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August 31, 2015 1:04 pm

Obama: ‘There’s Not a Smidgen of Evidence’ Suggesting I’m Antisemitic

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President Obama said every country supports the Iran deal except for Israel. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

President Obama said there is no evidence backing up claims that he’s antisemitic. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

President Obama said he is personally hurt by the antisemitism accusations he has faced since signing the nuclear deal with Iran.

Obama told the Jewish publication Forward that “there’s not a smidgen of evidence” to back up the charge.

Read full story at The Hill.

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  • Robert.Weintraub

    He’s clearly pro Palestinian. So what difference does it make
    if he’s antisemitic or not?

  • Reform School

    The price of packing schools and colleges with politicized, tenured teachers and professors is journalists no longer willing [nor competent??] to vet candidates for elective office in an unbiased, neutral process. Since Vietnam and Watergate, indoctrination has left America a crop of reporters unable to say “Democrat” without hissing “Republican.” Fearful of being labeled “Racist,” “feelgoode” reporters never criticize their racist “Black” mulatto president.
    Their failure has left us the Seven ‘Obama-Hide’ Laws:

    Not a smidgen of TESTED evidence shows President Obama

    1) Was sired by Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.

    2) Was not cloned in a laboratory petri dish

    3) Was not raised Muslim in Lolo Soetoro’s home

    4) Was not indoctrinated Muslim at a mosque madrassa

    5) Reacquired U.S. Citizenship since renouncing it;

    6) Reads from his teleprompter any words of his own;

    7) Is not our first Muslim Brotherhood president.

  • Ilbert Phillips

    Chamberlain was not anti-British, yet he executed an agreement with Adolph Hitler that brought disaster on Europe. Millions died when he entered into an agreement that many predicted would end in disaster. Whether President Obama is anti-Semitic is irrelevant. He is entering into an agreement that is clearly bad for Israel and for Muslims in the Middle East. His refusal to recognize that his agreement is really a treaty and is essentially an agreement relieving the Iranians of their signature to a pre-existing treaty in which they agree not to develop a nuclear weapon. An anti-Semite could not do more damage.

  • theo

    Obama , there is an abundance of evidence that you are an enemy of Israel and the Jewish people And you know it !
    You insinuate to all those who oppose this deal that there is a certain power which opposes you here
    What does that mean other than Jewish influence
    You have always been hyper critical of what Israel does but are silent when atrocities are carried out by Muslims
    You cannot bring yourself to say the words ” Islamic terror ” because that is where your ( subtle) support lies
    You cannot ,or will not ,understand that Israel is in mortal danger should Iran acquire nuclear weapons And that to hand nuclear weapons to a terrorist state is idiocy
    Israel has waited two thousand years to regain its homeland This too means nothing to you You do not care if another holocaust happens
    Israel takes those who say they will destroy Israel ( the cancer ) at their word This is what Hitler promised and now the new Hitler says the same and you treat this as mere talk
    I have no doubt you will be damned by history Those taken in by your actions will be sullied as well

  • Theodore L. Crawford

    There it is again! The famous Obama “smidgen”. He previously used it in reference to corruption in the IRS. However, his grammar is at fault; proper usage in context necessitates it be preceded by the word “justa”.

  • Stella

    Methinks the gentleman doth protests too much. With credit to Will Shakespeare.

  • I do not believe President Obama is antisemetic. This is a Republican mantra and as far as I am concerned racially motivated. Rahm Emanual and David Axelrod were the brains making Obamas campaign possible and a success.
    Both are Jewish. Why not ask them if Obama is an antisemite? I think this is sick. Also, with regard to the Iranian nuclear deal, I have not yet seen or heard any viable alternatives. We have a choice which is Iran gets a nuclear bomb in 10 years or in a few months.Which do you want? We could also go to war, spend billions if not trillions of dollars and the loss of many American lives. But what the hell everything is expendable isn’t it.What is the problem with all of the anti Iranian deal
    advocates? Their concern is understandable but their negative reaction defies even the most fundamental concept of logic.

  • Mal

    Ah, the old “smidgen” defence.
    It’s true, though. There’s a whole shedload of evidence, NOT a smidgen!

  • dante

    he talks like a mob lawyer: “you ain’t got dick; you can’t prove a thing.”

    as for the charge, itself, it’s probably true in the conventional sense that he is not anti-Semite; he has Jewish friends or associates and, regrettably, supporters and apologists, and, whatever private prejudices he has, he never makes them public.

    but, when one considers his peculiar and palpable prejudices, probably, ideological in origin, against Israel, one finds it difficult to exonerate him. yes, he is skilled enough to disguise them, especially in his public pronouncements. but, it is evident that he thinks that the Jews are strangers in the land of the Matriarchs and Patriarchs and that legal title belongs to those, from all parts of the Muslim world, who, millenia later, conquered and/or settled there. get it? according to Obama, Muslims have a right to live there, irrespective of how or when they arrived. the Jews? they’re there on sufferance. 50+ Muslim lands? “that’s OK.” 1 Jewish State? “well, maybe, but you should make it smaller.”

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    President Obama, you are undoubtedly an anti-Semite. Any person who would put a Jew in harm’s way intentionally is an anti-Semite. First, there is no doubt that this Iran deal will create much more terrorism against Jews and others in Israel. Jews will be maimed and killed because they are Jews living in the Jewish homeland. The president, you, will be directly, explicitly responsible for the funding of such terrorism and the consequent injuries and deaths caused by it. Secondly, the president’s, your, failure to admit that it is impossible to know whether there will be cheating in nuclear production going on in other parts of the country is just stupid. Iran has always cheated on its word, and there is absolutely no reason why it won’t this time around. Mr.President, you know what taquiyya is without a doubt. Thirdly, there seems to be an aside agreement whereby Iran can inspect its own nuclear facilities. Now tell us that that is not just plain stupid. How can and why should Iran be trusted to inspect its own nuclear facilities? Fourthly, you have stated that Jewish money is being used to quash this Iran deal through AIPAC and other lobbyists, but you haven’t mentioned that your sources are also pouring in millions of dollars to do the opposite. Do you think that the public is that stupid that they don’t know there is a very strong Democratic and leftist Jewish lobbyist counter surge to ward off the opposition to this deal? Fifthly, you have closed your mind to any valid alternatives to make this a better deal. What about reintroducing sanctions on steroids? Such an attitude is downright contemptuous and scornful against those whose past–the Holocaust, remember?– will never be erased from their memory and will be the lesson to always stand up for their right to exist with dignity in this world. Dr. Ben Carson just touched the veneer of the offences you have committed against the Jewish people in this terrible deal. But he is right in his accusation. Your vain, hollow, condescending, arrogant, close-minded attitude toward Jews is so unbecoming the position you hold as the President of the United States; and I am ashamed to call you my president because I am a Jewish US citizen and have been so for sixty-six years!

  • Emanuel

    Says Iran’s chief counsel. Just the gut feeling of a few million of the smartest, best informed and educated AMERICANS but hey, good thing we aren’t in court.

  • Jonas

    He is absolutely right for once. Their is not a smidgen there is a preponderance of evidence that if stacked would go to the moon and I back a thousand times. Anyone who would pay a 150 billion bounty advance for the absolute destruction of Israel is not an anti Semite you would need some other words to describe him that have not been created yet. It seems he wants to reward the most qualified in advance for the destruction of Israel, the slyranians. The not so slyranians have told him in advance what they intend to do with the bounty…they are going to destroy Israel and the America. Now in the eyes of an American liberal this looks like a “hell” of a deal, because that is exactly where this Iranian deal was conjured up.