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September 8, 2015 12:31 pm

Report: US Officials Note ‘Close’ Friendship Between UAE and Israeli Ambassadors

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer. Photo: Facebook.

Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer. Photo: Facebook.

Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer is “very close” with the United Arab Emirates envoy, Yusuf al Otaiba, and the two “agree on just about everything,” U.S. officials told Highline. 

The suggestion underlines an apparent alignment between the two countries, especially regarding the regional threats posed by Iran and its network of proxies throughout the Middle East.

A high-level Israeli official at the U.S. Embassy called the strategic alliance between the UAE and the Jewish state “the ultimate ace in the hole. When Israel and the Arab states are standing together, it’s powerful.”

But due to the sensitivity of relations between the two states, an Otaiba spokesperson predictably denied the close relationship; Israel and the UAE have never had diplomatic relations; the Gulf country doesn’t recognize Israel’s existence.

For years, however, reports have surfaced suggesting discreet ties between the two countries, especially around Israeli-developed security for the UAE’s oil fields and borders. With the July 14 agreement announced in Vienna between the U.S.-led P5+1 and Tehran over Iran’s nuclear program — as well as with President Obama’s military overtures to both Israel and Gulf states wary of Tehran’s regional post-deal ambitions — cooperation on some level appears inevitable. The UAE, meanwhile, has been more focused on the situation in Yemen, where a Saudi-led Arab force that includes the UAE has launched sustained air strikes against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels battling forces loyal to the Gulf-backed Yemeni government under President Abd Rabbu Mansur Hadi.

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  • steven L

    Dremer should know about TAQIYYA!

  • Liz Wagner

    ‘”[Israel and the UAE are] very close’…the two ‘agree on just about everything,’ U.S. officials told Highline.'” – These remarks reveal the hateful and calculating nature of officials within the Obama administration, when it comes to Israel. The official knowingly drew attention to Israel’s budding friendship with the UAE for the express purpose of scuttling it. Predictably, the UAE quickly denied good relations with Israel, reminding all who needed to hear it that the UAE doesn’t recognize Israel. This official’s remarks underscore the fact that the Obama administration does not seek peace or security for Israel. Rather, it seeks to promote hostilities and insecurity for the Jewish state whenever an opportunity arises.

    • npk

      perfectly said..i completely agree with your words…what is US problem? US will be kicked out of Middle east and will be forced to take all it’s ships back to it’s back yard…proofs.
      1] None of the major European countries bothered US pressure to avoid it and just join Chinese lead bank
      2] Egypt shifted it’s close ally toward Russia and purchased French weapon after knowing it US started to supply to hide the shame.
      3] Turkey openly selected Chinese SAM, but dropped off due to NATO pressure…but still it avoided to proved Air field to attack ISIS until recently.
      4] Saudi started to do major defense purchase from Russians

      Since they changed to GAY, GOD changed their mind..result elected the weakest president in the whole history…another proof…they didn’t help Syrian opposition till these year..after many joined terrorist now they have come forward to help, result their weapons landed in terrorist hand as they captured their trained people..They left Ukraine not bold enought to help..

    • I agree with Liz Wagner , the Obama administration will scuttle any Arab warming or atemt of recognition of Israel. It suits the U.S. to be the one and only defender of the state of Israel .

    • Reform School

      When narcissist, anarchist Barry rode into Washington on a silvery horse to save America, with silver tongue hiding dark agenda, he was like Rock Ridge Township’s new sheriff in Mel Brooks’ classic ‘Blazing Saddles.’ Foolish Liberals everywhere hitched their wagons to his shiny facade like rats trailing the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Never taught how to think effectively nor critically, these pack animals cling to Barry like a god. Following their devil-messiah into the abyss, mindless, faithlesss treasonous elected officials (never having fought for their nation, and blinded by false, partisan loyalty) have sold out ‘The Noble Experiment’ like native New Yorkers selling Manhattan Island for $24 worth of trinkets. May G-d have mercy on their souls. The world should worship the ground they have coming to them. Are the Algemeiner writers sharing Barry’s bed? “Loose Lips Sink Ships!”