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September 9, 2015 5:07 pm

Jewish Groups Say Iran Deal Filibuster is ‘Horrible Idea Insulting to American Process’

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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The U.S. Senate. Photo: WikiCommons.

The U.S. Senate. Photo: WikiCommons.

Speaking to The Algemeiner on Wednesday, Jewish groups were adamantly opposed to a filibuster in Congress to stave off a vote on the Obama administration’s nuclear deal, warning such a move would shut down any debate on a “monumentally important issue.”

Leading the call, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean at the Simon Wiesenthal Center called the filibuster Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has vowed to lead in Congress a “horrible idea” and “insulting to the American  process.”

Daniel S. Mariaschin, executive vice president of B’nai B’rith International said it would be a “mistake” to close out the debate on an issue where “every [congressman] should be heard,” especially as the White House failed to whip up support among some of the most powerful Democrats in Congress.

While both groups acknowledged that the president has enough support to keep Congress from killing the deal — “It was a political victory for the president, but a geopolitical disaster,” said Cooper — they called for legislation demanding accountability while registering the wide opposition to the deal.

Mariaschin called it “just the beginning of the process on the Iranian issue,” encouraging bipartisan measures to “ensure greater accountability.”

Jewish groups, pro-Israel lobbies and, of course, Israel, among others are concerned the nuclear deal will empower Iran to work toward carrying out its stated goals of occupying Jerusalem and destroying the Jewish state; just Wednesday morning Khamenei predicted the “Zionist regime” would no longer exist in 25 years, which also happens to be when the final provisions of the nuclear deal expire.

“One has to be extremely skeptical going forward. [The Iranians] say they got the better end of this deal,” said Mariaschin, noting Iranian claims to victory over the international sanctions regime that will disintegrate with the deal’s implementation. Critics of the deal reject President Obama’s hope that such diplomatic openings to Iran could temper the regime’s global hostility, which is underlined by Iranian hard-liners’ harshly anti-American and anti-Israel rhetoric since the signing of the accord.

“The only real opportunity for change will be the day after [Supreme Leader Ayatollah] Ali Khamenei dies,” said Cooper.



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  • George

    Filibustering the Iran deal vote is a kind of Rubicon on the way to an Obama dictatorship. The next step is for Obama to figure out how to cancel the 2016 election so he can remain “president for life” like his buddy Abu Mazen.

    As it happens, the Iran deal provides Obama with two avenues to do this:
    It enables Iran to launch an EMP attack against us, perhaps as early as next year.
    It gives Iran the ability to compel the US to do its bidding. Case in point, what happens if Iran demands that the US fulfill its obligation under the JCPOInaction to protect its military shipments to Hezbollah against Israeli attacks? If Obama sends the USAF against the IAF, that would likely produce pogroms in America, enabling Obama to call the military into the streets to “restore order”. Obviously we can’t have a serious election with soldiers under Obama’s command maintaining “order”.

  • Stan Nadel

    This indicates a failure to understand what a filibuster is–it doesn’t close down debate, it is part of a debate. It is the motion to close down a filibuster that is a means to close down a debate–it ends discussion and moves to an immediate vote.

  • Emanuel

    Dem leaders you are scum we are waiting for a civil war or a race war you fools deserve a taste of the destruction and havoc you are working so hard to cause, you forsake your children and your country, you are trash – we will never forget.

  • John Train

    More than 400 retired admirals and generals (including many former Chiefs of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) and more than two thirds of defense and intelligence professionals believe that the JCPOA unleashes dangerous threats to the United States.It:

    * Exposes the East coast of the US {New York, Washington and Boston to the direct threat a nuclear attack and the entire US to the direct threat of an EMP ATTACK.

    * Gives Putin and Russia the free hand they have been seeking to dominate Eastern Europe{Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Georgia and a major position relative to Poland} and opens up Syria as a base of operations in the Middle East

    * Allows Iran to expand the scope and depth of its entire global terror operations including expanding its currently active penetration and terror networks in Central and South America.

    Thus, those supporting the JCPOA are also accepting Iran’s increased terror operations to kill Americans everywhere in the world; expanding the ability of Russia to dominate Eastern Europe and penetrate the Middle East; and enabling Iran to CONTINUE the development of their missiles and their EMP capabilities which could devastate the United States.

  • px fragonard

    It’s hard to imagine a more anti-democratic party than the so-called “Democrats.”

  • Mickey Oberman

    “The only real opportunity for change will be the day after [Supreme Leader Ayatollah] Ali Khamenei dies,” said Cooper.”

    Surely that can be arranged.

  • enufizenuf

    There are plenty of opportunities for change but they all involve bombs and taking out the iranian leadership.

  • nelson marans

    Obama by convincing his fellow Democrats to obtain enough votes for the treaty has been able to shut off any discussion. By this action, has made a mockery of the principles of our nation. He has insulted the average voter and left congress silent on the lack of merit of the Iran accord

  • Theodore Crawford

    It’s like these people are hell-bent for leather to hand a loaded gun to a homicidal maniac! A dark, satanic force has taken control of their souls. Pray for them. Pray for the world. Pray for the United States. Pray for Israel.

  • Wayne

    Every Jew should oppose Obama and the Democrats. To not is anti-American and Israel. G-D Bless both!

  • Michael Mayben

    Someone in Congress needs to make sure treasonous Senator Harry Reid won’t be able to lead a filibuster to prevent those in Congress from speaking out against the Iran Deal. Congressional members need the opportunity to go on record on behalf of Americans who agree the Iranian Deal is bad for America and Israel. Islam loving Obama needs to pay the intimate price for signing off on the Iran Deal!

  • Anthony Dayton

    My memory could be wrong but I seem to recall writers for the progressive web magazine, Salon, decrying republicans for filibustering. Apparently there’s no issue when the demos do it.

  • Ephraim

    If then, as his successor is likely to be just as evil.