban and the rest of the donors mentioned here had not supported Obama in the first place – and the second place, we wouldn’t be looking at this horrific deal with Iran now. Obama is who he is and 48% of the voters figured that out. Too bad that the ability to make large sums of money, doesn’t necessarily come with foresight.

  • Tess

    If you want a safer Israel,mr Rosen and mr saban, then stop supporting the anti Israel Democratic Party

  • Paul Grad

    Since these gentlemen twice helped put this man, who is willing to expose Israel to nuclear annihilation,in the White House, it is primarily their responsibility to stop this deal. I voted against Obama twice based on the fact that he attended a church for 20 years which gave its man of the year award to the racist, Jew-hater Louis Farrakhan, the year after Obama resigned his membership so he could run untainted by Rev. Wright’s lunacy. Do you think in all those twenty years he never once heard an anti-Semitic remark from his fellow congregationalists?



    Based on the  thorough documented record of Iranian murders of US nationals  and Iranian attacks on US military forces,  Iran has been at war with the US  for 36 years and is still calling for “death to America”. 

    The proposed  deal gives Iran lots of money to kill even more Americans.

      This deal directly and materially helps Russia’s unchecked aggression in its continuing campaign to  dominate Eastern Europe [
    .Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania….See Newsweek: }

    This deal places the US  main land at direct risk  of ICBM. attack. 

     a)  Russia has also announced that it will upgrade that portion of its own  IBM force both qualitatively and quantitatively that is aimed at the United States. And b)  Iran does not need ICBMs to attack Israel. ICBMs in the hands of Iran with a nuclear weapon are a threat to the entire East Coast of the United States

    Russia has announced that it will sell Iran ICBM technology. Iran does not need ICBMs to attack Israel. ICBMs in the hands of Iran with a nuclear weapon are a threat to the entire East Coast of the United States. They still shout “death toAMERICA ” in Iran. Several days ago Pres. Rouhani led a parade through the streets of Tehran whose theme was very vocal: “death toAMERICA ”. 

    Russia claims that it plans to upgrade that portion of its own  IBM force, both qualitatively and quantitatively , that is aimed at the United States. Money coming from weapons and other sales to Iran will help finance this enhancement of Russian capability which will improve Russia’s  position as they announced in terms of their assaults against Ukraine, and in their announced aggravations against  Poland and Latvia. 

    Russia has also announced that they will sell Iran short-range attack missiles which place US naval forces in danger and give Iran a lock control over the essential waterways {Straits of Hormuz;  Bab el- Mandeb} which control  approximately 50% of all of the petroleum that is shipped in the world.

    Russia has also announced that they will sell advanced air defense missiles and communications to Iran which would make any nuclear/missile force impregnable to attack.   

    2.    THE IRANIAN THREAT IS DIRECTED PRIMARILY  AGAINST THE UNITED STATES,,THE GREAT SATAN.  To Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, his circle of ruling mullahs and the entire command structure of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, destroying Israel is, to them , just an added bonus AND a religious obligation.

    There are no restrictions on the money that will be released to Iran. The  “hope” and  “it’s only logical” arguments presented by the administration” that it will be spent for internal economic  and social improvements” do  not appear  anywhere in the  agreement.
     This deal , by providing substantial additinal income to Iran, materially assures the strength and permanence of the hold of the existing government over the Iranian population: 

    a)    by increasing the resources that can be  allocated to the internal security apparatus; 

    b)    by allowing for  substantial increases in expenditures for infrastructure, economic development, health etc. {This  will reduce restlessness of the younger generation whose discontent is much more economic than political. The implicit deal has been made that ‘we will not crack down upon you for transgressions ( within bounds)that you commit in private as long as your resistance is not public.’]

    c)     removes an existing  current source of tension concerning financial allocations and national priorities between the ruling clerics and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps by substantially increasing the “terror budget”.

    Currently Iran is the major funder of international terrorism. 
    This increases the IRGC’s operational abilities  in Iraq and through proxies  in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Sinai, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain,  Saudi Arabia, etc.

     {Joint Subcommittee Hearing: Iran and Hezbollah in the Western Hemisphere; Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa,Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere Mar 18, 2015 }

  • ART

    Finally! This should have been done long ago. Democrats etc should learn that such Perfidy is not acceptable

  • Please call Senator Schumer and demand that he vote NO to this deadly debacle.Our country is in peril!

  • Emanuel

    Thank both gentlemen for doing the right thing and I understand their hesitation the Dems are venomous and will always try to settle the score and call you traitors, you aren’t! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hillary has no chance Biden is the next puppet.

  • Jack Smith

    If Congress rejects the Iran agreement and overrides Obama’s veto, the sanctions remain, and if Iran is close to the bomb, Israel has time to destroy the facilities. However, if the deal passes, Iran, as the accords state, has International protection for its ongoing ‘nuclear research’. The key to the deal working is rigorous inspection and compliance. However, the signed document between the UN and Iran, which contains this essential aspect of the deal, is not available to the President, the Secretary of State, nor the Congress. This is a secret pact between the UN Inspectors and Iran. Further, there are no American Inspectors on the UN Team. Thus, America has outsourced compliance to an unreliable and anti-Israel organization. Additionally, it has been reported that the only American official who has read the most detailed outline of the UN Iran agreement is Wendy Sherman, the Statesperson and lead negotiator of the failed nuclear deal with North Korea.

    Thus, a deal with a green light for continuing ICBM R&D and a sunset clause that allows Iran to possess a legitimate full-scale weaponized nuclear arsenal puts the American Homeland at great risk.

    Any Senator or Congressman who votes in favor of this deal, that outsources the key component to an unreliable anti-Western (anti-Israel) United Nations is a traitor to his Country.

  • FrenchKiss

    If Saban and other leftwing Jews would stop donating millions of dollars to Jew-hater, this deal would never have materialized. Duh!

  • Akbar Palace

    Both Rosen and Saban (and other democrats like them) should be ashamed at supporting Obama for president. They now have what they wanted: Frankenstein.

    We knew Obama was a follower of anti-Israel demagogue Jeremiah Wright before the election. Duh!

  • sam russo

    Comments from influential as well as everyday American Jews has been very late in coming. Obama’s anti Israel sentiment is well established and long standing. His disregard for the fate of Israeli Jews showed its face in his first term not to mention his apparent ‘soft spot’ for everything Moslem. It seems that outrage from prominent American Jews has been very ‘spotty’ and very infrequent. This seems even more puzzling than the persistent left-leaning American Jew. I do not believe that the Democrat party has been a bastion of support for Israel….Jimmy Carter and Harry Ried come to merit the knee jerk support of that party by the Jewish voters. I hope this begins to change. It showed no signs of changing in the 2012 election. Perhaps more input from the more prominent Jewish American citizens will help…I hope so..for all our sakes.

  • Jack Daniels

    If it was a good deal then it wouldn’t have been kept a secret. Mr. Transparent is a liar and doesn’t care if you know, he’ll just go on tv and lie some more.

    • ivan

      the negotiations been going on for very long, you drink tooo much of JD.

    • Florence

      I totally agree with your conclusion of Obama’s lack of transparency. He is a liar as he lied about Obamacare “you will save money” and our premiums continue to go through the roof, and you can keep your insurance provider and your doctor, etc. He is a liar with the Iran “deal” and everyone knows it if they really want to objective and not kow tow to Obama and his ilk. There is very good reason to not believe him ever and the “deal” is certainly another example. What is leaked out is a sham and why is he keeping the total description of the “deal” from the American public. What more deceit is in the “deal”? He surrounds himself with “yes” people because he is a know it all. Kerry is a good example of the conniving type of people with whom he surrounds himself.

      • Reform School

        If naming Kerry (whose family are Iranian hostages) Chief Weapons Negotiator isn’t Treason, what is?

        If short-circuiting the Senate’s duty to oversee international agreements [by going to U.N. bodies before the Senate has had any time to perform its Advise-and-Consent duty isn’t Treason, what is?

        Our brief, simple Constitution of the United States spells out the duties of each branch of our government. It does not grant authouity to cede their duties to anyone else. If such acts do not constitute Treason, which acts do?

        Where in that Constitution lies the authority to ignore or delay impeachment for partisan gain?

        Where in that Constitution lies the authority to create Parties to subvert the Will of the People?

        As older enemies join rogue Iranian rulers racing to destroy us, will elected leaders studying this deal to death become our Ticket to Oblivion?