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August 23, 2015 3:09 pm

Report: Oprah Winfrey Shunned BDS Activists Demanding Meeting Over Leviev Diamonds

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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Oprah Winfrey refused to meet with BDS activists pressuring her to reject Lev Leviev. Photo: Twitter.

Oprah Winfrey refused to meet with BDS activists pressuring her to reject Lev Leviev. Photo: Twitter.

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey was among this month’s targets of BDS pressure, the New York Post reported on Sunday. But the TV network owner, best known for her world-famous talk show, refused even to meet with the representatives of Adalah-NY, an advocacy group focused on boycotting Israel and Israeli products, who showed up at the New York offices of her magazine, “O,”  bearing a letter they wished her to sign, publicly rejecting the products of Uzbeki-Israeli billionaire “King of Diamonds” Lev Leviev.

Winfrey, a recipient of the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom — bestowed upon her by Barack Obama, for whom she openly campaigned — had appeared on the cover of the May issue of her magazine wearing Leviev diamonds.

With operations in Angola, South Africa and Botswana, and boutiques in New York, London, Dubai and Singapore, Leviev is accused by the BDS movement of being a prime abuser of human rights and an appropriator of Palestinian land. Its attempt to get Winfrey to sign a letter distancing herself from him coincided with its demand that Jewish reggae star Matisyahu sign a document supporting a Palestinian state before performing at the Rototom Sunsplash festival in Spain on Saturday.

The singer’s refusal to do so elicited a disinvitation from the concert’s organizers, which was quickly reversed, following a condemnation by the Spanish government and an uproar among Jewish groups.

When Matisyahu did take to the stage this weekend to perform for the 20,000 people in the audience, he was greeted by the waving of large Palestinian flags. This did not prevent him from singing a song about Jerusalem.

Though Matisyahu is a proud Jew and openly pro-Israel, Winfrey is a gentile who has exhibited pro-Palestinian leanings. According to the media watchdog CAMERA, in 2005, Winfrey broadcast a TV documentary, “Oprah Takes You Around the World,” which included a short segment about the Arab-Israeli conflict consisting of one image after another of Israelis carrying weapons against unarmed Palestinians, with no reference to terrorism. That same year, Palestinian victimization at the hands of Israel was alleged in the June issue of “O,” in a 10-page feature entitled “Love and Terror” by David France, the last article of a five-part series on “rescuing the world’s girls.” The article focused on Palestinian grievances against Israel, with no mention of the Israeli victims of Palestinian terror attacks.



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  • May I suggest you take OWN and bring to the forefront LEFTWING politicals. Fox needs a strong network to debunk their endless lies. MSNBC AND CNN have become Fox Lite. MSNBC are firing the best truth tellers in the political arena. In my opinion this is a gold mine if implemented. Allow me to suggest Keith Olbermann to set up this billioriare proposition. Jon Stewart would be so damn effective as well.

    Please consider this goldmine to bring fairness and excellent journalists on the ready to debunk the never ending BS.

    Thank You in Advance.

  • Dee Johnson

    I was thinking she would get a little of my respect back, but after reading the whole article…..nah!! Not happening!

  • Jack

    To suggest Miss Winfrey is pro Palestinian is hooey.
    enough said!

  • yaakov ainoris

    No Jew should obtain wealth through evil or abuse of any human being …if Leviv profits from such it is a shande and against Torah.Shalom

  • yaakov ainoris

    She opposes only for PC of her diamonds…and if a fellow Jew supports evil involved in any business or country to obtain wealth it is a chance…drum or not.Shalom

  • yaakov ainoris

    Interesting that the film she produced about civil rights “Selma” movement in the 1960s was devoid of any/all of the Jews who supported and were even murdered by southern whites…Rabbi Joshua Heschel marched with Martin Luther King an…is this a sign of her view towards us…Not all blacks blindly follow her or Farrakhan or Sharpton…Shalom

  • Mireille Mechoullam

    Oprah did this time the right thing. Maybe she also will admit that her choice to campaign for Obama was a wrong choice because of him he did change this country as he promised. Yes he did change this country for the worst and to topple all signing a deal with the devil called IRAN who has zero tolerance for human rights. She also should be fair when showing the so called poor Palestinians girls with Israeli soldiers armed and NOT SHOWING the thousands of missiles falling daily on Israelis citizens from HAMAS, the riots going on in Jlem when Israelis who want to visit the “HAR HABAIT” are welcome by stones and verbal abuse.


    Hats off the Masiyahu
    > You did the right thing. G-D bless you for standing up for Israel and the Jewish people, and singing songs about Israel and Jerusalem.
    I hope that Netanyahu rewards this man for what he has done, in the face of hatred to stand up, bravekly againt those haters and the waving of the terrorist PA flags.

  • Robert Davis

    I would like to stress Winfrey that she is wrong wrong about the fake “palestinians” who are mystificatrs trying to steal Jews land and liars inversing facts, History and international law. Everyting about these arab imperialists is FAKE and LIES. If they were victims they would NOT have such huge financial means and would not need use 5 wars against Israel, terrorism and pr!!! Do christian victims of arab imperialism in syria, irak,nigeria etc. have such means?

  • Perhaps she’s become better informed in the meantime?

  • Naftoli Pickard

    I am happy that Oprah turned the diamond folks away but I hope that Oprah will take a look at BDS again and realize what a racist group it is.

    The fact that the music festival in Spain turned against Matisyahu, who isn’t even Israeli, is yet another proof that BDS is not about Israel but is anti-Jewish.

  • Florence

    Sounds like Oprah sold out — for a few diamonds. She is not to be trusted, obviously.

    • Gary Katz

      “Sold out?” Because she refused to bow to the BDS bullies/bigots? Nonsense. BDS even hurts Palestinians who wish to work for Israeli companies, which pay them more than Palestinian employers, not to mention superior benefits. These ordinary Palestinians, who desire normal lives, just wish BDS would shut up.

  • I don’t know about Oprah. She is a big name. Partly Obama should thank her for his predidency calling him the real thing. Well we gat that real nobody. Please stop that Natalie Portman case. She is a giant nobody. Oh boy she telling her opinion. She is so wrong. But who cares??? Because somebody is a fairly good actress. That’s didn’t mean we interested what she think .

  • yid

    good for her! may she encourage others to do the same. do not submit to BDS BS.