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September 10, 2015 8:28 am

The Iran Deal: A Turning Point in American-Jewish Support for Israel?

avatar by Ronn Torossian

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Have American Jews abandoned Israel? Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Have American Jews abandoned Israel? Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

As The New York Observer reported, Senator Cory Booker is hosting an “emergency summit” this week with wealthy Jews who back him – this, after Booker decided to support President Obama’s deal with Iran.

Rather than shunning and shaming Booker, many of his supporters will rationalize why Jews should stand with him. The same thing happened with Congressman Jerry Nadler.

The reality is that Israel is alone in the world.

The state of Israel – across the political spectrum – appealed to American Jews to help fight the Iran deal. And the American-Jewish community failed it miserably.

I reckon this is a turning point, much like when the Oslo Accords were debated and then signed. Twenty years later, the Oslo Accords, which led to much death and destruction, are seen as a horrible failure. The Israeli peace camp is in complete disarray, and the Right has been in power for a very long time.

Those who advocated for the Iran deal will not be leaders of the Jewish community 20 years from now; in fact, many of their grandchildren will not be Jewish.  As liberal American Jewry continues to bask in humanistic values, the community will unfortunately continue to abandon Jewish values and assimilate (rates are currently nearly 70 percent).

A mere 70 years after the end of the Holocaust,  American Jewry rejected the appeal for help from the Jewish state. What a sad state of affairs. A liberal American-Jewish community has abandoned Israel. AIPAC and the Israel lobby have been weakened irreconcilably.

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  • Shulamith Goodman

    What American Jews do not understand is that if the Iranians succeed in wiping Israel off the map – heaven forfend – and the Ayatollahs have every intention of doing that – make no mistake, anti-semitism will rise in America.

    There are already a large number of antisemities – white supremecists – Muslims – and other miscellaneous Jew haters. This will get worse – and American Jews will have no where to go. The French Jews have understood this for a long time. They stand with Israel – and now that they are in danger in France, they are packing up and coming to Israel. The numbers increase from month to month.

    Europe and other countries at taking in millions of refugees nowadays. If – G-d forbid the Iranians nuke Israel, and lets say about 2 million Jews manage to survive somehow – do you know any country which will welcome an influx of two million Jews? At the Evian conference – 32 countries agreed only on one thing, that they could not take in Jews who were fleeing Hitler. Jews are only able to stay happily in many places because they know that at any moment if necessary, Israel will take them in.

  • Robert Weintraub

    American Jews will support Israel as long as that support does not conflict with their liberalism and their status as citizens of the US. American Jews fear, above all, the accusation of dual loyalty.A Likud government is particularly unpopular because it is less willing to submit to repeated demands(George W. excepted) for concessions to the Arabs.