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September 8, 2015 4:06 pm

Report: Iran Parliament Chief Says US Interpretation of Iran Deal is ‘Unacceptable’

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Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani (left). Photo: Sebastian Zwez

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani (left). Photo: Sebastian Zwez

Ali Larijani, Iran’s Parliament speaker, rejected the U.S. reading of the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, particularly regarding sanctions, NPR reported on Wednesday.

Speaking to NPR during a trip to New York, Larijani warned that if the U.S. imposed new sanctions on Iran, the country would reconsider its commitments to the nuclear deal.

“If something … happens in the U.S. Congress, or if there are new types of sanctions on us, then they should not expect us to go — to implement. Or if the Americans don’t stay true to their obligations on their part, they shouldn’t expect us to do it,” said Larijani, a conservative politician who has been speaker of the Majlis or parliament since 2008.

Larijani claimed that his country views its concessions — such as sealing off the heavy water reactor at the Arak complex — as permanent, and worried that the U.S. did not see its own commitment to remove sanctions in the same light.

The Obama administration contends that the deal gives the U.S. the authority to slap back international sanctions on Iran if it cheats. The president said the U.S. will also be in a better position to launch military strikes, as a last resort, against Iran in the event it dashes for nuclear weapons.

Critics, including GOP lawmakers and some Democrats, have criticized the Obama administration for agreeing to remove sanctions on Iran’s nuclear and military programs before the country has proven its commitment to non-proliferation and reined in its regional sponsorship of terrorism. They argue that the deal did not go far enough in dismantling Iran’s nuclear program, allowing thousands of centrifuges to remain and controversial nuclear sites such as Fordow to stay open.

Some have called for canceling the deal altogether and imposing stricter sanctions to extract greater concessions from Iran, with certain Republican presidential candidates like Sen. Lindsay Graham vowing to scrap the deal altogether if elected.

The White House has said international sanctions will crumble whether the U.S. peels them back or not. Samuel Verger, a former national security adviser in the Clinton administration, said on Tuesday the unraveling of sanctions would begin with “outer ring” countries like China, Japan and India, whose support for the embargoes against Iran were instrumental in spurring Iran to negotiate. Switzerland already lifted sanctions against Iran before the deal’s adoption and implementation.

Ultimately, Larijani said Iran believes the nuclear deal is a test for the U.S., which led the P5+1 group that negotiated the deal with Tehran, especially considering the “very dark” history of relations between the two countries.

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  • H.Givon

    Now that the Iranian leaders have jubilantly celebrated their having gotten everything they demanded in the Iran agreement they are ready to denigrate it – perhaps as an excuse to cancel the whole deal! Obama/Kerry have said that it would be humiliating should the U.S. be forced to annul the agreement. How much more embarrassing would it be if Iran’s new complaints preface its own cancelation! At this point only 21% of Americans are in favor of the agreement; several Democratic members of Congress who have voted in its favor have reportedly received funding from Iran. So much for Obama’s promises of transparency and ending the war. A nuclear Iran that threatens the U.S. and Israel – two democracies – assures us of a nuclear arms race and an unimaginable world conflict.

  • Lauren Goldman

    There is no surprise; the iranians stated that they had no intention of honoring the ‘deal’, while the ink was still drying. Pretty much, if their mouths are moving, they are lying.

  • Lawrence Kanter,MD

    The US leads the world. Iran needs the deal more than us! It is ludicrous to eliminate all sanctions before Iran adopts its part of the deal. Iran has been less than obvious in all nuclear dealings in the last 10 years. They need to prove their trustworthiness!

  • OBAMA, P5+1, you deceived the American people as according to Larijani there are more than one understanding!

    I thought that the deal was clear cut without deviations? So what is it?

    Iran dictated the terms right from the get go and it is very clear that they continue to do so without any hesitation by leaving the Nuclear option still wide open and making it clear that there are many if and buts and a deal with more holes than Swiss-Cheese!!

    And we still have not seen the full behind the scene side deals but you are still wanting the Democrats to vote for it. This cheese for what ever reason does not smell very well!!!

  • Just the normal: threats from Iran, but only Messrs Obama, Kerry, Moniz, Earnest, Rhodes and so on are afraid, as are mesdames Pelosi, Harf/Herf & a few others.

  • Bob Jackson

    Speaking of diminishing America’s role in the world, it certainly looks like the US has negotiated a deal that makes us dependent on Russia and China’s reimposing sanctions to make the deal work.

  • steven L

    Both sides play the game of saving face!

  • Sofia B

    About the on- going saga of Iran and the farce of the negotiations that went on behind closed doors, just shows, if its a snake, it acts like a snake, then, it is a snake.

    Who is stupid and crazy enough to believe that Iran will change their policies of not continuing the pursuit of the nuclear bombs – if they don’t already have them.

    How stupid is the West, and how greedy are the ones that want to make money trading with these monsters, who should be locked up in an Asylum. Right now we are the insane ones believing you can make a deal with the Devil.

  • Martin Katchen

    All Wall Street (and the Administration) care about is the possibility of getting Iran to start selling it’s oil for dollars again. We can’t concieve of a world in which oil is sold internationally in other currencies. No petrodollars and we can no longer export our debt and really have to raise taxes to balance our budget. When we got into this situation we forgot a simple truth: Relationships always go both ways, in international affairs as well as marriages.