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August 13, 2015 8:12 pm

Pundits Mock Jewish Hollywood Letter in Support of Iran Nuclear Deal

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Prominent Jews in Hollywood penned an open letter voicing support for the Iran nuclear deal. Photo: Screenshot.

Prominent Jews in Hollywood penned an open letter voicing support for the Iran nuclear deal. Photo: Screenshot.

Well known political commentators took to Twitter on Wednesday to ridicule an open letter published by prominent Hollywood Jews in support of President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.

Jeffrey Goldberg, national correspondent for The Atlantic, sarcastically tweeted, “Have left-handed Jewish gastroenterologists taken a position on the Iran nuclear deal yet?” while former U.S. Department of Defense official Michael Doran posted a series of messages mocking the letter.

“BREAKING: 93 hairdressers from NJ sign petition in favor of the Iran deal, stating they were convinced by the science,” he wrote. “BREAKING: 77 of the best dentists in Florida sign petition in favor the Iran deal, b/c it blocks all the pathways to a bomb.”

The open letter was first published by The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday and includes signatures from 98 Los Angeles-based Jews, many with links to the entertainment industry. The group explained their support for the Iran deal and urged Congress to approve the agreement. The letter says that the nuclear accord “is in the best interest of the United States and Israel” and warns that if Congress were to kill the deal, it would be a “tragic mistake.”

The signatories include Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, billionaire philanthropist Eli Broad, film producers Lawrence Bender and Mike Medavoy, and a number of rabbis and former politicians.

The open letter will appear as a full-page ad in Thursday’s edition of the Los Angeles Jewish Journal.

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  • Les Szenes

    The Liberal leftist all knowing Jews, members of the democratic party, would vote for Pol Pot, Idi Amin, or Adolf Hitler if anyone of them would declare themselves as the DEMOCRATIC Candidate. I am sure they will all vote for Hillary Clinton, because she has also proven her honesty, with her E-mails, her server, Benghazi, her finances, the list is endless as it will all come out. Her non existent 18,000 E-mails have miraculously been found. I was sure they would be, after the elections. The Obumer administration forgot to mention to the American public the very close family connections of Kerry to the Iranians.His daughter is married to an Iranian. I am not surprised. I think they will probably release Bernie Madoff before Jonathan Pollard. Bernie will be nominated as the new secretary of the treasury. Remember that a vote for the Democrats is a vote for the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran.The Judenrat lives on.

  • nelson marans

    In answer to freedom friend, Eli Broad put on the Wagnerian cycle.

  • Robert
  • northerneagle

    To paraphrase Hollywood mensch Schwarzenegger, these are girly-men. I know that’s a hard comment to take seriously but it fits. They have no street smarts, no honor, and no patriotism.

    They are pussies. They are cowards. And stupid to boot.

    Geopolitics 101. You only make deals with those enemenies with which you have to. We had to make deals with the Soviets because they already had the bomb. Iran doesn’t, therefore we’ve got the hammer. And we need real men, not girly men (Obama included) who are willing to go as far as needed on all fronts (including military) to get rid of the Iranian regime.

    They’re all scurrying around in Pacisfist spasms telling us this is a good deal, and the ‘only’ way to prevent war.

    This deal will make war certain. It’s probably certain anyway. But that’s all on Iran’s head. They are the aggressor here. They will never stop until we are dead.

    When war is certain, we certainly better throw the first punch. War is not so bad when you’ve got the upper hand, as we do. Are we willing to use it? Or are we suicidal pussies?

    I’m 50 years old and I’d rather personally go to war then live a dhimmi, or a dead Jew, as Iran wishes.

    It’s a zero sum game. No matter how much the Hollywood retards lie and say it isn’t.

  • Fred

    It is a sad indictment to blindly follow the Obama advise, how to help Mad Mullah to destroy your own people. The glitz of Hollywood must be blinding & addling the brain.

  • Francis Figliola

    This reminds me of Global Alarmists caught doctoring their research in order to falsely claim 97% consensus. We’re not winning the argument, let’s throw some prominent names in to help our argument, our percentages…. Who cares what these Hollywood self important show business “experts” think? The question is: What do the common Israeli folk think? You know, the sitting ducks!

  • Laura

    Funny that none of them have mocked any, not one, NONE of the Hollywood groupies who have come out in support of various Obama initiatives. Real funny. Ha. Ha. Ha.

    And note to Jeffrey Goldberg – you’re a gutless mouthpiece.

    • Laura

      Misread article – I thought they were opposed to the deal. Sigh.

  • It’s like during the Shoah there were Jews pandering to Hitler

    • Brigitte Goldstein

      Dear Helen,
      I’d like see some actual names of Jews who pandered to Hitler. Remarks like that are not helpful for an understanding of the minds of these people. Why can’t we leave the Nazis out of the discussion? Not that I have any respect for those Hollywood Jews.

  • Joseph Feld

    At the Western Wall last night at midnight [tikun chatzos] a Bas Kol [Heavenly Voice] was heard saying ,’Woe unto those who support the Iran deal.’ Those at the Wall declared it a Giloi HaShechinah [revelation of Divine Providence]. The Assembly of Liberal and Even More Liberal Jewish Machers [makers and shakers] replied that we don’t make rulings based on a Bas Kol, so just get over it’. At sunrise some heard a second Bas Kol at the Wall. ‘Put not your faith in Presidents nor your trust in Princes. The Guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.’ The Assembly of Liberals has confirmed that the Guardian of Israel is the IDF.. . . . Then I woke up!

  • Joseph Feld

    ‘On behalf of my 98 fellow Jewish left-handed gastroenterologists I am happy to endorse Haaretz, The Guardian, The Independent and the BBC for their independent and totally impartial reporting of Middle East news.’

    • Marty Erann

      Joseph, darlink, vy are you leaving out the Huffing-and-Puffing Pots, and the VOX Pussyfooting? They will be insulted, and you know how dangerous it can be to insult these two-left-handed liberal, objective (oops, I meant objectionable) media.

  • I’m happy to believe that actors & actresses know about acting, films & stage productions and I’m grateful for the entertainment they give us. That is the fundamental reason, though, why they do not succeed as international arbiters of peace… and should not try.


    The really chic Jews of Hollywood see right through this obvious scam by the Ayatollah Khamenei to frighten the Jews of Israel with his scimitar rattling talk of destroying Israel!! Who would be so foolish as to be taken in by such talk, with atom bombs yet? Certainly not the Liberals of Congress and the intelligentsia which insisted on Sanctuary Cities!

  • kern

    These JINOS (Jews in name only)are left wing ideologues with Stalinist roots who will say and do anything to support the their Progressive gods. There letter nakedly reveals their ignorance of the particulars of the deal guaranteeing nuclear weapons to Iran as well as their craven collaboration with the crypto-fascist Muslim terrorists.

  • nelson marans

    The usual parade of pseudo Jews who put their money in support of the Democratic Party but close their pocket books when asked to give to Jewish causes. One in particular not only ignored Jewish charities, particularly in Israel, but spent millions of dollars to put on the Wagnerian opera cycle, knowing full well the virulent anti-Semitism of that composer,

    • Freedomfriend

      Which one funded the anti-Semitic, pro-terror opera?

  • brenrod

    what a despicable set of money hungry creeps. they could not care less what it means for Israel. Because they are Jews they appear to misrepresent to the US public that they are speaking on Israels behalf. Why say they are jews unless they are trying to deceive the US public in that they are in a special position regarding Israel. How is their Jewishness relevant to their opinion? Are they trying to say that because they are jews it must be a good deal also for Israel? are they trying to undercut Israels credibility like JVP and Jstreet pretending they know whats best for Israel? There should never be allowed a law of return to Israel for the kapo jews, hungry to maintain their status. If anti semitism rears its head they will be the first to feel it.

  • Ephraim

    Eternal shame on them.

  • dante

    “98 Ignorant, Self-Infatuated Fops and Fools (Who Have Never Done Much to Help Israel) Declare Their Support for the JCPOA”

    Oh, for these wealthy and/or famous dummies, “JCPOA” is the iran deal. Get it, dummies? I would love to see a real journalist interview these dummies about the details of the deal.

    One of these fools was once interviewed by the editor of the Jewish Journal and was asked if Israel or Jewish causes were included in his philanthropies. The fool said that Israel or Jewish causes (don’t remember his exact words) were “not my passion.” Not my passion? You’re a very successful man, wealthy…with tons of money to satisfy every ridiculous whim, fancy or caprice, and “it’s not my passion”? It apparently never occurred to this fool that Jewish tradition has never exalted a person’s “passion” over enduring ethical mandates, notably, to give to charity, to support one’s family and one’s larger family, one’s people, the people from whom one came. (Even if some desiccated-heart, disgusting hump is not connected to his people, let him at least have the decency to abstain from supporting a deal that constitutes a mortal peril to Israel.)

    Now, this pathetic clown and all the clowns who signed the statement, clowns who probably know nothing about the agreement, have declared their support. They won’t face the peril. No, no, that’s for someone else. “No worries: I’m safe. My friends are safe. I mean, iran isn’t going to attack the Colony or Holmby Hills or the Palisades or Beverly Hills, is it? That’s what matters, right?”

    These clowns would probably have fallen over themselves to support Munich. Certainly, if FDR had supported it, they would have scuttled forth to endorse it.

    • Marty Erann

      Wish we had a Ben Hecht to go after these clowns…

  • Esther Schneider

    Enough of the ‘cultural” Jews. They. ARE. Dangerous.