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August 30, 2015 1:15 pm

Report: Iranian Proxy Hezbollah Actively Recruiting Palestinian Operatives in West Bank

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Hezbollah control in Lebanon. Sleeper cells are now in the West Bank and recruiting Palestinians there to their ranks. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Hezbollah sleeper cells are now active in the West Bank and are recruiting Palestinians to their ranks. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

A Saudi press report revealed the identity of the figure behind attempts to recruit Palestinians in the West Bank to the ranks of Hezbollah, Israeli news site nrg reported on Sunday.

Citing Palestinian sources, Saudi daily Okaz said that Qais Obaid, a former Mossad agent who became a Hezbollah operative in Lebanon, has been instrumental in recruiting members of Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades to carry out terrorist attacks against Israelis on behalf of the Iran-backed terrorist organization.

In 2000, Obaid organized the kidnapping of Elhanan Tanenbaum, a shady Israeli businessman, who was held for more than three years and released in January 2004 as part of a prisoner swap with Hezbollah. Tannenbaum was released along with the bodies of three soldiers killed during an ambush along the Israeli-Lebanese border in exchange for 435 prisoners held by Israel.

According to the report, “The Lebanese Hezbollah organization has renewed its attempts to recruit Palestinian youths in the West Bank to carry out attacks against Israeli targets in the [West] Bank and inside Israel.”

Okaz also said that Israel is aware of the situation and wasn’t surprised by Hezbollah’s recruitment attempts. The Jewish State has been preparing for possible shooting attacks against Israelis, or even the launching of rockets into Israel from the West Bank, by operatives acting at the behest of Hezbollah.

Israeli security officials said that an explosive device placed last week on the Tunnel Road between Jerusalem and Gush Etzion was the first example of such Hezbollah activity in the Judea and Samaria region (the West Bank).

The officials also said that the Palestinian Authority has been working to expose the ties between Palestinian terror operatives and the Iranian proxy group. They added that it is still unknown how many such Hezbollah operatives and sleeper cells there are.

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  • Jack

    Iran and Saudi agents provocateur have operated in Gaza and West Bank for decades.
    Little has changed in real terms in regards to that, despite the fear of a common enemy in ISIL or Hez’ b’allah, the inability of those regimes to effective police their own internally will make them ineffective.
    Sauds will have a far harder time in the future despite their wealth.
    Demographic imbalances toward youth will likely lead to more violence as the distribution of wealth creates greater and greater disparity between haves and have nots.
    The likely prospect long term for both Iran and Saudi Arabia is governments replaced by internal strife which will most likely include violence far in excess of that seen in Tahir Square.
    Allying to them to rectify weakness for them will not work.
    They have to clean up too much and they wont.
    Baksheesh and keeping people subservient is their reason detre’ for existence.

  • steven L

    They should be killed on the spot as terrorists.
    A time will come when terror attacks will take place in Iran. What goes around comes around.

  • Yale

    >> They added that it is still unknown how many such Hezbollah operatives and sleeper cells there are.

    How many could they hire for $150 billion?

  • Mordecai Ben Natan

    There is only one way to destroy Hezballa, Hamas and ISIS.
    Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia with Trkey, should form a military alliance (put all politics aside) and destroy Hamas, Hezballa, Isis, ans Syrian terroris.

    THis would be a huge, powerful force to “kill” terrorists.

    It could also lead to recogniion and acceptance of Israel, with diplomatic ties, and trade.

    This would bring real peace to the Middle Eaast, which they all want and need.

    Israel could be a big help to these Arab states, by inviting them to Israel to work with Israeli technology, medical and agricultural research.

    This alliance would put Iran in it’s place.

    Is this a pipe dream, or could this happen?
    I pray to HASHEM that HE gives those Arab states the strength to do this.

    It would bring real peace to the Middle East.

  • Both saudi arabia and israel should join together to thwart out the Irani attempt to snatch away Jerusalem, mecca and Medina