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August 7, 2015 12:06 pm

Israel’s Defense Minister Ya’alon Warns: We Are ‘Not Responsible for the Lives of Iranian Scientists’

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Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, pictured in the grey shirt, hinted that Israel would carry out a strike against Iran's nuclear facilities. PHOTO: Eden Moldovsky/Ministry of Defense.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, pictured, hinted that Israel may carry out a strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. PHOTO: Eden Moldovsky/Ministry of Defense.

Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon issued a stern warning to Iran in an interview with Germany’s Der Spiegel on Friday hinting at covert Israeli activity in the fight against Iran’s nuclear program, Israel’s NRG reported.

“We must be ready to defend ourselves,” Ya’alon said. “I am not responsible for the lives of Iranian scientists.”

The Defense Minister stressed that Israel may yet strike Iran’s nuclear facilities if Tehran violates the recently-signed nuclear deal with world powers.

“We cannot, under any circumstances, live with an Iran with nuclear weapons, really, the matter is very simple,” said Ya’alon. “One way or another we have to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions. We prefer this to be done through the path of an agreement or sanctions, but in the end, Israel must be able to defend itself.”

His message comes on the heels of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action reached between the P5+1 countries and Iran in July. The deal has been vociferously opposed by Israeli leaders who say it leaves the country at risk.

At least five Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated over the past several years, most of them through car bombs. While Iran has blamed Israel for the assassinations, the Jewish state has never admitted to being involved.

But according to a CBS report last year, the Obama administration apparently pressured Israel into ending its assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists. The last known assassination took place in late 2013.

— contributed to this report. 

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  • Matt

    Just as Israel recruits pilots into the IAF from primary school. This can be reversed engineered to target those in last year of high school and first year of Uni to starve the Iranian nuclear program of human resources. So not only tier one but two and three targets. It is impossible for the IRGC to protect tier two and three. The program can be limited in scope and possibly halted. It is highly aggressive and with an 80 percent certainty not absolutely morally questionable.

  • estie ash

    Israel’s motto used to be “speak little and do alot”. Their strength was in their silence. not anymore it seems.

  • wm.j. levy

    What makes Israel think that Iran can’t attack and destroy Israeli infrastructures especially with 60,000 illegal Africans living there combined with all the Arabs?

    How many Jews have to die before Israel throws them out instead of going to aid them after Africans are shot by Egyptian troops.

    Stop being so nice and be tough.

  • Julian Clovelley

    Surely this is pretty close to being a matter for the International Criminal Court?

    • The ICC should concentrate on Iran executing homosexuals and children.

  • Jimmy

    Funny! Threatening gehaviour

  • ART

    Israel better move before the US eu Russia finalize their treaty obligated defense of the iranian nuclear program, including air defense and cyber defense. Amherst University has already agreed to train iranian nuclear scientists.

  • Jerry Rosenberg

    Obama Hussien is up to his old tricks.Lie, hid the truth, do anything to advance the cause of Islam. Even
    if this puts the whole world on the edge of a nuclear
    disaster. We, including me, fought Hitler to make sure
    we would not be destroyed by this mad man. The powers that be in Iran, are sure they can complete Hitlers dream
    of conquest. They have a partner in Hussy.
    The world must unite to thwart their plans.
    Give Irael the means to do this and it will be done.

  • Howard Kahan

    What ever it takes !!!!! We should “take no prisoners” !

  • Mike Schwarzer

    A ‘No’ vote is a vote for another Iraqi/Afghanistan war. ‘Yes’ gives us a chance to see if peace will work, there is still lots of time for war. Benny is not going to be too successful is selling another Bush WMD’s story. We’ve had enough liars misleading us. This has nothing to do with Israel’s security, this has to do with suppressing a geopolitical competitor. The US is not a puppet of Israel.

    A VOTE FOR NO IS A VOTE FOR ANOTHER IRAQI / AFGHANISTAN STYLE WAR. Do we want that? Can we afford that?

    The question is really that simple. Forget all those people trying to tell you what your opinion should be, the celebs bought and paid for, the massive media propaganda, the warmongering without fact or foundation. They want to turn this in Pro verses Anti Israel, they don’t want to tell facts, just leak bits and pieces of misinformation. There is no such thing as a perfect deal in negotiation that is a fantasy, the deal is excellent and quite an accomplishment.

    And in case you don’t get it a non proliferation agreement is NO NUKES, NO NUKES, NOT ONE FRIGGING NUKES PERIOD FOREVER. In case some are asleep Iran already has an existing stockpile to manufacture a dozen bombs. All of which they are giving up. If they wanted Nukes they would already have them. Not every government lies, spies and does dirty tricks like Israel and their horrible leadership. With success, there there will be futile ground to progress on other issues. Unfortunately Israel only knows how to use a club to negotiate peace. There leadership has to go as it represents the single most dangerous threat to Israeli security.

    Remember who voted ‘No’ so we can remove the warmongering puppets of Israel next election. Any presidential hopeful who votes ‘No’ will be a marked man. There will be no blaming on the intelligence services. They are either in the Israeli lobbyist pockets, or have confusion as to which government they serve, or lack the intelligent to understand the deal, (stupid). Not presidential or congressional material. There will be a backlash for this betrayal of the US public interest.