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September 11, 2015 3:44 am

Jewish Leaders Demand Explanation From New York Times After Publication of Chart Listing Jews in Congress Who Oppose Nuclear Deal

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The New York Times published a graph that includes a "Jew" column for Congressional politicians who oppose the Iran deal. Photo: Screenshot.

‘The New York Times’ published a chart of Congress members opposing the Iran deal that included a “Jewish?” column. Photo: Screenshot.

Leading Jewish organizations slammed The New York Times on Thursday for publishing an infographic listing Jewish Congressional Democrats who oppose the Iran nuclear deal.

The chart listed anti-deal Democrats in the House and Senate in columns, one of which was headed “Jewish?” Another showed the lawmakers’ “District and estimated Jewish population.”

The text accompanying the graphic pointed out that, “Though more Jewish members of Congress support the deal than oppose it, the Democrats against the deal are more likely to be Jewish or represent Jewish constituencies.”

Responding to the publication, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Jewish human rights group, the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC), described the chart as “a grotesque insult to the intelligence of those voting on the deal,” and warned against the connotations its publication evokes.

Cooper told The Algemeiner that the point The New York Times appeared to be trying to make is “flawed, mistaken and inappropriate.”

He said the piece suggests the “core opposition” to the nuclear deal is only from Jews, and that the only possible explanation as to why lawmakers would vote against it is “because of the Jewish factor.”

“That is wrong,” he said. “The idea of reducing this whole issue to the ethnicity and religion of an American voter is to essentially reduce the entire question about the nuclear deal. It beclouds the issue.”

Cooper said it would be “appropriate” for The New York Times to “explain themselves.”

“What exactly is the point behind this article?” he asked, and wondered whether such categorization is applied by the paper to other key issues.

“Are we going to see every immigration bill or debate in the U.S. Congress and Capitol Hill analyzed and broken down with graphs by The New York Times based on the Latino population of each district? Is this the new math?”

Jonathan Greenblatt, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, called the chart “offensive,” and said he would like to see The New York Times print an “admission of error.” He said the graph “reinforces stereotypes about American Jews and dual loyalty” and “distracts from real issues.”

Social media has also been abuzz with criticism of the chart. Jeffrey Goldberg, national correspondent for The Atlantic, poked fun at the article on Twitter, saying, “[It] would be helpful if the Times would also tell us just how Jewish each Jewish member of Congress is.”

Haaretz correspondent Allison Kaplan Sommer said that only The New York Times would “have the chutzpah to make a Jewcentric chart like this.” Asserting that any other media outlet would fear being accused of antisemitism for publishing such a graph, she concluded, “I confess … it creeps me out a bit.”

Jewish blogger Pop Chassid said the chart conjured up images of the persecution of Jews. “The New York Times just counted which Jews voted against the Iran deal…We Jews remember when we’ve been counted in history, and we know that it never ends well,” he posted on Facebook.

Following the backlash, The New York Times quickly modified its original post — by removing the “Jew” column from its chart of politicians opposing the Iran deal — but did not issue a correction.

On Thursday afternoon, New York Times deputy Washington editor Jonathan Weisman claimed responsibility on Twitter for the article, but refused to apologize for the piece. He also claimed to be shocked by the response it has received.

“I take responsibility, wanted to examine what was motivating few Dems opposed to the deal. I am not self-hating Jew,” said Weisman, who is Jewish. “It is an informative graphic & I’m stunned by response. Chill out, people. You’ve never used a yellow highlighter?”

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  • Dorothy Seidel Wigod

    Then on Saturday on Page Two, under “Corrections,” NYT attempted to address this matter of, uh, Jews, graphs, reps, etc., , laboriously avoiding any expressions of guilt or remorse.
    The article is a treasure, if you’re into circuitous obfuscation.

  • Dorothy Seidel Wigod

    Then on Saturday on Page Two, under”Corrections,” NYT attempted to address this matter of, uh, jews, graphs, reps, etc., , laboriously avoiding any expressions of guilt or remorse.
    The article is a treasure, if you’re into circuitous obfuscation.

  • Rebeca Avellaneda

    Did you mean yellow highlighter or yellow star?

  • I fail to understand why the Jewish community still advertises and purchases the NY Times which has become a rag newspaper.

  • from the article:
    Weisman, who is Jewish. “It is an informative graphic & I’m stunned by response. Chill out, people. You’ve never used a yellow highlighter?”

    Weisman seems to forget how lethal the Nazi “yellow highlighter” was… (the yellow armband and badges with a Star of David or the word “JUDE” written on it. See:…

  • Jacques Bertram


    TIMES !!! Unbelievable. That “newspaper” is a mere propaganda vehicle for your current government which ,with its media support, is becoming very totalitarian in tone.

  • When America has Jewish hand prints all over the country , in every place that makes America turn this way or that way , and dule citizens is honored , with 3 billion plus dollars and a Jewish person attached to every country seat in America, I would say ” something stinks” in the kitchen. Now the question is , Is That GOOd or Bad for America? Don’t deny your Figer Prints..blessing..

  • Phillip Coe

    That’s one of the things that is wrong with our government. Phony congressmen care about the party establishment and not the American people. What a sham! The democrats who voted against this anti-American horrific deal with the worlds number one supporter of terrorism should be extremely proud not afraid of standing for the right!

  • richard cohen

    New York times how about publishing a list of of Congress and NYT writers who actually acted like Jews instead of Obama sycophants and show up for High Holiday services

  • Pazuzu

    it just shows that the Congressional Jews did not sell out the American people and the rest of the world; they demonstrated good sense.

  • hawk

    I did a thesis on how NY Times handled the first Bush war in Iraq. As long as the war was on, the NYT was pro-Israel. As soon as the war ended it became anti-Israel. Now NYT has become anti-American Jew and seems to be against the First Amendment. The apology must be to the abrogation of the First Amendment and a destruction of American Values. The NYT no longer prints all the news that is fit to print.

  • Mitchell Schwartz

    Who could be surprised with the Anti-semetic radical Muslim alleged President in the White House.

    Shame on each and everyone of those for voting FOR the deal.

    Notice they don’t mention who did vote in favor like Wasserman-Schultz who is a politician first, an OBUMMER supporter second, even though they seem to consistently treat her with distain.

    Then perhaps you would do better in a country that is not a democracy. Oh, wait, by another Executive Order we will definitely be defined as a Socialist country soon anyway.

    Wait for the “on the way out the door pardons” and see if cop killer Joanne Chesimar is on the list. Certainly, don’t be surprised.

  • Jon

    See “Buried by The Times” by Laurel Leff

  • Fraide

    Jonathan Weisman denies he is not a self-hating Jew. Does he admit he is an a–hole. He needs to go back to journalism school if ever he went to one and the next stop should be to see a psychiatrist to find out why he is a self-hating Jew and come to grips with it. Was it his Mother or his Father or his Grandmother or Grandfather that he had or has a problem? He is a troubled soul or dumber than dumb or both!!!

  • jax

    I’m not Jewish, but I am confused. I support Israel. I am against the Iran Deal, not just because it is a death sentence to Israel but it can also be a death sentence to America. Now we see all of these refugees, by the hundreds of thousands fleeing Syria and Afghanistan and Iraq…Why?…Because Obama left Iraq to give Isis a starting point to take over the middle east. Now, this has given Russia and China a good excuse to come and invade as they please under the guise of “Protection” for their good buddy Syria…I would guess that Germany, France and the U.K are pretty much sorry they made this “DEAL” now after being bombarded with refugees with no end in sight and Russia and China won’t take any of them….So now to my point…Obama pulled out of Iraq giving it to Isis, he knew this was going to happen and now Isis is running a mock in the middle east and taking over everything. Obama has covered their tracks, he has lied for them and that will be coming out soon in a new scandal. And now Obama makes a horrible deal with Iran …I am at a loss…Israel has been sold out by Obama and our Jewish congress and you are upset because why???…

  • Does anybody still read the NYT? Why? Please give the names names of ALL who voted with Mr Obama on this non-‘deal’ – we never want to vote for a single one of them again.

  • John Metzler

    To be a Democrat is now more important than to be any race, creed, gender, color, age, etc.

    Now that the Dem party has been taken over by the radical leftists, the NYT has new marching orders and new radical goals….trample on Christians, straights, whites, the wealthy, the middle class, success, patriotism, morals, ethics and common sense.

  • Rich K

    If the Iranian deal is so good, why would any congress member who voted in favor of it be embarrassed to see their name in the newspaper? The point is, these “Jews” are more concerned with the Democrat Party line than their Jewish counterparts in Israel. Talk about twisted ideology, these “Jews” take the cake. At least the NYT has done something decent for once.

  • steven L

    Suddenly Jews realize that the NYT is antisemitic!
    Recently it was stated that only Am. Jews were against the Iran deal! This means that more than 180 mil (> 60%) Americans are Jews. This is comforting.

  • Andylit

    Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

    The NYT has performed a great service to every Jewish voter in the US. The article exposed those House Members and Senators who place party loyalty ahead of the security of the US and Israel.

    Elected Jewish officials trusted by Jewish voters to protect them instead discover that these party zealots have instead supported administration policy that rewards the number one terror state in the world. A state that publicly vows to destroy Israel, kill all Jews and to destroy western civilization.

    And Jewish “leaders” have the absolute gall to complain. If these are your “leaders”, you will most certainly be led to your ultimate demise.

  • Robert Cohen

    It’s time for American Jews and our supporters to flex our economic muscle and boycott the New York Times and others who continue to show their unhappiness with Jewish or Israeli people.

    They would never , ever dare to publish charts listing Blacks and their votes on Congressional activities that primarily affect African Americans nor would they do that on Gays, Transgenders, Latinos or others.

    Only Jews, because we are too smitten with assimilation and forget to fight back.

  • Howard Smigel

    “Yellow highlighter?” How about a yellow star? What a choice of words.

  • Weisman cares as much about the Jewish people as Gertrude Stein. He is the typical antisemitic Jew who writes for The Times aka Der Sturmer.


  • Shania

    This was an outright anti Jewish article especially considering that most voters against the deal are non Jews. This like all Israel or Jewish articles written in this rag is slanted, wrong and dangerous.
    Is this the U.S. Or Germany? and is this 1930’s or 2015?
    A graph of numbered Jews?really!
    Despicable and chilling

  • Ed lipke

    Weisman is a complete a-hole

  • Jim Berliner

    those of the Jewish faith who support this deal are either naive, stupid or like those Jews who worked for the Nazis in WW2. My fathers family in Europe was decimated by the Nazis 245 were slaughtered. His grandfather had immigrated to the US in the late 1860s but kept in contact with the family in Poland and Germany as did his sons and grandsons (my dad his brothers and cousins). they learned first hand of what was occurring and my father and his cousins joined the military to fight the Nazis.
    Now we have those in America who vote for the Iranian decimation of Israel and of the Us. They havent learned a damn thing. Iran cannot bbe trusted. Iran says they will destroy Israel in 25 years. Why would any jew support their own Destruction except for selfish reasons. Doesnt the murder of over 6 mil mean anything? Isnt almost 70 years of Islam trying to destroy Israel and the Jews mean anything? Is life so sweet and peace so dear as to be bought at the price of chains and slavery? Those supporting this agreement are traitors to their faith, the USA and Israel and do not deserve to represent anyone in our govt. They are caller traitors and turncoats and should leave the Jewish faith and lose all Jewish support. They are not worthy to be called Jews.

  • The Watchman

    “New York Times deputy Washington editor Jonathan Weisman claimed responsibility on Twitter for the article, but refused to apologize for the piece. He also claimed to be shocked by the response it has received.”

    The mealy mouthed comments of new Zonderkommando Weisman. A clear intention to inflame by creating a “Jewish Lobby” to be used as a punchbag by the left and the Hamas apologists. Like hell he was “shocked”, it was deliberate. What did he expect? Plauidits for being a weasel and a traitor, just like his bestest buddie Obama.

  • robert

    I don’t blame Jews for crying foul. After all they don’t want the AMERICAN people to know who Their (TRAITOR FLUNKIES ARE)!these politicians should be Run out of office. And deported back to the country they really represent1 ISRAEL ! Low life’s !

  • CGG

    Explanation? The NYT is consistently anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. Unsubscribe people!!

  • Michael Garfinkel

    So here we have another ethically challenged spoiled brat – Jonathan Weisman – who has the nerve to address the critics of this obscenity with the words “chill out people.”

    This is really too much – even at the Times.

  • Marshall E. Schwartz

    The long-time publisher of the Times and virulent anti-Zionist Arthur Hays Sulzberger must be smiling from his grave.

  • Rosewood11

    What I can’t fathom is Jewish people who support the Iran Deal at all. Frankly, I can’t understand how anyone Jewish voted for the evil little troll in the White House under any circumstances–especially the second time around–due to his obvious hatred for the Jewish State and his straight-up blatant anti-Semitism. It’s not like obama wasn’t a known quantity. It reminds me of the horror Anne Frank expressed when a family friend said after Hitler’s election, “Let’s see what the man can do.” [!!!]

    Of course, the same could be said of Christians, who voted for obama knowing his stand on abortion, gay marriage, his personal race-baiting. One priest friend actually told his congregation that any of them that voted for Clinton’s second term were in a state of mortal sin!!! I can’t imagine what he thought when they helped re-elect obama. Our country is in deep trouble, and the Catholic church isn’t any better off with this liberal, pro-palestinian pope.

  • HaroldT38

    These are the Jews to be proud of. Thanks for publishing them.
    Someone should expose the Quisling Jews that voted for the deal.

  • Nannette

    It’s beginning to look as if the New York Times is run by the Fourth Reich!
    Are they competing with Der Sturmer for notoriety?

  • nelson marans

    What do we expect from The New York Times? Certainly not fair coverage of Israel nor all matters referring to that nation. No Jew should subscribe to a newspaper with a long history of bias reporting going back to ignoring the Holocaust. The two successive two page ads by J Street in that newspaper probably at minimum rates only furthered that newspaper’s agenda.

  • Eve

    Weissman manages to always stick his foot in it. Yellow highlighter, yellow star patch – same difference.

  • R. Kane

    Right on.

  • No matter how often I attempt to explain to my fellow Jews that they should stop buying the NYT, because the NYT is anti-Israel and anti-Jewish, they refuse to listen to me.

    My fellow Jews continue to purchase the NYT, no matter how often the NYT proves that it is anti-Israel and anti-Jewish.

    They treat the NYT as if it were the ONLY news source in the universe, and as if not buying it for one day would cause them to immediately die.

    The NYT is more than a mere newspaper; it is an unhealthy addiction, like cigarettes or cocaine or heroin or crack.

  • Charlie in NY

    A more relevant and informative chart would have contrasted the votes of each member of Congress against polling showing whether their actual constituents supported or opposed the deal. Religion is an irrelevant consideration and that NY Times editor indulged in a serious error of judgment. Would he find Representative Ellison’s Muslim religion relevant to his support the Iran deal? Should we expect a chart identifying how each Black Congressman voted and suggest implicitly that it was not on the merits but out of loyalty to the race of our President? Hardly likely, so how to explain the different treatment?

  • Robert Weintraub

    More important than the Times’ column is 50% of American
    Jews support the agreement while only 25% of the general American public supports the deal. This in face of the fact that the Israeli public is solidly against.

    It is really no mystery. American Jews cling to the liberal religion much as their Jewish grandparents (or is it great grandparents clung to the old tradition.) The old traditio9n is still going forward after 2,000 years. How long will the new one last?

    • Eve

      Stunning – and frightening – statistic.

    • Unfortunately, I have found Weintraub to be correct. Most Jews I know think they were born into the Democratic Party. I understand the reasoning but, unfortunately , in this 21rst Century it is incorrect.

  • Paul Grad

    The New York Times is the mouthpiece of the Jew-hater in the White House, aiming to brainwash the American Public into anti-Semitism. Never buy the NYT again.

    • R. Kane

      Right on.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Of course they did. Watch for the NYT to call for an ethnic cleansing of the US government of all Jews soon. You know it’s coming.

    • Shamgar

      Nothing like 50% of US Jews support deal. Those are trumped up figures


      We only have to look at who the Muslim in the White House
      has appointed as his advisers

      He has filled the WH with Muslims.

      This Rosh Hashanah Jews must pray in the Shuls that the Americans call for impeachment of this Muslim as well as
      The Jews must also pray that Hillary Clinton is kept far away fromthe WH and that a Republican will occupy the WH.

      The Jews must also pray that USA once again, becomes Israels biggest supporter and friend.

      G-D Bless Israel and every Israeli.