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August 28, 2015 3:59 pm

Obama to Jewish Audience: Iran Deal Leaves Future President Better Positioned to Address Nuclear Threat

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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President Obama defends the Iran nuclear deal. Photo: Screenshot.

President Obama defends the Iran nuclear deal. Photo: Screenshot.

Fifteen years from now, the president, whoever that may be, will be in a stronger position to respond to the threat of Iranian nuclear weapons, if the current deal with Tehran is adopted and implemented, President Barack Obama told an online audience for the Jewish Federations of North America on Friday.

Obama said the U.S. would have greater “knowledge” of the Iranian nuclear program after 15 years,  when key provisions of the agreement such as limits on uranium enrichment and centrifuges expire.

The president vowed that the U.S. would be prepared to respond in the even that Iran dashes for nuclear weapons. “We are confident in our ability to respond,” he said.

Although the president insisted that international will to continue to enforce multilateral sanctions against Iran’s financial and oil sectors would largely dissolve if Congress moves to reject the deal, he also said the U.S. would not need agreements from China, Russia, or even the U.S.’s European partners if Iran violates the deal to re-impose multilateral sanctions. And he said the U.S. was not backing away from sanctions on Iranian human rights abuses and support for terror.

Additionally, the president noted that the interim agreement announced in late 2013, in which Iran scaled back some of its enrichment activities, paved the way for the current deal, setting a precedent for removing some sanctions in exchange for Iranian compliance on scaling back its nuclear program.

The president addressed Israeli opposition to the deal, calling it a “visceral reaction” to Iran’s denial of the Holocaust and perennial pledges to decimate the Jewish state. He insisted that the “best security is to enter into negotiations with your enemies.”

Obama conceded that while Iran has yet to rein in its harsh rhetoric against the U.S. — such comity is “not forthcoming at the moment,” he admitted — his conclusion was that that’s how “politicians operate … even in Iran.”

The president played down the perceived animosity between himself and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, noting that “my best friends are the ones who I can be honest with. That’s what being good friends means.”

He rejected notions that there should be no daylight between the White House and Jerusalem — a notion perpetuated most recently by former Israeli ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren — saying that “could be dangerous if it leads us to make bad decisions for the interests of these two countries.”

Still, he said, on the Iranian issue “we agree more than we disagree,” adding that in the debate over the Iran deal, “we’re all pro-Israel, and we’re all family.”

He said relations between the U.S. and Israel would improve “quickly” if the deal is implemented, and encouraged working together to “enhance our security cooperation; to think about the next generations of missile defense programs, how we improve our intelligence and interdiction to prevent arms from reaching terrorist groups,” and to overall counteract Iranian-backed terrorist activities in the region.


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  • Jenny

    Unfortunately, this is panning out as I have predicted. George W began receiving briefs in latter 2000, early 2001 (nearly 15 years ago). In the first briefings, Iran stated that they wished to obliterate Israel, and that at that time, they could reach 800 miles. They planned to keep enriching until they could conceivably reach the eastern seaboard. It wasn’t until 2003 that sanction were even discussed. Instead, Bush went into Iraq. We have spent trillions there and lost a lot of our men and women for a country that was not even a big threat at the time. Israel knew this was not a good idea, but Bush strong armed his allies into backing his plan. Meanwhile, if Iran did have WMD (which I believe they had some) Iraq was given that time to funnel them through tunnels to Syria and on into Iran. With this one, Obama is basically admitting he is “putting them off”. I knew, whoever won the 2008 election, was going to put it off. Bush was the person who could have done something. We can predict all of this because we are Jewish, and we know that the U.S. has been a wishy-washy ally at best. There is no need to stop funding our Jewish Federation. They are trying to help with an impossible situation, and quell our fears as much as possible. I did meet an Israeli who told me after Bush refused to grant Israel permission to take action against Iran, that Israel would, if necessary, take action without the U.S.’s permission. We know that this provides great hardship though. I hope it does not come to that. Israel is surrounded by enemies as it is, not to mention much of Europe is seemingly quite unfriendly to Israel.

  • nelson marans

    I predict with the present accord that Iran will have a nuclear bomb and the means to deliver it even to the U. S. within five years. The deal is so shoddy and so easy for Iran to ignore without any consequences that Iran can proceed at an accelerated rate with the massive funding being given. Unfortunately, if Hillary Clinton is elected she will choose the same path as President Obama. Jewish donors to the Democratic Party should be ashamed.

  • Yale

    There are two possibilities:

    1) He knows what he’s saying is a lie, but the deal reflects profound incompetenece and he realizes he has backed himself into a corner where there is no other means to appear competent.

    2) He actually believes what he’s saying, in which case he is so delusional that he belongs in the loony bin rather than the White House.

    This deal will bring disaster, political disaster to Democrats and eventually real disaster to Jews and America.

    Obama is basically crying out: “Stop me before I kill again!” and his supportes are saying, “go for it!”

  • Reform School
    One result of the 20th century Disneyland known as the United States of America is the death of Yiddisher Kopp that mistakes propagandist college degrees for wisdom.
    Two generations after Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev angrily banged a shoe on the UN General Assembly podium with one hand (the other was waving to adoring, Liberal-Progressive college professors lining the spectator galleries) we can now substitute AMERICAN for POLISH. Had Political Correctness not chased Ethnic Humor from restaurant, cabaret, nightclub, late-night TV comedy routines (even from F-word laced “comedy club” rants) urbanites could still laugh and giggle free of guilt and self-consciousness at jokes like: “No more circumcision for the Polish kids: Too Much BRAIN DAMAGE!”

  • E benAbuya

    Mybama didn’t just say: “Some of my ‘Best Friends’ are Jews”; did he? That would be of a piece with the dog-whistles he used during the American University speech and the long history of much more explicit tripe from his flacks.
    I see he’s still speaking confidently about a future that cannot be described; because it hasn’t happened yet (what with it being the future and all.) Sure, the Iranians are going to spend all that money on their people. Just like the North Koreans did. At least he’s now soft-peddling the argument from false dichotomy that has been the mainstay up until now.
    It must be the mean-spirited warmonger in me, but this sounds like nothing so much as a pimp, having beaten one of his hos into submission (a surprise pre-preemptive UNSC vote will do that), promising to buy her a new dress and some Dolce and Gabbana shoes.

  • M Foster

    Obama is a liar and a buffoon. When this deal fails, there will be a mass exodus of lefty loonies after the 2016 elections. It will fail, and in less than 9 months!

  • Theodore L. Crawford

    The “next president” he’s talking about could very likely be him!

  • Theodore L. Crawford

    Backpedaling at 90 mph!

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  • he has lied in the past, he wants this deal so bad. most people in america are against it. he will do and say anything dont fall for it. never again.,

  • Robert Paul

    I do not believe a word this man says. He has lied so often, that if his lips are moving I believe he is lying. Only the “self-hating” Jew or the “head buried in the sand” Jew can believe this man.

  • The man is a congenital liar. He has lied on every -repeat- every- major issue since elected in 2008: Obama Care (“if you like your current insurance, you can keep it”; “if you like your doctor, you can keep him”) Syria (the infamous red line that he allowed Assad to cross without carrying out his threat of severe military action, thereby humiliating the USA), Iran (“Iran will never be permitted to get the bomb” only to admit earlier this summer in his interview with NPR that Iran will have zero break out capacity at the earliest in year 12 of the deal even if Iran does not cheat; that US will have “anytime, anywhere” right to inspect, with the deal now changed to a minimum of 24 days notice up to 90 days); that Benghazi was caused by a video when he knew on the day of the attack that it was a terrorist attack, etc etc.

    How any Jew can believe anything that comes out of his mouth is beyond me. As a Jew I am so ashamed of my fellow American Jews who continue to either support him or who, like the Obama Court Jew Dershowitz, give half hearted opposition to the deal because they are afraid that if they gave full throated opposition, Obama would retaliate like he has repeatedly done to others (instituting criminal charges against many of his opponents like a third world dictator, see General Petraeus, the LA producer of the anti-Muslim video, D’Nesh D’Souza, Sen. Menendez).

    This deal is an obscenity. It will pave the way to a 2nd Holocaust.

  • martin

    I don’t care if the iran deal is good ,bad, a country like the usa should not deal with a Nazi regime we lost 62 million dead dealing with hitler and how many million will die this time over greedy politicians usa france Russia Germany uk should be ashamed of have any dealings with a country that wants to nuke israel

  • Ilbert Phillips

    The President’s assertions are not supported by the realities of the agreement or of the conditions on the grounds. If President Obama were a Republican making these statements, the general press would not allow him get away with these ridiculous platitudes. There is an inspection regime that is secret from us, we cannot verify if Iran is keeping its promises and we are required to protect their program from attack. Because what is essentially a treaty being treated as a Presidential agreement, the way this decision works defeats the constitution with an odor of a dictatorship.

  • Michael Fox

    President Obama didn’t have to sell the Iranian deal to his online Jewish Federation audience, the Democrat sheep were already lined up at the trough for their regular meal of Obama propaganda.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Every Jew who is a Federation donor should be ashamed of themselves for aiding in the destruction of Jewery.

  • ted weiss

    he is so full of it .How could he state these lies with a straight face ?

  • Mark

    There is no need to believe a word Obama says. He has proved to be telling lies. His address has been carefully scripted, as usual. Those who make a pact with the devil are crazies.

  • Richard Evans

    Boy this man is either Muslem or he just wants to coaster until he leaves office. I believe all politions should be either ex military or start when they are 40+ to teach them about life first.
    I also think he is a coward in that position you have to be something different.

  • And we’re meant to believe these vague, unproven words?

  • Dorothy Gastman Nicolazzo

    Oh that’s just peachy keen for whoever is president in 15 years! What about the Jews who have been thrown under the bus now?
    This deal is a slap in the face to every Jew on earth!

  • Isabella

    That lying monster has all you American Jews right where he wants you. You have sacrificed the State of Israel for your deplorable leftist progressive principles. Just a good thing we Christians stand with Israel and against the lot of you. But this one does not forgive.

  • nelson marans

    Lies, lies and more lies. Does the president actually believe what he is saying. In two years he will not be in office and in the future will either blame George W. Bush or his own successor for a nuclear bomb possessed by Iran.

  • art

    It’s called kicking the can down the road and just plain lying. There is no anywhere anytime inspections, no snap back sanctions and best yet secret agreements between the mullahs and the Iaea, that bastion of honesty and acute investigative ability, agreements so secret that even the President of the United States and the Sec of State admit they did not read them.

  • Charles Martel

    “… we’re all pro-Israel, and we’re all family.” This is called taqiyya, and anyone who believes it deserves to perish.

  • sifter

    No Sir, the best security is to achieve VICTORY over your enemies. Ask Germany and Japan.

  • Barry

    Mr. President….we can’t trust Iran………..and we can’t trust you.

    Where does that leave us?

  • Arthur Cohn

    Our Liar-in Chief is lying again

  • dov gold

    This traitoris evil man with burn in a deep he’ll. His. Insane mind will cause atomic war. May Hashem protect his people

  • Joel

    sounds like Neville Chamberlain!!

  • B. Hussein Obama is a pathological liar who started with Obamacare and has lied throughout his two terms and is lying about this as he hides his secret side deals with Iran. He should be arrested for Treason.

  • Jacqueline

    Why would anyone believe what this man is saying. Show us the secret deals

  • Dale K.

    Honestly, the only thing I have left to say about this malicious, psychopathic Jew hater is how, if looking closely at several photos, president barry santoro has the eyes of Charles Manson.

  • Howard Kahan

    Fifteen years from now. (if this deal goes through) it is questionable, if there will still be a world to talk about.It amazes me how this piece of S..T we call a president is more worried about his legacy than the safety of the U S and the rest of the world. Hopefully I will be wrong and Israel get things done properly.

    • Yale

      The safety and/or destruction of America is the legacy of every president. In Obama’s case, the odds curently favor his being remembered for having brought about the destruction of his country.

  • Mickey Oberman

    This Obama is one great lie.

    He should be impeached for dragging his country into the very depths of an impending battle for survival with his persistent fabrications, misinformation, surrenders and betrayal.

    With all his fancy rhetoric he is still nothing but a vile, despicable, Islamic, Islam favouring traitor.

  • Francis Figliola

    How could anyone in their right mind believe this Liar-in-Chief?

  • Susan Staehs

    Seriously! Whose Logic Is One To Believe ?
    Apparently in 15 years everything will be
    Fine. As opposed to his logic. Certainly not
    anyone with mere common sense.

  • Jim Crozier

    The tale of history is littered with the corpses of those who fail to embrace change with cognizance.
    Those who deny the President the responsibility to address the issues surrounding the ongoing world concern over the possibility of Iranian nuclear ambitions are not only blind to the need to develop a framework of international law extending forward from current systems in place, but are also denying the right to work from a position of strength to the world community.
    And the U.S ability to respond will always be the benchmark for security during our lives.
    The chance that Iran’s interests would hold sway are nil if open hostility ensues.
    The only thing Iran can do is take advantage of the situation on the ground.
    With I.S.I.L. operating that could be a benefit.
    Erdogan should remember that influence must be earned or an ascendant Iran will pass Turkey as the regional power of importance.
    While the Mullahs are extremely calculated in the diplomatic areas, to believe that they can desire to engage in open hostilities with he West or Israel is close to clinically delusional at this point.

  • One thing Obama is good at is BS. That and Oprah Winfrey, got him elected in 2008.

  • brian ellman

    Unfortunately this President has a long record of obfuscating—-more—he is not consistent—talking about red lines in Syria—-how he would not tolerate the Russian action in the Ukraine
    He got a peace prize ,which shows how gullible the Nobel committee is
    Now –he is snowing the Jewish committee
    I do not think he has done one credible thing in 7 years

  • Alison Yocheved

    That’s like saying, Obama is selling extermination to the Jews. We are in such a blind period right now where Amalek is in front of our eyes and many Jews can’t see that. Iran calls for extermination of the Jews and Israel (and the USA for that matter). And Obama is selling that to Jews. And the Jews eat it up. This Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur will be a time for all Jews worldwide to wake up and ask G-d for forgiveness from their delusional ways…… prayer.

    • sifter

      Very astute observation.

  • lea

    Satan speaks. YSZ. and all of the self hating Jews cheer him on.

  • montlasky

    If he wins the revolting Iran deal, he will make the next president”s term impossible.

  • Noel Eliscu

    you cannot trust Iran and surely cannot trust the POTUS. If any Jew or any non Muslim think the Iran deal should be okayed I have a bridge to sell