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August 21, 2015 1:06 pm

US-Israel Relations Will ‘Certainly Improve’ With Any New President, Former State Dept Official Says

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Aaron David Miller. Photo: Aaron David Miller.

Aaron David Miller. Photo: Aaron David Miller.

Relations between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have hit such rock-bottom levels that it does not really matter who is elected in 2016, relations are bound to improve, wrote former State Department official Aaron David Miller in his Wall Street Journal blog on Friday.

Miller noted that relations would likely improve both in “tone and style, and also possibly substance,” although Obama has persistently touted the line that his administration has been better for Israeli security than any previous administration.

Having worked in the State Department for more than two decades, Miller noted that he had never seen as “poisonous” a relationship develop between the leaders from both countries, although there were certainly points of contention between previous administrations and Israeli governments, such as president George H.W. Bush and former Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Shamir (over housing loans withheld by the U.S.) and even Netanyahu during his first term in the 1990’s and president Bill Clinton.

“After nearly eight years of policy and personality differences between Mr. Obama and Mr. Netanyahu, there is little trust, little capacity to extend the benefit of the doubt, and little respect–in contrast to Mr. Clinton and [former Israeli prime minister] Yitzhak Rabin or George W. Bush and [former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon–let alone personal admiration and affection],” wrote Miller.

Still, obstacles exist on the road to improving relations again, as the U.S. and Israel have butted heads over issues such as Iran and negotiations with the Palestinians, which collapsed last year after a nine-month push by Secretary of State John Kerry without making significant headway.

Miller noted that if Hillary Clinton became president, relations would improve certainly in tone as the former secretary of state has carried amicable relations with several Israeli officials. Any of the 17 Republican candidates would certainly “normalize” relations as well, wrote Miller, especially as most GOP hopefuls shun the Obama administration’s nuclear deal and have shown little interest in the Palestinians, unlike Obama.

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  • After Iran’s planning to test ballistic rockets, nothing remains for the USA and personally the president as to improve their relationship with Israel

  • Robert Davis

    No US president so far has been such a jezw hater as obamination so that it is evident relations will better with the next president in particular a Republican. However as long as the Israeli government does not claim sovereignty over Western Palestine no foreign govt. can do it and will be forced to support the fake “palestinians”. It is about time Israel comes up with a nationalist Policy which will force foreign governments to take it into account for REALISTIC reasons whether they like it or not and when arabs are expelled these governments will be forced to acknowledge the new political situation. Israel’s “leaders” should start to learn how to lead.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Not with Hillary Arafat Clinton it won’t. Obama hates Jews but Hillary cashes their checks.

  • George Jarrold

    Israel will probably never fully trust America again,or at least it will take many years and a real demonstration of support before the stain of Obama is expunged. Israel has seen a side of American politics and political personality that has rarely ,if ever,surfaced before and it is a very unpleasant one. The whole world is disappointed with America under this toxic president,but for Israel American friendship and support could mean life or death. Obama has appeared to be ambivalent,to say the least, as to which it is.

    • Steve Loeb

      Not true. Israel will trust America but in the wake of Obama exiting leaving behind the consequences of the identity politics his administration used, many Black Americans will view his weak legacy and failures as the result of the Jewish community/Zionists/Israel. There will be many years of that poison remaining in the political air that Obama stirred up that I expect will have ramifications in future elections and historical political affiliations. if the Republicans nominate a reasonable candidate in 2016, an enormous number of Jewish Americans will desert the Democrats never to return

  • JohnWV

    Out of context, skewed, and false criticism of President Obama corrupts American news media. Our president and his associates are targeted for not doing enough to further the Jewish state’s pursuit of invulnerability, territorial conquest and worldwide Jewish apartheid empire. Israel’s relation to America is, and always has been, blatantly parasitic.

    • Steve Loeb

      By Israeli “territorial conquest” I take it you must mean returning the entire Sinai that Israel acquired from prevailing in a war the Arabs started in exchange for a piece of paper promising peace – is that what your “territorial conquest” means?

      Or does it mean withdrawing without any Arab agreement and receiving tens of thousands of rockets fired at its civilian population?

  • Reform School

    Nor is it necessary for that change in leadership to wait until 2017. Many in Congress would welcome it yesterday!

  • Chris Rettenmoser

    Obama is a piece of s##t !

  • Jonah

    Don’t start breathing easy yet. With strategic attacks in certain areas of the U.S. Elections can be hindered if not called off. Your arch foes are two close to Israel’s jugular ….in my opinion, they will not allow an election to get between them and the demise of Israel, unless they are sure Iran will have a deliverable nuke before Obsama is out of office. Sorry but the truth hurts.

  • Despite Obama’s protests to the contrary, we got an early warning about his “Jewish” problem when we saw what the sermons of the Rev. J. Wright were like. POTUS listened and absorbed years of them without once leaving the room: ….”.God bless America?…No, God damn America!!” That was how the Rev. finished that one.

    Then he was elected and went to Egypt where he apologized on behalf of America for his imagined evils that the USA had committed against Islam. And for the rest of his terms he continued identifying the USA as the party responsible for the bad treatment against world wide Islam.

    But the sub-text that ran through all those addresses were his non-verbalized anti-Israel and anti-Jew feelings. Looking at how he has reacted against the Prime Minister of the country most like the UsA in the entire Middle East, caps the arguments that Mr. Miller has made.