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August 7, 2015 11:11 am

Amnesty’s Twitter Obsession With Israel by the Numbers

avatar by Elder of Ziyon

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Forty-six out of 100 Amnesty International's previous tweets as of Wednesday were about Israel. PHOTO: Wikipedia.

Forty-six out of 100 Amnesty International’s previous tweets as of Wednesday were about Israel. PHOTO: Wikipedia.

Yesterday I noted that 46 out of 100 Amnesty International’s previous tweets as of Wednesday were about Israel.

Interestingly, since I mentioned that, there have been more tweets than usual, none about Israel or Gaza. Apparently Amnesty is starting to realize that their obsession with Israeli actions from a year ago using false data looks bad.

Well, it looks really bad when you see it graphically.

Here is the past month of tweets from @AmnestyOnline, the official Amnesty International Twitter account, and how many times various words/topics occurred:

Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

About 10,000 Syrians were killed in the past two months- but Syria was only mentioned four times.

Saudi Arabia continues to bomb Yemen, killing civilians. Barely a blip.

If I would include only tweets from Amnesty itself, and not retweets from others, the numbers would be even more lopsided.

The only other one-year anniversary I saw them tweet  was a retweet about the abduction of the Yazidi girls that caused a stir a year ago. But Amnesty’s website didn’t mark the anniversary. Instead, it launched two separate major anti-Israel projects – Gaza Platform and “Black Friday” accompanied with press events.

Remember that Amnesty recently excluded antisemitism as a topic of their concern because they simply didn’t have the resources. But for bashing Israel they can find all the money they want.

The donors to Amnesty should be aware of how their charity dollars are being spent. If they think that Amnesty is working hard to eliminate injustice throughout the world, then they need to ask why Israeli actions from a year ago are so disproportionately targeted compared to every current crisis on the planet.

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  • Chana Koren

    Amnesty has been known for quite a while for it’s anti-Israel bias. The problem is that since it is a world renowned organization people are led blindly by them without question or discussion. If only the actual facts could be disseminated the same way Amnesty spreads their misinformation, Israel would be in a much better place in the media.

  • Lauren Goldman

    What amnesty has done is it has caused me to stop all support. I have been a supporter for decades, but that has ended now. They are no different than the arab-controlled UN, J Street, Jewish Voice for Peace, New Israel Fund, etc.

  • Brigitte Youngworth

    Ammesty International has an obsessive need to bash and undermine Israel. My prayer for them is that they somehow fold and have to close up shop… With shame for their deceit to go with it.

  • Kaz Thorpe

    I was a member of amnesty but have left in disgust particularly at their stance or should I say non stance on anti semitism.

  • Luigi Rosolin

    I agree Amnesty is not doing thing as should be done: as a member of the organization i fill a shame in a few founding that leadership had put forward. Not only against Israel but also in other hot social issue like prostitution for example that is well know to cause even same sex slavery, but is appearing that leadership try to legalized such disgrace. Also the organization is infiltrate by LGBT extreme request like same sex marriage that are not human right. I hope that change will occur but I doubt as the organization base is very easy to be manipulate. I really hope that Amnesty will focus more on defending the right of Christian’s, Jews, Kurdish and other persecute people, instead to support Hamas and other organization that are using deadly force against civilian.

  • zman

    Amnesty International = CIA propaganda outlet = Zero credibility

  • Arthur Cohn

    Amnesty has proven their hat for Israel. They shouldn’t be reasoned with, but treated as despicable.