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August 12, 2015 6:20 pm

New York Jews Strongly Oppose Iran Nuclear Pact, Poll Shows

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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New York City.

New York City.

Fifty-three percent of New York City Jews oppose the nuclear deal between world powers and Iran, a poll by Quinnipiac University in Connecticut revealed on Tuesday, underlining growing opposition to the landmark agreement pursued by the Obama administration.

Only 33% of Jewish respondents in New York said they supported the nuclear deal with Iran that would unfreeze billions in assets for the regime in Tehran in exchange for some restrictions and monitoring of the country’s nuclear program.

New York Republicans represented the most polarized group, with a full 70% saying they opposed the deal, while 15% said they supported it.

Although New York Senator Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, announced his opposition to the deal last week, only 33% of New York Democrats said they opposed the deal, according to the survey. Forty-three percent were in favor and 24% said they did not know enough about the deal to make up their minds.

Among the five boroughs, Staten Island was most opposed, with 76% rejecting the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, as the nuclear deal is officially known, and only 11% in favor.

Men were more likely to support the deal than women, with 43% of male respondents in support and only 30% of female respondents supporting the nuclear deal with Iran.

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  • HaroldT

    So, a third of American Jews support the Iran deal, aimed at the destruction of Israel.
    When the Muslims take over in America, do they think they will be safe ? Yes because these Quisling Jews will convert to Islam.

  • Bob S

    With a great majority of her constituency Jewish , how does Sen. Gillibrand expect to be reelected, since she came out in favor of the Iran Deal against the wishes her voters?

  • Reform School

    The jury is still out on whether or not Liberalism is a mental disease or only a weak mind, never trained to think critically, unable to discern between hopes, dreams and reality. If opinion pollsters like Joe Urinalist, Margie Noverra and P. U. Risserch have the same selective amnesia that plagues the lamestream media, America learned nothing from the 1979-81 Iranian Revolution and Hostage Crisis, the 1933-45 European Jewish Holocaust and other World History. If that explains why ignorant Jewish Liberals still line up for communal showers, they aren’t the only Jewry still out.

  • Why singling out Jews? If the deal goes through the whole world will be in die hard danger!!!

  • Michael Kraft

    Only 53 per cent oppose, including Republicans? The polls seem all over the place and a lot depends how the questions are phrased. In any event, as a citizen and former Congressional staffer, a member’s vote should not be solely based on polls, especially on a complicated issue like this, which is subject to so many over simplified and often emotional statement and advertisements.

    It is interesting that despite the campaigning by various Jewish and Israel-oriented lobbying groups, only a third of New York Democrats say they opposed the deal and 43 per cent favor.
    I think that the figure that is most accurate is the 24 percent who say they do not know enough to make up their minds.

  • nelson marans

    While it is encouraging that 53% of New York Jews are opposed to the flawed Iran nuclear deal and only 33% favor it, the numbers for the general population are even more in opposition, with in the same poll 57% opposing and only 28% supporting it.
    Evidently there is still strong support for President Obama by New York Jews, despite his catastrophic actions against the Jewish state. Do they not care or are they so wedded to a Democratic administration that any action taken by Obama meets with favor.

  • Bobby

    All propaganda backed by the Israel government The people of the world back the P5+1 nuclear deal. And the deal is done Israel. Get over it and start treating the people of Palestine right.

    • Rick MacDonald

      No Bobby,The people of the world have not made a done deal of it. The land of Israel is here to stay! The shaping up of the Geo-political world and the smoldering embers of religious conflicts within Western European cities are remarkably like those found in Biblical Prophesy.
      And even if you do not believe in G-d and reject such views I trust you do believe in Nuclear Weapons. While Israel avows never to be first to use one, that can change. It would be fool hardy for the world community to expect Israel to ever acquiesce to any such resolutions.