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August 27, 2015 2:24 pm

Former Top IDF Intel Officer: Military Strike Could Thwart Iranian Nuclearization for Good

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Brig. Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser wrote that a military strike against Iran would inflict significant damage on Iran's nuclear program and thwart its weapons ambitions. Photo: Wikipedia.

Brig. Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser wrote that a military strike against Iran would inflict significant damage on Iran’s nuclear program and thwart its weapons ambitions. Photo: Wikipedia.

A successful military operation against Iran could thwart Iran’s nuclearization altogether, or at least significantly delay its progress, said a former top Israeli military intelligence officer in a paper published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs on Wednesday.

Stressing that military force remains a “last option,” Brig. Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser wrote that a military strike against Iran, if it cheats on its commitments to the July 14 nuclear deal signed in Vienna, would both inflict significant damage on Iran’s nuclear program and thwart its weapons ambitions, due to the fear of another attack.

The Obama administration has publicly suggested that military means may be used to enforce the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, as the deal is officially known, but only as a last resort. President Barack Obama has maintained that the deal will be far more effective than military strikes at preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. The White House believes that even successful military strikes against Iran’s facilities would only set the program back about four years.

Earlier this week, the IDF reiterated its preparedness to launch attacks against Iran if needed, noting new acquisitions of F-35 fighter jets, another advanced submarine and improved intelligence capabilities. Former Iran adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on the U.S. to transfer massive ordnance penetrators and the necessary bombers to deliver the bunker-busting bombs to Israel as a means to boosting enforcement of the Iran deal.

Kuperwasser said the U.S. could have achieved a better deal, and still can. He stressed the need to reject the agreement on the table and ratchet up sanctions, which would keep the Iranians interested in negotiating. Greater sanctions, he said, could also sway other major countries, “perhaps even China and Russia,” to prefer economic ties with the U.S. to Iran, thus preventing international sanctions from fizzling.

The Obama administration has said that scrapping the deal and increasing sanctions now would isolate the U.S. internationally and limit its hand in preventing Iran from obtaining the bomb, while the Islamic Republic simultaneously benefits from new foreign investment.

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  • Vivian Wise

    I am very disturbed and embarrassed by the information passed on to your readers. It is all about, attack, attack, kill, kill, destroy and annihilate.

    You say you have a right to fight and defend Israel; However, that is not my main concern. My concern is that your dependance on other nations to help you in destroying “the” enemy is confusing to me. Has Israel not learned its lesson What is the matter with you? Do you remember the 10 tribes; do you remember the two tribe kingdom of Judah; do you remember 70 C.E? But you do remember the Holocaust and you proudly wear it as a badge; you use it as an instrument for revenge, retaliation and a means to protect your “right” to exist. Why do you suppose that horrible, malicious attack was allowed to take place? It needs to be viewed as a shame and not an honor. Become united as a nation under God and not under the flag waving star of David which has no biblical support. “Everyone” has the God given right to exist!! I am, and will, not support any nation bent on eliminating another nation.

    • Gene Schwimmer

      Jewish lives matter.

      • Vivian Wise

        Schwimmer, All lives matter, everyone has the right to be born and live. The issue is not whether or not you live but how you live. Your life matters when you live it as human being striving to be obedient to God. But there remains a more specific meaning and purpose in the lives of those who say they are “Jews”. Do you, even you, know what it means to be a Jew? Did you know, according to the Torah, that Jews are to set the example as to how to live; that all the nations are to be taught by the Jews; that Jerusalem is the place where “true” worship is to be taught? Do you even know what the “truth” is?

    • Vivian Wise

      I very much need to clarify something, I made a statement in haste, not thinking before i wrote. And I regret that statement because it does not reflect what i truly believe. That statement was “the flag waving star of David”. First i meant no disrespect in the way you honor your government. But mainly i am referring to the fact that David had no star. There is not any mention of a “star” of David in the bible. I fully well know that David was the second king in Jerusalem and loved by God because of his devotion to God. All but a few kings down to Zedekiah were not devoted to God as King David was. I am sorry for any misunderstanding.

    • Rolf Schultz

      Ms. Wise, your words do not reflect reality–militarily the IDF needs supremacy (in every way), Spiritually God is not finished with Israel, for I draw my conclusions on the Bible. I am very pro IDF & Israel, but even more so USA / Christian conservative. “True” worship goes far beyond Jerusalem, it is you however who have blinded your eyes to your presuppositions. 50 years of study to History, how the Bible was composed, and the nature of man only humbles me to realize I know very little, but you revealed you know even less. I come from a strong military family, and yes like former president Reagan said, “peace through strength” is a guiding philosophy. Weakness only breads “instability,” a reflection of our current administration. I have read the comments of former readers, some advocate “first strike,” which is a wise step considering history, attitudes, and intentions so clearly shouted to the world against Israel. If you study Israel, facts not “opinions” will show the IDF acting defensively, NOT in the same manor as the aggressors against Israel. NO–the USA or Israel are perfect, or listen (at this time) to God, but as I said, God isn’t yet finished with Israel (He has great plans for Israel), and perhaps the USA may be a part of that–I do not know. But I do know what God starts, what He states “will happen”—will surely happen. In the mean time, the IDF must do what the IDF must do, and if it means nuking Iran, than let it be done.

  • Michael OConnor

    Listen to me Bibi if you do not STOP Iran now you never will, waiting and waiting for WHAT congress to stop the deal which that will not happen, you have to do it alone make a miniturized EMP and put Iran out of the game altogether for good or drop a small Nuke on Iran’s Tehran game over, the longer you leave it the harder the job becomes of stopping them, its now over 13 years of talking that alone tells me its a joke and Iran will get the NUKE. end of story.

  • Vivian Wise

    My main question is: Is Israel a religious nation relying on their G-D; or a nation of Jews relying on military weaponry and other nations for support? Is Israel not suppose to be “The” nation supplying spiritual guidance and leadership to all the “other” nations? I really am disheartened when i read the e-mails concerning Iran, never, not even once, in your news media nor in your despention of information have I heard mention that you rely on G-D. Take a look at the emails, firepower or the prevention of military weapons is all that is promoted. You have enough weapons, stop hoping for some not-forth-coming deliverance from nations and become united in the way you worship, completely devoted to the One that truly delivers; if not, all the weapons all the international support will not be of any benefit to you now nor in the future. Start your clean up at home, then you will be able to assist those in need of spiritual direction.

  • Simon Néhmé

    Why Israêl should hit these b… alone ? It’s an international problem, but Mohammad Obama chose to ” solve ” it by encouraging the proloferation and giving all necessary materials ( includind billions of $) to the mollahs. Don’t ask why !

  • Eliot Schickler

    Israel should bomb Iran’s nukes and end the Ayatollah’s reign!

  • Meantime, from what I’ve read (but I found the seismological maps hard to decipher) Iran is a network of fault lines & highly susceptible to earthquakes. What happens if they intend to launch a nuclear warhead & cause an immense ‘quake?

    • RiverKing


  • Pi

    Is this meant to be seen as a standoff between US-furnished “bunker busters” and RU-supplied S300s – both of which are presently held in abeyance? News tonight said that the S300 deal with Iran has “hit a snag.” Could that be an indicator that the US will not provide deep impact weaponry to Israel at this time? Could be. But, while weapons and other resources are important, they are wasted in the absence of good timing.

    So, exactly how long would it take Israel to develop an arsenal of sufficiently penetrating lethality…should the lack of such an option be deemed a risk? But what am I thinking? It’s not like the place is chockfull of rocket scientists, chemists and physicists. Oh, wait…

  • Michael Mayben

    Obama doesn’t have any desire to the scrape the Iran Deal due to the big under the table pay off he’s receiving for negotiating such a sweet heart in favor of the evil Iranian nation of radical Islam. Obama knows Iran has already made a commitment to destroying Israel as soon as they have nuclear capable weapons. And it appears the radical Islam supporter Obama doesn’t have a problem with their ideaology.

  • yussi

    They have a terrible track record and will surely violate the terms of the pact. Either get the other countries to increase the sanctions and bring Iran to its knees and to a fair negotiating session or just take out the facilities now.

  • shloime

    so far, the only 2 aircraft that can carry the 30,000 lb massive ordnance penetrator are the b-52 and the b-2, neither of which are currently operated by the idf. and the f-35 won’t be operational in the idf before 2017, and even then, it won’t have the software to fire its own gun before 2020!

    so maybe it’s time for israel to look for alternatives to uncle sam?