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August 28, 2015 12:08 pm

Report: Iran Cancels Berlin Orchestra Performance Over ‘Illegitimate’ Israeli-Argentine Conductor

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Daniel Barenboim

Daniel Barenboim’s concert with a Berlin orchestra was cancelled by Iran. Photo: Facebook.

Iran has canceled a concert of Berlin’s Philharmonic orchestra set to be led by renowned Jewish conductor Daniel Barenboim because of his “illegitimate” Israeli citizenship, a BBC reporter revealed Friday on Twitter.

BBC correspondent Hadi Nili said a spokesperson for the Iranian Culture Ministry announced the cancellation. The official added said there is “no room in Iran for artists related to the Zionist regime.”

Nili told The Algemeiner that news of the cancellation has been confirmed by Iran.

Barenboim, the general music director of the Berlin State Opera and its orchestra, the Staatskapelle, announced this week his plan to take Germany’s top orchestra to Iran for a concert, possibly during Chancellor Merkel’s upcoming visit in October. His decision sparked outrage and protests from Israel, which lobbied the German government against the visit, The Guardian reported.

Barenboim, who moved to Israel from Argentina with his family when he was 9, has spent most of his career in Germany. He also holds Spanish and Argentinian citizenship.

The Israeli-Argentinian conductor has yet to comment on the cancellation of the concert.

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  • Marlene Josephs

    Barenboim is an IDIOT!!! He should be fired from his position in Israel and sent packing elsewhere. I would consider him a traitor!!!

  • Shimon Tesler

    Excellent. Barenboim deserves this. Thanks to Iranians that will not give to this miserable and Israel hater to fall even lower.
    Shimon, Israel

  • Jesse Joseph

    I was naive in my first note above about Barenboim but he is a great conductor. I have seen him many times. I am a classical music person who has various types of music in a huge collection of CDs, DVDs, etc. including Barenboim both as conductor and pianist. He is great at both. I own many Wagner recordings also along with Bach works. To me, great music is great music. Needless to say (I will anyway), I am Jewish (not self-hating) and to me it is the music which counts not the disgusting antiisemite who wrote it.

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    Barenboim reminds me of another self-hating anti-Israel Jew,namely Yehudi Menuhim who played to German audiences while Jews were still dying after their sufferings in Nazi concentration camps immediately after the war.Serves Barenboim right – perhaps he should put his money where his mouth is and travel to Tehran himself to try and persuade the evil Iranian regime to change their minds. Anyone willing to sponsor a one-way ticket?

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  • Jesse Joseph

    This proves again what a weak president we have in Obama who will say nothing about this outrage among hundreds of other outrages. Do you know Mr. President who your real enemy is? Of course not.

  • jjs110

    This is an excellent and well-deserved slap in the face of Barenboim who always harshly criticizes Israel but has nothing even mildly critical to say about the Palestinians. His attempt to go to Tehran was yet another one of his leftist stunts, and it’s wonderful to see this shining example of a useful idiot being stung by the very people whom he insists we should be friends with.

  • NYgal

    So, did Barenboim renounced his Israeli citizenship to accommodate both the Iranians and the Germans?

  • Sylvia Navon


  • Dina (Dian) Grossman Kjaergaard

    A very close friend of the late Edward Said, Barenboim refused to accept a prize from Israel and during the ceremony publicly excoriated Israel for its policies towards the Palestinians. I’ve never seen any evidence that he appreciates Israel. But the Iranians don’t grasp this – and even if they did, my guess is that they are more driven by antisemitism than by anti-Zionism.

  • Willam Kaplan

    And Germany No Less!!

  • Willam Kaplan

    Unbelievable and To “Boot” Germany No Less!!

  • It always astounds me that Israelis or Jews want to associate with blatant anti Semites. I know they’re self hating Jews but haven’t they learnt a lesson from the holocaust

  • Lynne T

    Seriously? Barenboim, an Argentinian born Jew was prepared to go to Tehran and the Iranians wouldn’t have him? I am not sure who is worse. Barenboim for disregarding the fact that Iran was responsible for the maiming and murders of the AMIA bombing and has bought off the Argentine government to keep senior members of the regime out of jail or the regime for its paranoia over a Jew who is hardly pro-Israel, irrespective of his dual citizenship.

  • howard schaerf

    he is also an honorary “Palestinian” citizen . perhaps this fact was overlooked by Iran.A lousy conducter& a degenerate promoter of the jew hater Wagner . let him rot in Berlin!

  • robert davis

    And we consider there is no room on this planet for iran. We will soon take care of this political mistake.

  • VictorMc

    GOOD !!!! Barenboim is a disgraceful man anyway. Maybe this will make him think twice about his future behaviour.

  • David Polovin

    “‘Barenboim’s overall ideology makes him an obvious member of the lunatic Left, which ostensibly champions human rights while apologizing for the greatest abusers of it”.

  • David Goshen

    Every day that passes reveals more of the intolerant non democratic terrorist violent regime and warns the world of more choas and fighting to be expected.This is good that the world should know exactly with whom they are dealing.World famous Baronboam has performed for the PA and other Muslim Countries but we must not forget that Iran is a country devoid of any human rights and the biggest terrorist promoter in the world.They are close to the Hitler Nazi Regime in all their actions and the quicker the regime falls the healthier and more peaceful the world will be,Daniel Baronboim is a well known liberal .The regime acts in a typical way to its long suffering citizens devoid of any human rights.Why should Iranians enjoy any culture.The beat way to rule a dictatorship is to deny any rights to its citizens.

  • Eliot Schickler

    Proof that all countries should rescind the treaty with these Iranian barbarians!

  • Harvey

    Barenboim still won’t get the fact that the Palestinian movement is based on hate and lies. They aren’t looking to build a nation. They are only looking to destroy the Jewish State.

  • Joy D. Brower

    They’re all m’shuga!! What was in their crazy heads to even schedule a concert in that land of the 21st century reincarnation of the Nazi horror?!? Serves then all right to have that misguided concert in the land of Satan cancelled!! I have a strong feeling that G-d intervened – and I’m damn glad! How dare they even put their feet on the soil of that G-d-forsaken country?!? Evil personified – and Barenboim was going to subject his Israeli orchestra members to possible threats and even kidnapping? No surprise about Merkel – she’s in bed with that muzzie-loving POTUS on the Iran nuclear deal (in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Barry traveled to Teheran himself! Maybe he should just stay there!!)

  • SteveHC

    – Just as I figured how the Iranians would react…

  • Edna

    Although I agree with Barenboim that music should transcend the barriers of country, race, and religion, I thought he was wrong in his initiative to take the Berlin State Irchestra to perform in a country whose political ambitions are the annihilation of Eretz Israel.

    Musicians, artists, scientists, medical research should ideally be totally apolitical. But Iran and other similar minded countries do not believe so.

    Barenboim has been an “in your face” political activist with his frequent criticism of the country he calls his own.

    He should take a page from Evgenyi Kissin’s book.

  • art

    Maybe Barenboim will open his eyes and realize the depth of the iranian mullahs hatred towards Jews. Even a good Jew like him is hated.

  • Norm

    Well, well! This man supports the BDS movement
    I wonder how he feels when
    It’s to himself. Could not have happened to a nicer guy

  • Susan Staehs

    Certainly a country we have confidence in. Our president absolutely supports Iran and it’s trustworthy mission statement. He strongly supports The Nuclear Iran Deal. Of course it’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.. No need to worry about Anti Semiticism ! NO WAY ! It’s political, business as usual.

  • MAS

    I guess the Ayatollah does not like good music. Barenboim is one of the best conductors in the world. The Berlin Philharmonic is also one of the best, if not the best, orchestra in the world. The Ayatollah is one of the worst, if not the worst, misanthrope in the world. His anti-Semitism has clear roots in a pathological psychiatric disturbance which can best be cured with 180 grains of lead.

  • Judy Silver-Shapiro


    Daniel Barenboim should have known
    better, shouldn’t he?

    You know the answer…..

  • Stormin’Norm

    Soooo…this dude Barenboim moves from Argentina …..late home of the Nazi’s…to Israel and grows up there…then moves to Germany…ex-home of the Nazi’s and expresses his dislike for Israel and his admiration of the poor palestinians….. and then wishes to tour Iran…Israel’s greatest enemy to prove that he is a free thinker that is “repulsed” by his own people “the Jews”….and then Iran…current home of the Nazi’s…cancels the concert because of…his “illegitimate” Israeli citizenship”…i.e., Israel does not exist in their eyes????
    All this just to “impress” Merkel of Germany prior to her visit of this despotic, despicable kingdom…Huhhhh???


  • Shalom-Hillel

    Funny how reality keeps getting in the way of people’s fantasies. The Iranian regime never tires of reminding the world what they’re all about.

  • Josh Korn

    Serves you right, Mr. Barenboim.

    I suppose you thought that the venomous hatred of Israel that permeates your every thought would legitimize you in the eyes of the Ayatollahs.

    But not so. To them, you’re just another evil Jew.

  • That puts paid to the Nobel Peace Prize that Barenboim was coveting.

  • martin

    This is the last straw! I’m glad this happened as now Obama — if he has any guts–has a great reason for canceling the bomb deal.

    There’s no excuse.

  • Sam Harris

    Just a talented artist and another fool.

  • dante

    count on barenboim to further humiliate himself in front of the mullahs. barenboim just doesn’t know what’s happening…he just can’t figure it out. for barenboim, it’s all sunshine and lolly pops. and, if barenboim rolls true to form, he’ll blame Israel or say something nasty about Israel.

    barenboim is a musically talented man. but, he’s a fool and, from the looks of it, he’ll never stop being a fool.

  • Robert Shorin

    Music is not political, and should not be distorted to fit one’s interpretation of political correctness or political power. Jews can enjoy the music of Wagner. Mid-Eastern nations should let themselves enjoy orchestral music conducted by an Israeli conductor. By politicizing non-political avenues of mutual enjoyment, you are preventing peace and harmony from taking place NOW.

  • montlasky

    Serves him right!!!!