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September 17, 2015 2:10 pm

Unlikely Defender: Jewish Actor Seth Rogen Responds to Ann Coulter’s ‘F—ing Jews’ Tweet

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Actor Seth Rogen. Photo: Jenn Deering Davis via Wikimedia Commons.

Actor Seth Rogen blasted Ann Coulter for her offensive Twitter post about Jews. Photo: Jenn Deering Davis via Wikimedia Commons.

Jewish actor Seth Rogen slammed conservative commentator Ann Coulter on Wednesday after she posted a tweet that referred to “f–king Jews.”

Criticizing the amount of references to Israel and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made by GOP candidates during Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate, Coulter tweeted, “How many f–king Jews do these people think there are in the United States?”

Rogen responded:

The right-wing pundit, famous for making controversial remarks — some of which have been deemed antisemitic — was widely criticized by Jewish groups for her comments. On Thursday, she sought to offer an explanation on social media, though stopped short of an apology for her offensive tweet.

She claimed her words had been taken out of context, and pointed to a preceding tweet that said, “Cruz, Huckabee Rubio all mentioned ISRAEL in their response to: ‘What will AMERICA look like after you are president.'”

Replying to one Twitter follower who called her comment antisemitic, Coulter said, “No: It’s pro-Semitic. Where is all the GOP pandering on Israel getting us? US becoming Mexico [is] very bad for Israel.”

Another Twitter user called her remark “disgusting” and accused her of anti-Jewish prejudice. In response, Coulter claimed she actually likes Jews and that her remarks were “not about Jewish people; it’s about Republican panderers.” She pointed out that she had also complained about GOP pandering on the issues of abortion and former President Reagan, but that it didn’t make her “a Reagan-hater or abortion-lover.”

Taking the criticism lightheartedly, Coulter also wrote sarcastically, “Boy were they wrong @ Jewish influence! I complained about pandering on Israel (Reagan & abortion) & haven’t heard a thing about it!”

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  • Rich71

    No, he does suck. He hasn’t done anything worth watching since Freaks & Geeks. He is good in small doses and one liners. After that he is just the same dumb expression and annoying laugh. No to mention how completely stupid he sounded talking to Congress. It was embarrassing to watch.

  • david scott boothman

    seth rogan sucks

    • Trevor

      You suck.

  • Jim

    Ann Coulter expressed annoyance at Republican candidates, not Jews. She is not rising up against Jews.

    She is part of the one political faction in America that is not seeking pretexts to betray Israel, which can’t be said of many Jewish types who continue to support the current President’s efforts to ease the way for Iran to get nukes as well as his insistence on importing thousands of Moslem migrants into the U.S., a good chunk of whom will inevitably be terrorists.

    The question is, should we put the best possible construction on unfortunate statements she might have made during periods of annoyance or the worst possible construction?

    Those who insist on the latter, those who insist on being hurt when there’s clearly no intention to hurt, might have personal problems, possibly an actual belief that the worst implications that can be drawn are somehow true, (Well, they’re not true. Period.) whose self esteem is like a balloon that can burst at the slightest abrasion, always needing sanctions from others, particularly non-Jews, to feel good about themselves. (I’m really hoping that isn’t the problem.)

    It’s unfortunate that certain ethnic groups are hypersensitive to the mentioning of certain words while others aren’t. I would think that a high achievement group such as Jews would be able to find a way to join the rest of us who are not so sensitive to specific epithets.

  • Bathsheva Gladstone

    That washed up has-been, churning out interest in any way she can. Not only bad for the Jews, bad for everyone. Surely it hasn’t escaped everyone’s attention that her initials actually stand for Anti-Christ. It’s obvious! Just look at her hideous humungous listening devices she calls ears. 😉

  • rose Morrell

    The U.S. does pander to Israel more than it should since we don’t share any concern with what is happening to Palestinian people in West Bank & Gaza. That is what got us to fall far from grace with the Arab countries. If we had put restrictions on how much land Israeli settlements have taken from Palestinian people instead of giving them carte blanche to do as they please we wouldn’t be in this mess in MIddle East. I know the PLO turned down 2 State solution and now Hamas but the concessions were not being met by Israel. And I am not antisemite since our group Bubbies & Zades for Peace in M.E. Is 80% Jewish. ✌?️ notice not one of the Rep.Presidential candidates had the courage to address this thorn in our side our ally Israel. My whole life 70y since I was a little girl the Palestinian people have been begging us to listen. The suicide bombers ruined any chance of sympathy from us but the media never showed the atrocities from Israeli military. The tit for tat has been crimes against humanity for the little children who have never had a childhood. Let’s not forget the Israelis were the first to bomb the British to leave Palestine. The injustice to Palestinian people is much like what US did to our Native Americans.

  • Paul

    Ann Coulter is a lot of things, but SHE IS PRO-ISRAEL YOU FREAKING MORONS! Seth, you’re a funny guy but you are picking the wrong fight dude.

    • Ann Coulter fan

      For all you liberal morons out there who don’t understand anything beyond TMZ, allow me to translate Coulter’s statement:
      “How many F*&&^%% jews do these people think there are in the United States”. This means=Why the Fc8K are you morons pandering to Jews when the issue isn’t about USA Jews, it’s about supporting ISRAEL.

  • Gary Gold

    Ann Coulter that shiska, can suck my little jewish schmuck!

  • Real

    But they killed Jesus..

  • Who is Anne Coulter anyway? Why is she important enough to be recognized for anything? She is rude and, judging from her comments (on almost anything) a bigoted idiot. I admire Seth Rogen for being honest. Miss Coulter and all the other Jew haters out there should refuse to use anything developed, designed, or invented by Jews and Israelis. Start with the Polio vaccine and keep going. There is a huge long list of Jewish accomplishments. Please do us F—ing Jews a favor and avoid using anything we have anything to do with. You don’t need us and we certainly don’t need you.

  • Jay

    Anne is a big supporter of Israel, they have mistakenly taken this out of context. As if Israel doesn’t have REAL enemies they could be going after.

  • Karen Solley

    Ann Coulter, is sarcastic rude & her disgusting remarks regarding Jews is offensive & Anti- Semitic! She is horrible person!

  • Karen Solley

    Ann Coulter, is is sarcastic rude & her disgusting remarks regarding Jews is offensive & Anti- Semitic! She is horrible person!

    • Kyle Braddelle

      Sarcastic and rude is the hipster default position. Next!

    • Ann Coulter fan

      Shut up Karen you utter moron. Go take an Epsom salt bath. Relax. Better yet go suck on Barack Obama’s half white pee pee.

  • Emanuel

    He’s a fing mensch she’s a fing pig

  • rbockman

    Bravo Seth.

  • When people attack Jews, our response must be with: accurate facts, and irrefutable logic, and correct decorum.

    Responding to obscene language with even more obscene language just lowers us down to the level of our attackers, and makes people wonder if we are really better than those who attack us.

    Using obscene language never helps us and can only harm us; because using obscene language is a big sin that makes us weighed down heavily with guilt, and causes G_d to ignore our prayers.


    • Gary Gold

      Talk about jewish guilt!

  • Max Genghis Cohen

    I wish that Ann Coulter would trim her f**king hair and quit messing with it in f**king public.