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August 7, 2015 4:24 pm

Israel Reportedly Withdrawing From Joint Military Exercise With United States

avatar by David Daoud

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Israel has reportedly pulled out of a joint military exercise with the United States. PHOTO: API.

Israel is reportedly backing away from a joint military exercise with the United States. PHOTO: API.

Israel has refused far-reaching proposals from the United States for American-Israeli security cooperation as part of a major joint exercise to be held in Israel in early 2016, Israel’s NRG reported on Friday. The report comes as tensions between the U.S. and Israel have escalated over the recent nuclear deal with Iran.

The joint strategic exercise, code named “Juniper Cobra 16,” is scheduled for the beginning of 2016, and should include wide-ranging cooperation, such as the testing of a missile defense system that will be based on American capabilities.

The date of the joint exercise was set years ago, but problems have emerged in recent weeks. While it appears that the Americans are eager to go ahead with the cooperation for the exercises, in a move that may be the first of its kind, the political echelon in Jerusalem has decided against allowing the IDF to join the initiative.

“As a result, this has created a strange situation: the Americans are willing to grant Israel more than it is willing to accept,” NRG commented.

It is also not Israel’s first refusal of American assistance. During last month’s visit by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon declined to discuss a “compensation package” that the United States intended to propose to Israel following the Iran deal. “Now it appears that the [Israeli] ‘annoyance’ is continuing and even getting worse,” said NRG.

“How will this end?” the publication asked. “It seems that the Defense establishment and the political leadership will wait at least until after the deal is approved in Congress before ending the cold attitude.”

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  • Lauren

    I’m taking Israel’s side on this one. Actually I will on any issue that involves Obama and his twofaced backstabbing ways. As long as he’s in office..he should have been in prison by now..this administration can’t be trusted. Obama is not an allie, he is Israel’s enemy. Any fool can see that. Wait and see who the next occupier is. If it’s Killary, it will be worse. I would not trust anyone who supports Obama or Clinton.

  • I really care a lot about donald trump if ever u want truth and honesty ask but remember if u really didn’t want it u can’t fry angry at home him answering a question u ask him so he was trying to be honest we all need to pick and choose our battle a little better

  • Lauren Goldman

    Until the current resident is out of the White House, I wouldn’t want Israel to let the U.S. know too much about Tzahal’s strategies and capabilities. The increasing coziness between Barry and iran is nervous-making.

  • Very good. Israel does have a clever prime minister at this critical juncture. Israel can have a joint military exercise with japan near alaska

  • HaroldT38

    Looks like Israel is cutting its nose to spite its face !

  • zadimel

    Where are the 15 comments?

  • zadimel

    Joint military exercises between US and Israeli forces insure interoperability with our partners by working out mission issues,which include computer network and communication understanding. These exercises increase military proficiency and create trust and understanding among different armies.

    • Erik Ben Dan

      So true. After the Obama-administration took over the power in The white house, USA has now become the strongest anti-Israeli force in the world.

      The leader in Washington treat friends like pariah and enemies with heartly embrace. I do not think the man is simply naive and stupid. Rather I think is a cunningly strategist who know exactly hot to dismantle USA and promote his special ideology of cultural-marxist islamism. Like a hunter who calms his prey before the attack, he knows how to flatter, seduce and give empty promises in order to make his enemies (especially Israel) to fall into a false safety before he betray and attacks them.

      Sine the majority of the majority of the Americans has choosen him, I cannot feel sorry for them, even thou I know that the American people is incresingly feeling worried and alarmed over the grave situation their country is in.

      The American people in general understands that something is rotten and very wrong with their country and that they are being manipulated to such a degree that they are starting to feel very desperate. They are increasingly realizing how the progressive media and the politicians for so long have been telling lies, and many Americans are therefore desperate for politicians who can tell them the truth.The progressive media has for a long time been in the forefront of this aggressive manipulation.

  • Irmgard Gesund

    Why should Israel cooperate with any joint military exercise or intelligence sharing with the US under the Obama administration? Time and again Obama has done everything he could to harm Israel and to reveal Israel’s military and intelligence secrets to Israel’s enemies. Cooperating with Obama’s administration would once again lay bare Israel’s capabilities and secrets to be plundered and leaked to her enemies. Obama’s crowning achievement in his anti-Israel crusade is his Iran Deal. With it he gives Iran carte-blanche to destroy Israel and thereby reveals his own true evil genius. Once again Israel will be forced to fight against seemingly impossible odds–but this time May Vengeance be the Lord’s.

  • “Jonah

    I suppose America will also be doing joint exercises with Iran too. It makes no difference what it appears on the surface to be whatever Obama gives you with his right hand he will take back with his left. The objective is the total destruction of Israel and the U.S. This man will not stop until those objectives have been obtained. That will be his legacy. The stupid congressman in America feel Obama wants the Iranian peace agreement for his legacy. They are exactly what trump calls them, “stupid”. He is an Islamic termite chewing at the roots of Israel and America. His head cutting specialists are coming to a theater in your neighborhood, arm yourselves and prepare for it.

  • theo

    Obama has turned Iran into its ally and is now offering Israel bait to acquiesce in this deal
    Israel is fully in its rights to show Obama what it thinks of this duplicity
    Obama is a collaborator in the attempted destruction of Israel He wants to hide this by offering a palliative
    If this deal is so watertight why is he offering aid to Israel to defend itself

  • Robert Sugar

    Even though Israel is significantly dependent on the US, the government showed a backbone by refusing to accept Obama’s crumbs. Lets wait for 2016, hopefully we will have a R friend in the WH, whose is honorable and trustworthy.

  • Mike Schwarzer

    Good news!

    Those that are anti-war will know clearly who voted for war and we can route hem out.

    A ‘No’ vote on Iran’s NPT is a vote for another Iraqi/Afghanistan war. ‘Yes’ gives us a chance to see if peace will work, there is still lots of time for war. Benny is not going to be too successful is selling another Bush WMD’s story. We’ve had enough liars misleading us. This has nothing to do with Israel’s security, this has to do with suppressing a geopolitical competitor. The US is not a puppet of Israel.

    A VOTE FOR NO IS A VOTE FOR ANOTHER IRAQI / AFGHANISTAN STYLE WAR. Do we want that? Can we afford that?

    The question is really that simple. Forget all those people trying to tell you what your opinion should be, the celebs bought and paid for, the massive media propaganda, the warmongering without fact or foundation. They want to turn this in Pro verses Anti Israel argument. They don’t want to tell facts, just leak bits and pieces of misinformation. There is no such thing as a perfect deal in negotiation that is a fantasy, the deal is excellent and quite an accomplishment.

    And in case you don’t get it a non proliferation agreement is NO NUKES, NO NUKES, NOT ONE FRIGGING NUKE PERIOD FOREVER. In case some are asleep Iran already has an existing stockpile to manufacture a dozen bombs. All of which they are giving up. If they wanted Nukes they would already have them. Not every government lies, spies, assassinates and does dirty tricks like Israel and their horrible leadership. With success, there will be fertile ground to progress on other issues. Unfortunately Israel only knows how to use a club to negotiate peace. Israel’s leadership has to go as it represents the single most dangerous threat to Israeli security.

    Remember who voted ‘No’ so we can remove the warmongering puppets of Israel next election. Any presidential hopeful who votes ‘No’ will be a marked man. There will be no blaming on the intelligence services for misinformation. They are either in the Israeli lobbyist pockets, or have confusion as to which government they serve, or lack the intelligence to understand the deal, (stupid). None of that presidential or congressional material. There will be a backlash from the silent majority for this betrayal of the US public interest and lack of US political integrity.

    Hezbollah could disappear over night if Benny was doing his job instead of trying to club everyone into submission. Without a club Benny is clueless. Iranians are all smiles these days. Israel is doing far more damage to it’s interests then Iran could ever do. I expect they will be a model treaty participant just to rub salt in Israel’s self inflicted wounds and they haven’t spent a penny to do it. Iran wants to improve life for their people, help Iraq fight ISIS and protect the religious sites in Iraq. This is their priority, Israel overinflate it’s importance to Iran. They are laughing at Benny, soon they will be laughing at the US Republicans, revealed to US voters – for who they are.

  • Ephraim

    I do not think this is a good idea on Israel’s part. There is far more to the US than our terrorist-in-chief who will, thank G-d, be gone in 1.5 years. The intelligence community has always worked closely with Israel, partly out of self interest, and antagonizing them seems counterproductive.

  • shloime

    “cold attitude”? the president of the united states has just signed an agreement with iran which not only precludes america from attacking or sabotaging iran’s nuclear programme, but it also commits the united states to PREVENTING military or cyber attacks against the iranians. under these circumstances, would it really be a good idea to show the americans our entire air defense system, from the inside out?

    but apart from the nuclear deal, the americans are also cooperating with the iranian air force in both syria and iraq, so can the idf be certain that operational details won’t “leak” over to the iranians?

    and what if israel goes ahead with an attack on iran, sometime between now and the exercise, wouldn’t it be extremely awkward to host a few thousand american troops on israeli soil, once the “relationship” (sic) gets a lot worse, and the spit hits the spam?

    there’s more to international relations than just the tantrums and childish “likes and dislikes” that the media is so full of.

  • enufizenuz

    Israel doesn’t want the Al-Obama administration to gather more any more military intelligence on a possible strike against Iran than they already have.

  • Good, Let them , They are the Source of Trouble for the US Interests in region for the past 67 Years,No Aid either cut the ungrateful entity off , and see how long they last !
    Five Star General George Marshall was right when he told Truman that it would be a disaster for Interests, and Destabilize the region put a Zionist enity in the Middle of the Arab world.

    • Erik Ben Dan

      Youn say that the Five Star General George Marshall was right when he told Truman that it would be a disaster for Interests, and Destabilize the region put a Zionist enity in the Middle of the Arab world.

      Well, I can tell you that the Arabist in Washington and UK as well as all the Arab ans Muslim state leaders at the time said the same. The Arabs said this to scare the Euroeans and Amaricans from voting in favour for the partition on Palestine. They almost succeded in convincing the world. And now 70 years later you are conveying their racist propganda. Bravo!

      So let me ask you: How has Israel destabilised the Muddle East? How exactly. Do you by this try to convince us that the MUddle East would have been a ocean of peace, love and stability without Israel. Not 200 000 dead in the Algerian civil war? Not 2 million dead under the Sudanese-Arab racist regime? No Civil war in Yemen? No 30 000 Kurds killed in the Turkish-Kurdish war only the last couple decades? No Kadaffi? No fanatic ayatollags in Iran? No Lebanese civil wars? No Islamic terror organisations? No surpression of the females in the region? No Syrian civil war (so far 250 000 dead equal to 100 “Gaza-wars”? No surpression of minorities in Marokko, Egypt, Saudi Arabia,Turkey and Iraq?

      On the contrary Israel is the only island of peace, stability
      and democracy in the whole region. The only Arabs (one percent of all Arabs) in the Muddle East who happesn to enjoy all liberties and human rights live live in Israel.

      Yes, the Arab countries has attacked Israel many time as their relgion force them to do, but theese wars is not because of Israel, but because og Islamic jihad. Why do you blame the country that defends itself and not the aggressors?

      And yes, Westen diplomats, economic interest and military interests has seen the need for not supporting Israel, but insted massaging the ego of the Arabs and of Islam. But this is a result of their economic and other interests, not beacuse og moral considerations. Moral consideration is hardly very interesting in realpolitik or international relations. But you can`t blame Israel for being a victim of European self-interests, greed, hypocracy and cowardice. You twist the truth upside down in a very pittyful and allogical way.

  • Abraham

    This is a smart move on the part of the IDF. Why risk bad relations with country who is suppose to be our ally and then rejects the concerns of its friend.

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  • Sarah Olsen

    Israel can’t be bought or sold!
    Am Israel Chi!

  • ART

    Pres. Obama has orchestrated the split with Israel. Just read his Cairo address. Israel must carefully show its independence. Any arms or military aid accepted by Israel now will give Obama the ability to say that Israel was merely extorting the Us and could be bought off, in effect the ugly old Jews just want $.
    The saudis and UAE can afford weaponry because they have huge resources and few social programs for their people.
    Obama is jeopardizing Israels’ future and has turned the entire debate into an ongoing attack on Israel. Obama has also wheeled out the divided Jewish loyalty libel

  • Sharbano

    It would probably be better in the long run if Israel refused any further US support. In that way there cannot be any strings attached that hamper Israel’s own security and interests.