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September 11, 2015 1:23 pm

After Iran Deal, Former Military Officials, Lawmakers and Mideast Experts Call for Arming Israel With Massive Ordnance Penetrator Bombs

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Bunker-buster bombs. Photo: U.S. Navy.

Bunker-buster bombs. Photo: U.S. Navy.

While lingering doubts may remain as to the United States’ will to launch a military operation in the event Iran dashes for nuclear weapons, most don’t question Israel’s willingness to respond with the IDF to a perceived nuclear threat. After all, the Jewish state has done it twice before: Iraq in 1981, Syria in 2007.

Recent tapes leaked to the Israeli press recorded former Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak discussing Israeli plans to launch attacks against Iranian targets three times, in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Each time, the plans were ultimately shut down, whether through disagreements in the Cabinet or scheduling conflicts with the U.S.

Now that the nuclear deal with Iran appears to have anticlimactically jumped the congressional hurdle that clears the way for its implementation, lawmakers and policy analysts alike are looking at the day after. Not surprisingly, many are calling for legislation committed to boosting Israel’s security and, perhaps, arming the Jewish state to carry out air strikes against complicated Iranian targets on its own.

Former ambassador Dennis Ross and Director at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, David Makovsky, called for legislation providing Israel with Massive Ordnance Penetrator bombs, the world’s most powerful non-nuclear weapon which Israel could use to attack Iran’s underground Fordow facility, and the bombers necessary for their delivery.

They argued that providing Israel with the bomb would allow the U.S. to launch strikes on its own, together with the Israelis or even just in support of the Israelis. Additionally, if doubts persist that the U.S. isn’t serious about the military option — Iranian officials have ridiculed the U.S. over its military threats — they may be muted by the potential for unilateral Israeli air strikes with such powerful weapons.

House Representatives Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) and Sandy Levin (D-Mich.) came together from both sides of the Iran debate to signal their desire to share MOPs with Israel as well, calling for “robust missile defense and continued collaboration on all options for defending our critical ally, including the Massive Ordnance Penetrator.”

They echoed President Obama’s call for sealing a 10-year memorandum of understanding on Foreign Military Financing and increased cooperation over measures to prevent arms smuggling from Iran to its proxy Hezbollah, both in intelligence and military action, as well as efforts to identify and destroy terror tunnels dug underneath Israel’s border.

And from the military, retired U.S. Air Force general and former NSA director Michael Hayden also called for arming Israel with MOPs, as part of a military rebalancing that must be done in light of the Iran deal and to help Israel maintain its qualitative military edge, which is official U.S. policy. He said the weapons would be necessary to attack Fordow, a heavily fortified nuclear facility he doubted was really necessary for a peaceful program.

Hayden also called for additional arms to the U.S.’s Arab allies, who have also been tapped recently by Russia for weapons acquisitions in light of growing concerns over the Iranian threat.

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  • Haile Stressor

    RobiMac, Israel didn’t attack the Iranian nuclear sites years ago because of Obama’s insistence on a joint U.S.-Israeli strike — but not yet! At first Sec’y of Defense Panetta said it was too soon. That gave the Iranians time to bury their facilities in bombproof sites. Then, having accomplished Obama’s duplicitous purpose, he told Israel that it was too late to bomb those sites.
    Given Israel’s dependence on U.S. military supplies and its close diplomatic relations with the U.S., it has been impossible for Israel to speak the truth, to declare Obama the aider and abetter of Iran’s nuclear-weapons ambitions. Instead it was forced to act alone to sabotage Iran’s nuclear and missile programs — remember Stuxnet? Obama’s Iranian “deal” is a furtherance of his pro-Iranian policy, but this time, by lifting restrictions on Iran’s missile program, adding America to Khameini’s list of ICBM targets.

  • Joann krohn

    Why did this deal pass? Now spending would be higher than going to war. The sanction money. The armed forces sent to Israel and othe Allies. This is a bad deal.For America . Yes now we should support Israel. Because we put them in harm’s
    Way. With this bad deal. The democrats that voted yes will never get my vote again.


    Strange, that in USA, they are ready to supply Israel with the best defensive weapons, as well as the Massive Ordinance Penetration bombs which could destroy Iranian nuclear facilities, as a means of self defense.
    Yet, in South Africa, we have a government that critics
    university students as well as leaders of opposition parties who visited Israel.
    And the President who said that Israel had no right to defend herself by using military to attack Gaza.
    This shows who is running or should I say ruining the country, with idiots like Zuma as president.
    I wonder if Zuma even knows where Israel is on the map.

    So, according to Zuma, Israel should have allowed the Hamas terrorists to attack Israel and murder thousands of Israelis.
    he probably has no idea about the tunnels built in Gaza, to allow terrorists to attack Israel and murder many thousands of Israel men, women and children.

    Maybe it would be better if Zuma repays he money he used from taxpayers, to build his home,to replay the money.

  • RobiMac

    I don’t understand what Netanyahu is waiting for. He should have taken out Iran’s nuke facilities a long time ago. But, I guess it is not the will of G-d for them to do so since the Russian-Arab coalition is soon to march against Israel.

    “U.S.’s Arab allies”? Now, that’s a bizarre contradiction.

  • Yes, the MOPS might be necessary or not, they might be used or not (this would be at Israel’s discretion), but they should be given.

  • steven L

    Without Nukes, Iran is already the master of international terrorism and now they are creating CHAOS in Europe.
    The pro-Eurabia of the 1960ties must finally rejoice as it is coming FASTER THAN EXPECTED!!!
    In the meantime, Israel has only the right to “defend herself” but NOT to eliminate the enemy!!!
    Tks to the West!

  • Martin Katchen

    Are MOPs that hard for Israel to build (and market) for itself? And not have to ask “Mother may I”? of the US whenever it comes time to use them?

  • shloime

    you’ve got to be kidding!

    israel already bought a bunch of (smaller) bunker buster bombs from the americans. first, obama blocked their delivery, to pressure israel into making concessions to the palestinian anarchy. and when he finally released them, they somehow arrived with defective fuses, which took months to replace. it would seem that relying on american super-weapons is not the best policy for israel.

    plus, the gbu-57 “mop” is so big that only 2 planes in the entire usaf fleet can carry it, the b-52 and the b-2. and what would israel do with either airplane? the b-52 is a 60-year-old design, with 8 engines, that costs a fortune to keep flying. and the b-2 is more costly. at a time when israel’s enemies are getting smaller, and less sophisticated, why should israel invest in strategic bombers that are too big and expensive for america?

    and after spending billions on the f-35, which won’t be able to fire weapons until 2022 (at least), israel is neither able nor willing to buy any more white elephants from the yankees.

  • Israel should not wait much longer, with HUSSEIN as presidente what can we expect

    • Obama will never give Israel MOP’s nor the aircraft needed to use them.

      The anti sabotage provision in the Iran surrender agreement requires Obama to assist Iran against any part attempting to sabotage the mullahs’ nuclear infrastructure so if anything he will do his best to thwart any attempt by Israel to strike those facilities.

      Keep in mind, Obama views Israel as an interloper in the M-E.

      Also keep in mind that he has spent his entire life associating with anti-semites, from the time he was a child to today.

  • DockyWocky

    Hm. Arming the Izzies with “massive bunker busters” is one thing, but passing them massive bunker busters with nuclear warheads would be even better.

  • marlene

    Absolutely. It’s the only force against the global warmongers in both parties.