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September 3, 2015 10:58 am

Khamenei’s Anti-American, Antisemitic Twitter Blitz: ‘We’re Not Like Some Retarded Countries’

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Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Photo: via Wikimedia Commons.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Photo: via Wikimedia Commons.

A Twitter account linked to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Iran was “not like some retarded countries,” and fired off a barrage of oblique antisemitic tweets on Thursday.

The firebrand Iranian ruler invoked familiar tropes against the United States and Israel, including claims that America was a two-faced negotiator and that Israeli entities were steering U.S. policy.

He accused the U.S. government of “global arrogance,” and said “Zionist companies” and “economic cartels” were behind it.

He also ridiculed Israel for apparently claiming that a putative Mossad campaign to assassinate Iranian nuclear scientists a few years ago, as part of a covert program to thwart Iran’s nuclear program, was not terrorism. Israel has never admitted to organizing the brief spate of assassinations in Iran.

“Enemy and global arrogance is not an illusion; it’s a reality, and its utmost epitome is U.S. government and Zionist and economic cartels backing it,” he said. He warned that the “short-term” cooperation with the United States should “not deceive us.”

“We must always be aware of the enemy’s plots,” he wrote, adding a critique of what he called Western hypocrisy regarding terrorism, namely that countries such as the U.S. consider Iran a a state sponsor of terrorism while backing governments like Saudi Arabia and Israel, which have waged war on Islamist terrorist groups in Yemen and the Gaza Strip, respectively. He said it was hypocritical to declare Lebanese and Palestinian “resistance movements” (Iran backs Lebanese Hezbollah, Hamas in Gaza and Palestinian Islamic Jihad) terrorist groups, while simultaneously backing Israeli “tyranny.”

The messages on his Twitter account, which are widely attributed to Khamenei or his ideologues — but without any conclusive evidence  they are coming from the country’s head imam — appeared shortly after the supreme leader announced his backing of an Iranian parliamentary vote on the nuclear deal with world powers.

While claiming he was not trying to persuade lawmakers one way or the other, Khamenei insisted Iran only made “some concessions” to remove the crippling economic sanctions that a number of analysts believe will take Iran years to overcome.

In several rapidly consecutive tweets, Khamenei announced that sanctions must be removed for Iran to comply with the nuclear agreement. And though asserting the U.S. was duplicitous in its dealings with Iran, he said U.S. officials who have called for more sanctions, or vowed to pass new legislation imposing additional sanctions on Iran, must be taken seriously.

“I believe internal conflicts in US are real. They have differences and the reason behind these disagreements is clear to us,” he tweeted. “To officials: Don’t consider Americans’ claims persuasion [sic] of domestic rivals; official remarks need reactions or would be considered true.”


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  • Hmm IRAN not backward? Ever since the mad Mullah’s took over IRAN has sunk further and further into the dark ages. Precisely why IRAN is so dangerous. Shiia Muslims like Wahhabi/Salaffi muslims believe incontestably when the whole of the middle East is nuked all Muslims go to Paradise to play sex games with their 72 Virgins per man. The rest of us roast in hell! How is it idiots like this have so much power? Can anyone enlighten me? Islam is so backward it believes in myths and fairy tales. Third law of ‘Thermo dynamics energy can never be extinguished’. Does any one suppose the idiot IRANIAN leaders understand this concept?

  • Bureau

    anti-Americanism in Iran will end with the departure of “elders”, Ayatollah Khamenei. After 10 years – of coming to power of the younger generation of pro-Western politicians.
    Therefore it is necessary to support the deal with Iran.
    Kill the deal – a great folly

  • Fred

    Oh Obama has not heard Khamenei outcry about the unjustified world thinking of Iran compassionate thinking.
    Iran never stoped insulting the US to Obama it must be that he the US have no self-respect to listen to an upstart partner. Duplicity is Iran game.

  • Michael OConnor

    Well done OBAMA this is the man you have made very very, happy Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, but remember it’s you Obama who made this man’s dream come true, it will also be you that takes all the responsibility for the making of the worst deal regarding the future of Death, War, and a Nuclear BOMB, nice to have that on your conscience.

  • koyote

    i agree with most of what he said. we are living under a tyrannical gov.

  • ” … asserting the U.S. was duplicitous in its dealings with Iran”, and not only with Iran.

  • Michael Fox

    No,Iran is not retarded, just the mullahs who lead the brainwashed sheep are retarded. Ignorant racists whose fouled breath carries the evil message of hate.They control the propagandized masses of Iranians through the demonization of democracy and people of free will.They refuse to evolve out of the Stone Age and rule using fear and intimidation.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Perhaps Iran is not retarded.

    Its leader, Khamenei, very definitely, without question, is.

    And countries usually play Follow The Leader.

  • steven L

    Nevertheless fanatically GENOCIDAL!

  • The More I see Stories on your Website it makes feel that your are Un-American and a danger to the World Peace !

  • Bart Teush

    The Supreme Leader speaks like a tenured professor at any number of American universities and his “arguments” from false equivalence have all of the earmarks of J Street. Given Obama’s similar disposition I can see why our President can sell his “Deal” with a straight face. He, the Ayatollahs, J Street, many of the Professoriat are in essential agreement about the identity of United States and Israel.

  • President Obama are you going to continue to let the Iranians disrespect this great country of ours without a serious response. The Classic Anti-Semitism he is spewing does affect many other countries. I pray you are not going to let this go unanswered after your commitment to the ADL.