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August 7, 2015 5:57 pm

On Iran Deal, Obama Has Thrown America and Israel Under the Bus

avatar by John Velisek

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President Obama defends the Iran nuclear deal. Photo: Screenshot.

President Obama defends the Iran nuclear deal. Photo: Screenshot.

The Iran nuclear deal reached by the Obama Administration is a dangerous agreement for both the United States and Israel. Almost as disturbing as the deal itself is the fact that Obama has demonized opponents of this giveaway to the Devil, suggesting the only choice was between the deal and all-out war. At a speech to the VFW National Convention, Obama made it clear that those who opposed him were warmongers – opposed not to the deal, but to peace itself.

This is not the first time our President has characterized opponents of his policies in extreme terms. Obama abandons all of America’s principles, and then blames his detractors when his policies fail. Obama does not listen to others, or admit that he was wrong.

In the run-up to the negotiations, Americans were told that Iran would not be permitted to enrich uranium. Of course, that stipulation was soon thrown under the bus. We were then told that “anytime, anywhere” inspections would be a foundation of the talks. This promise too was immediately done away with for the sake of Obama’s legacy. Even some Democrats loyal to Obama are balking at the lies told to the American people. Unlike Obamacare, this deal could mean life and death, perhaps for the United States and definitely for Israel.

Allowing Iran to continue enriching uranium, something Obama claimed he would never allow, has only pushed the problem down the road. It is a farce to believe that Iran will abide by any of the terms of this agreement. Iran will develop a bomb thanks to this agreement. There are no real safeguards. Iran must be provided 24 days of notice prior to any inspections and military nuclear sites are off limits – not a valid inspection protocol.

It is disappointing that rather than negotiating from a position of strength, Obama has given the Iranians everything they could possibly want. The appeasement of the mullahs and Obama’s concerns for his legacy will only serve to spread the nuclear problem throughout the Middle East, as other countries in the area ramp up programs of their own. Even so, Obama will not accept any discussion or opposition to a policy that cannot work and will only make matters worse.

Many Democrats have turned on Israel at Obama’s urging. The numbers from a recent Luntz survey are disconcerting at best. Only 48% of Democrats think Israel wants peace, and just 51% of Democrats support Israel over Palestine. It is often Democrats who are pushing the BDS policy on college campuses, and who, in 2012, tried to remove support for Israel from the party platform.

Democrats have turned the well-being of Israel into a partisan issue. It’s all they know how to do, to the detriment of both countries.

The nuclear deal isn’t just bad for Israel. It is bad for America.

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  • Mike Schwarzer

    If propaganda was a odour this would be a rotten fish.

    Bush and Iraq’s WMD, now Benny and Iraq’s WMD. We’ve heard this story and it doesn’t end well. A vote of ‘No’ is a vote for war.

    A vote for ‘No’ means:

    Senator bought and paid for by the Israeli Lobby,
    Senator confused as to which government they serve,
    Senator lacks the intellectual capacity to understand the deal, (stupid).

    This is a perfect issue since the facts point to an excellent NPT with Iran. So it’s easy now to sift the wheat from the chaff. We know the US is overrun by Israeli spies, but infiltration is not so obvious until now. If you want to protect your democracy, use your vote to restore US Political Independence and Integrity and kick them out before they entrench further.

  • Lauren Goldman

    This is a surprise? Watch Obama’s eyes whenever he is dealing with anything involving Israel or Jews. His toothy smile lights up, but the smile never reaches his eyes. Truly, if you get the chance to see the difference, look closely. At first, I thought perhaps I was just imagining it, however, it has been consistent. I have been saying that he is throwing Israel under the bus for the last year. Well, here it is. Since he does not have to worry about getting elected, his true feelings about us are right up front, with no apologies.

    • Mark Devenow

      Well observed and well said, Lauren Goldman.