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August 16, 2015 12:27 pm

An Open Letter to President Obama From the Children of Holocaust Survivors

avatar by Mark Sarna & Anita Perkiel Sarna

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President Obama defends the Iran nuclear deal. Photo: Screenshot.

President Obama defends the Iran nuclear deal. Photo: Screenshot.

Dear President Obama,

As proud children of Jewish Holocaust survivors, we strongly condemn your recent statement that Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu are the only ones who oppose your ill-conceived deal with Iran.

Rather than propagate these erroneous and misleading attacks, the American people would be better served if you highlighted the truly relevant facts. Fortunately, the Israeli people, Netanyahu, and many members of Congress seem to understand these facts – especially in light of the important lessons of the Holocaust.

You, and those who support you, are quick to appear at annual Holocaust memorial commemorations and utter the words “we shall never forget.” But, with this deal, it is abundantly clear that you have indeed forgotten, or perhaps never understood the lessons of the Holocaust. At least Neville Chamberlain did not have the advantage of history as his guide.

You, on the other hand – knowing that six million Jews were killed at the murderous hands of the Nazis, that more than one million people were murdered on the Cambodian killing fields, that another roughly one million people were brutally slaughtered in Rwanda, and so on – you cannot claim such ignorance. You had the option to do what was right or to yield to a murderous, oppressive regime. You regrettably chose to appease the enemy and have really received nothing in return but a promise made by a government that is infamously famous for breaking past promises.

You claim that the alternative is going to war. You think that repeating this many times will get people to believe it. Well, the undersigned do not believe it. We grew up learning of the horrors of war and we too are against it. But we also grew up learning of the disastrous outcome of appeasement and of not standing up to the evils of the world. Iran, as long as it still calls for the destruction of Israel and America, as long as it daily supports terrorism throughout the Middle East, as long as it daily continues to burn the American flag, and as long as it continues to hold American hostages is one such evil of the world.

Mr. President, this is not a political statement. It is simply a matter of understanding right from wrong. We cannot fathom how you can trust the current Iranian leadership when it continues to call for the destruction of Israel and the United States. What prevents you from believing them and their murderous threats? To permit this regime to have nuclear weapons in another 10-15 years is an unconscionable and abominable act.

Shame on you President Obama for not standing up to evil. Even if the rest of the world had refused to stand with you, as you repeatedly claim to be the case, then you, as President of this great country, should have had the courage to stand alone and challenge tyranny and oppression – as our heritage has taught us to. Unfortunately for all of us, you chose political expediency over fortitude. The American people deserve stronger leadership than what you have demonstrated with regard to Iran.

Thankfully there is today an Israel and many educated members of Congress who are not afraid to stand up for what is right. History will judge them accordingly.

The authors are both the children of Holocaust survivors. 

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  • In my opinion, the headline given to this Opinion piece is misleading (due, in part, to capitalization style) — did you mean “… From Two Children of Holocaust Survivors”? I feel this particular headline (also used on your Twitter page, shown in screenshot below) gives a false impression that this “Open Letter” to the President was written on behalf of some organization or group of people. Both my parents were Holocaust Survivors (of Auschwitz-Birkenau and Nazi slave labor), and whether I agree with any or all of what was written is not why I’m writing this comment here. I am disappointed that Algemeiner chose to use “Children of Holocaust Survivors” in a way to make it appear that this thing represented something more than the writing of those two people. Link to article: ; Link to Tweet: ; Facebook page link:

    • Michael,in my opinion your statement is correct and the headline is misleading! HOWEVER I think the world would be more interested instead of nit picking the issue to find out what YOU really think.
      Nobody is born a hero but everyone can express an opinion about the facts as they represent a very important issue.

      You of all people can and should (in my opinion) express this opinion for the world to take note.If you do note owe it to survivors, you owe it to the six million who did not survive. (see also my comment to Alix)

  • mark aleshnick

    Almost everything you’ve done has been a bitter disappointment to me, but when you defame the memory of half my Mother’s (may She r.i.p) family (may They r.i.p), you defame an entire generation. When will you ever understand that principles don’t run schools and morals are not a genus of mushroom?

  • Bernhard Rosenberg .

    Names are pouring in, please help. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    Ask your rabbi to add his/her name:

    Petition: We do not sit idle and keep silence!

    Petition to counteract the 340 rabbis who are for the deal with Iran and the fallout that ensues.

    Here are the names of the injurious to the world, dangerous and delusional so called American-Jews who call themselves “Rabbi”:…/340-rabbis-urge-congress-to-suppor…/


    We, the Rabbis, headed by Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg, strongly oppose the injurious and dangerous deal Obama conceded to sign with Iran that allows easing the sanctions already in place before the Iranian nuclear threat has been completely eliminated. Any agreement with Iran that allows the fanatics in Iran to enrich uranium, that lacks ‘anytime, anywhere’ inspections, is extremely dangerous and unacceptable to any American who has America’s security at heart.

    This deal with Iran is a very bad deal, far worse than no deal and must be diametrically rejected. The sanctions, crippling Iran’s economy had succeeded in weakening Iran’s negotiating position. Obama gave this terrorist regime a lifeline.

    In order to force Iran to completely abandon its nuclear program, the best course or action, we still have available to us now, is to maintain harsh economic sanctions, regardless of what other nations have rushed to do with Iran, not thinking about the far reaching consequences. The current deal, Obama is so eager to approve, provides Iran with hundreds of billions of dollars of economic relief that will fuel Iran’s support for terror around the world and give a boost to its Middle East hegemony dream.

    Israel’s very existence is at stake with this agreement. There can be no compromise with or appeasement of a regime that is committed to the destruction of the state of Israel. The Jewish People cannot, must not and will not be threatened with another Holocaust by ideological madness.

    The United States, in particular, and the international community, at large, must keep the pressure on Iran with harsher sanctions and demand that its nuclear program be completely dismantled. A nuclear Iran is a threat not only to the United States – the great Satan – and Israel – the small Satan – but to the entire free world.



    340 Rabbis Urge Congress to Support Nuclear Deal with Iran » Ameinu

  • Amy Steiger

    I am also a child of holocaust survivor and in total agreement of this well written letter. Unfortunately, our president will not read this or if he does he won’t care.

  • Vivian Thomas

    Dear children of Israel, you can be proud of your parents and great parent, for what they went through was horrific and no human being should have gone through it. I am from South Africa and we love Israel because G-d loves Israel, we know He always keeps His covenants and His covenant is a forever covenant with Israel. Basically, Obama is wrong and he is either The Anti-Christ or a Anti-Christ and many over the world and in America is against this deal he made with Iran, but as we are in the end of the end times before the Messiah comes, everything has to happen so that Scriptures can be fulfilled. Take care and stand strong for G-d will always be with Israel. G-d bless Israel! Friendly regards Vivian Thomas

  • Stellagirl

    Hitler promised never to enter a country where a queen reigned. My mother moved from Germany to Holland for that very reason. She ended up in Auschwitz, instead of going to the United States. Never believe a politician…

  • Stellagirl

    Hitler also promised he would never attack a country where a queen reigned. My mother moved from Germany to Holland, for that very reason, instead of coming to the United States. My mother ended up in auschwitz. Never believe a politician…

  • vanessa

    Agreeing with all those who see how the current Iran deal is incredibly bad for Middleeast peace and possibly world peace.

    Is the U.S. Administration very gullible…or willfully blind???

  • Ramesh Khazanchi

    A lameduck President, as Obama is in the dying moments of his presidency, has no right to enter into such an ill-conceived ‘doomed’ deal which threatens world peace. The Congress must ensure that the deal falls through and let the next President post-poll 2016 work out what is best suited to US interests and the world at large vis-a-vis the Satanic leadership of Iran

  • (Sent to the 340 Rabbi’s that support the agreement)

    “I’ve castigated Rabbi’s for years for getting involved in Political matters. Their function is a religious one and not a political one and of course they must never get involved with a political party. In the case of the Iran nuclear agreement politics and religion can get muddled. The problem here is that the Rabbi’s whether because of their political bent, their Naivete or their plain lack of political acumen disastrous stand will cause untold damage to not only the Jewish people but the world. They didn’t properly analyze this. Please ask them this: What will you say to any remnants of a nuclear vaporization.”

    • The same thing that they told my father returning from Auschwitz and Dachau; pay your contributions to the synagogue!
      Just like there were ordinary traitor Jews who collaborated with the Nazis in occupied terrritories in Europe to save their own skin,why should there not be (traitor) Rabbis collaborating with the US administration.
      Ignorance or arrogance are no excuse.Rabbis presumably learned men are still human and sometimes very stupid! The Obama crowd feasts with the stupidity shown by these Rabbis.

  • Alix Wall

    And I am a child of Holocaust survivors (who knows Mark Sarna (hi Mark, remember me, who traveled to Macedonia with you?) and couldn’t disagree more. This letter does not speak for me, nor all of us who are descendants of survivors! I am with the 340 American rabbis who have signed a letter supporting the deal. We children of survivors — like we Jews — are not monolithic and the mainstream Jewish community does not speak for me on this issue!

    • As the oldest son of a Dutch survivor of both Auschwitz AND Dachau (liberated by valiant Americans) I am appalled that decades later not even all Jews let only all second generation children can condemn this deal and stand up and say: Not now,not ever and NEVER AGAIN.

      my dear foolish Alix it must feel very save for you living in the USA!

    • I agree with Ales Wall except for one thing he says the mainstreat Jewish community does not speak for him. I am not sure what that is. There are a bunch of groups whose leaders think of themselves as mainstream that is against the Iran deal. this includes AIPAC and Jewish Federations. They really represent their so called leaders – they are not really representative of most U.S. Jews. Bibi said that he represents all Jews. That is what AIPAC and some like minded Jews have been saying all along and many Congress persons believed them. I think that it has been shown that most Jews don’t agree with the Federations, AIPAC, the Emergency Committee for Israel, so others of the so called ‘pro Israel’ group.

  • I liked the letter that was written to President Obama. But I believe his motivation is evil. He wants the Iranians to have the bomb. It appears he feels that Iran is the only country who would attack America and destroy capitalism and a country who he feels has done a lot of harm around the world. He is not naïve. The act was well thought out and premediated. He is not a fan of the Jews nor of Israel and he does not care about the Jews. He appears to have an uncanny ability to know how to manipulate peoples feelings so that they feel support him. But he just does this as a means to an end. He fools you once he has the power.

    • You are correct! I have never believed his tears or his so called sorrowful words with anything!…His actions have been appalling for years, and whey does the news media keep saying “this president doesn’t get it” yes he does! everything he does is deliberate! For crying out loud, he handed over 5 evil leaders for a stupid stupid anti American boy who America would be better off without!

  • Yoel Larry

    Never Again?
    Never in my life did I ever imagine that a U.S. President would use blatantly antisemitic invective and innuendo in a speech before the American People !
    We can not let this outrage stand. This Shabbat:
    Every Jew in America should demand that during his or her Sermon, their Congregation Rabbi should address the President’s vile statement and denounce the outrageous and slanderous words that he spoke last week in which he accused those opposing his unpopular Iran Nuclear Deal of ‘dual loyalty’ and being under the pay of Jewish ‘lobbyists’ !
    Those words and the treachery that they imply have implicitly caused the deaths of millions of innocent Jews over the course of tragic history.
    We must demand that this President immediately apologize to the American Jewish Community and retract his slanderous, divisive, and inciteful rhetoric.
    Come to your Shul, Synagogue, or Temple for this Saturday Shabbat Service to Pray before G-d and also to support our besieged Jewish Nation at this dark and troubled moment in History. We must Demand our voice be heard.
    Every clergyman in America has a moral responsibility to stand up against this president’s reprehensible foray into antisemitic rhetoric. His vile slanderous words could start an avalanche, G-d forbid! How disgusting that he would play with the fire of religious hatred for political gain. His statements are unworthy of respect and must be loudly denounced by every civilized individual. The playing of race cards and Jew cards for political gain is reprehensible and must not be ignored. Democrats, Republicans, Christians, Muslims, Jews…all have an equal responsibility to oppose such dangerous words.
    G-d should strike such evil down before it ignites a blood storm of antisemitic hatred and we must help Him by standing up and speaking out.
    We Jews failed to do that once before the European Holocaust.
    We must not be silent now!

    • If my rabbi made a comment like the one suggested by Larry Yoel, he would instantly become ny ex rabbi and I would immediately drop my membership in that Congregation and I would make sure that any Congregation I joined in the future would understand that decision.

  • M Lee

    Islamofascism. Ayatollah of Iran has always said death is more valuable than life. Killing infidels even if Iran his land is destroyed leads to martyrdom and a higher place in paradise next to allah. Its a reverse mindset democracy needs to understand. Its like the kamikaze in WW11 that USA could not comprehend. ISIS must be exterminated. Ir Public comment an must never get Nukes and ICBM’s 7 24 inspections recognize Israel.Now from author
    Copy point 3 of Toronto renowned author Tarek Fatah, Muslim in Mississauga and with sun news
    In a speech that you delivered in Toronto a few years ago you declared the very notion of Islamofascism a threat to modern civilisation.
    All other forms of fascism are about the control of the world or domination of one race over the others. Islamofascism is about the destruction of the world as we know it, so that we can all start living in the after-world. This is not a joke as it is the Islamofascists’ firm belief that life on earth is like a transit lounge, and that we are here to take a connecting flight to the hereafter.
    It’s a death cult and far more dangerous than Nazism or Communism. Islamofascism is about the end of time scenario, which is a firm belief that emerging from the earth, the people of Yagog and Magog will fight the ultimate battle. People are dying out of free will and not because they are victims.
    The Islamist believes that life begins after death. It’s almost fundamentally contradictory to any other political movement. In religion, it is somewhat familiar to the Hindu notion of reincarnation. But these guys are not planning to return!…/tarek-fatah-breaking-down…/

  • Evelyn Friedman

    I don’t recall giving anyone permission to speak for me on politics. The views expressed may or may not be mine but I choose to voice my concerns for myself.

    • Mauricio Korbman

      Who is speaking for you?

  • Egal Koren

    Obama made up his mind long time ago and no letter will change it. The Congress must step in now. Think twice before you vote for the next President.

  • Harvey Landau

    President Obama’s comment at Prime Minister Netanyahu is utterly ridiculous.
    Don’t quite know what else to say.
    My Sister and I are children of Holocaust Survivors.
    I am totally flabbergasted but President Obama has never been a big fan of Israel.

  • Sandy Lacey

    Wonderfully written,and as a Christian who wholeheartedly stands with Israel. I would like to identify with these same sentiments .You mr president have committed treason to the very people who elected you,why. I ask do you side with the enemies of a free world. G-D will judge you harshly for your treatment of His people.

  • S. Heisler

    As a child of Holocaust survivors I say, no world leader is interested in what happens to Israel. We must stop trying to please the world. We need to rely on the wisdom given to us by G-d Almighty, to make decisions based only on what is right for the Jewish people,and observe HaShem’s commandments. HaShem is our strength and not the president of the United States.

  • thelma rosenberg

    I pray that everyone who reads this message will pass it on to as many people as possible
    , to members of the congress and every one who is in a position to override the presidents upcoming veto

  • Mireille Mechoullam

    I want to congratulate you both for that open letter to Obama, the President of this Nation who capitulated to the tyrant regime of Iran without getting anything in return, mot even the 4 Americans who are rotting in jail. Maybe we didn’t get the full picture when he said he will change America. The thinking was for the better but not what we are seeing now. G’ bless you both. Amen.

  • still can’t understand whats going on for me a deal you give some you get some get 100% of what you want that not a deal.

  • Tom Fuller

    Excellent letter. I am a clergyman, dedicated to returning America to Judeo-Christian values. Last summer I visited Auschwitz, and I will never be the same. Tragically, your plea will undoubtedly fall on deaf ears with Mr. Obama. However, many of us, who still have ears, morals and memories, agree with and support you. Thank you for standing for the obvious truth, especially when many of our leaders are intolerant of or incapable of understanding it.