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September 17, 2015 6:36 am

New York Times Tries to Hide Truth About Palestinian Killers

avatar by Stephen M. Flatow /

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The New York Times logo. Photo: Facebook.

The New York Times logo. Photo: Facebook. – The facts of the murder were straightforward. Alexander Levlovich, 64, was driving through Jerusalem with two friends, on their way home from Rosh Hashanah dinner, when Palestinian rock-throwers attacked his car. The assault caused the car to crash, killing Levlovich, and injuring his friends.

But not according to the New York Times. “Jewish Man Dies as Rocks Pelt His Car in West Bank,” the headline announced. Look at that language. Notice how there are no Arabs, no Palestinians, no attackers at all; the car is “pelted” by rocks, but not by anybody in particular. Levlovich might as well have been murdered by Martians. Not even murdered, in fact; he simply “dies,” in the passive tense.

But don’t blame it all on the headline-writers. The article itself was even worse. In her opening paragraph, correspondent Diaa Hadid noted that recently there have been rock-throwing incidents, “mostly by Palestinian youths.”

“Mostly?” So in other words, Palestinian rock-throwing attacks are only part of the problem? Jewish rock-throwers have been attacking Palestinian cars? Only in Diaa Hadid’s imagination, of course.

And she didn’t stop there. Hadid, while posing as an objective journalist, went so far as to present a rationalization for Palestinian rock-throwing: “Palestinians frequently argue that rocks and crude incendiary devices are among their only weapons to press for independence, and to defend themselves against Israeli forces during confrontations. For some young Palestinians in areas where there are frequent tensions, their use has become a rite of passage.”

Wow. How many falsehoods and distortions can a New York Times correspondent pack into a single paragraph?

“Crude incendiary devices?” That’s a code-word for firebombs. Hadid downplays their significance by labeling them “crude.” But even “crude” firebombs can wreak devastation. Evidently Diaa Hadid has forgotten — or prefers to forget — about 11-year-old Ayala Shapira, the passenger in a car driven by her father near Ma’ale Shomron last December. A “crude incendiary device” was thrown by Palestinians at her car. She suffered severe burns to more than 50 percent of her body. Think for a moment about the pain she will endure for years, perhaps decades, to come.

“Their only weapons to press for independence?” Independence from what? It’s been 20 years since Israel withdrew from the cities where 98 percent of the Palestinians live. They are ruled by the Palestinian Authority, not Israel. They’re not fighting for “independence.” They’re trying to murder Jews.

“Defend themselves against Israeli forces during confrontations?” But the Palestinian are the ones who initiate those confrontations. They throw rocks and “crude incendiary devices” at the Israelis. They are not “defending themselves”; they are the aggressors.

Throwing rocks is a “rite of passage?” That’s the language one uses to describe a bar mitzvah, not an attempt to murder someone. In trying to make rock-throwing seem understandable, Hadid inadvertently acknowledged that Palestinian society is so barbaric that stoning Jews to death is acceptable, praiseworthy, and almost obligatory. Which, of course, makes the pro-Palestinian slant of her reporting all the more reprehensible.

One final note on Diaa Hadid’s “news” article. You wouldn’t know it from reading The New York Times, but Alexander Levlovich is the 16th Israeli, some of them dual Israeli-American citizens, to be murdered by Palestinian rock-throwers since the 1980s. Who remembers their names? Who cares about their widows and orphans? When will American Jewish organizations step up and make this into a major issue?

Stephen M. Flatow, an attorney in New Jersey, is the father of Alisa Flatow, who was murdered in a Palestinian terrorist attack in 1995.

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  • Leia Sokolov

    The NY Times becomes more antisemitic and pro Islam every day

  • Lies, deception, myths and Obama R2
    A lie is like a noxious and perennial weed that is almost impossible to root out. So it is a grand weed, the delusion and myth of an Arab people who call themselves Arab-Palestinians. Their delusion is of their fictitious past living in a land that supposedly belonged to them for millennia with their capital, Jerusalem.
    This delusion stems from the same fertile magical Arab imagination that gave us The Thousand and One Arabian Nights replete with fantastic tales of magic, wizards and Ali Baba. Both, the claim of a distinct Arab people called Palestinians and the Thousand and One Nights are an equal delusion and fantasy in the Arab mind.
    As a matter of Historical fact the Arabs residing in Greater Israel today are: Arabs from Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Libya, and Sudan, etc.
    The truth – not the delusion and fantasy – is that there was never an independent, sovereign Arab state called Palestine. Jerusalem was never the capital of any Arab polity in all of recorded history. Only one people has ever made Jerusalem its capital, and only one people ever established their ancestral and biblical homeland on both banks of the River Jordan and all the west to the Mediterranean Sea: the remaining indigenous Jewish people.
    In the years prior to WWI and before Israel was able to exercise its sovereignty granted by Treaties executed by the Supreme Allied Powers in 1920. The Jews were finally able to assume the internationally reconstituted State of Israel in 1948, the world referred to its Jewish residents as Palestinians. Indeed, the Palestinian military units fighting with the British Army in World War Two were Jewish to every man and woman. Few, if any, Arabs or Muslims fought against the Axis powers during that war and indeed many served in SS units; often willing collaborators with the Germans in murdering Jewish communities in the Balkans and elsewhere. Why such Arab “collaborators” were never prosecuted for war crimes is still an unanswered mystery.
    History proves the word Palestine was established by the Romans to anger the Jews. It was then carried forward and used during the Mandate for Palestine over the territory that was granted by the international law and treaties and carried out by the League of Nations in 1920. The very Mandate which made Great Britain trustee for the Jewish people with the express international legal duty and obligation of establishing in Palestine a Jewish homeland. At that time, the Palestine Mandate covered all of what is Israel -including Judea and Samaria, or what is erroneously called the West Bank – and present day Jordan.
    What so many in the media forget, if they ever knew, is that the Ottoman Empire was dismantled by the victorious Allies, France and Britain, at the end of World War One. At that time, many new Arab states were created on over 5 million square miles with Palestine’s 75,000 square miles reserved for a Jewish homeland under international treaties executed by the Supreme Allied Powers.
    However, Britain violated the international treaties and reneged on its duty and obligation to the Jews and tore away four fifths of the Mandate for Palestine territory in 1922 and arbitrarily gave all the land east of the Jordan River away to the new Arab state, the Hashemite Bedouin tribe. Immediately, Jews were forbidden to purchase land and live in what became Trans-Jordan (all Jewish assets and land in Jordan was confiscated) and eventually the Kingdom of Jordan: An early example of ethnic cleansing and blatant Arab apartheid.
    The borders of the Mandate for Palestine as eventually set, determined the Arab State of Jordan boundaries are East of the Jordan River, and granted Israel all the land West of the Jordan River including Jerusalem, without any exclusions.
    The January 1919 Faisal-Weizmann agreement confirms those terms which irrefutably state that Palestine is for the Jews, as per the 1917 Balfour Declaration that stated a Jewish homeland in Palestine (not part of Palestine).
    Interestingly, Arabs and their leaders had rejected any notion of a separate Palestinian identity. For them, the Palestine region was merely a part of Greater Syria and the Arabs were indistinct from their neighbors. Indeed, the Syrian dictator, Assad, still plots for the return of Jordan, Israel and the disputed territories.
    As far as Palestine was concerned for those Arab absentee landlords of the early years of the 20th century, living in Cairo, Damascus and Beirut, the land was worthless: barren and malarial infested.
    Then the Jewish pioneers returning in the late 19th century began to purchase the wasted and barren land at exorbitant prices, drain the swamps and redeem again the ancestral ancient beloved Jewish homeland. Through Jewish blood, sweat and tears the old neglected and desolate land was developed and again restored to former productivity. Ironically, the once again developed land brought into the territory hundreds of thousands of illegal Arab aliens who found livelihoods that were unavailable in the stagnant and corrupt neighboring Arab societies.
    The British authorities invariably turned a blind eye to the flood of illegal Arab immigrants; seeing in them as a stick to beat the Jewish residents with. Herein lays the genesis of the present day Arab fictional and delusional claim to all the land, and their descendant’s stated threat to extirpate any and all Jewish life within its borders.
    So many well-meaning people in the West, as well as latent anti-Semites, have fallen hook, line and sinker for the myth, deception and delusion of an Arab-Palestinian homeland called Palestine. So many people now believe the delusion, fantasy and false claim by the well-funded (from oil revenues) Arab propaganda machine that the Jews came and stole it.
    Though said delusional claim sounds affecting and no doubt to the liberal mind particularly emotional with all the tugging of the heart strings that it implies, it is still an absolute fabrication and a lie and deception just like the weed that can never be fully uprooted.
    For so many people who are either ignorant, turn a deaf ear or are hard hearted towards the Jewish state, they are unaware and or refuse to believe that the Jews were the indigenous inhabitants of Israel for over two millennia. Furthermore, such indigenous inhabitation was well before the Muslim religion was created, and before Muslim armies swarmed out of Arabia with a Koran in one hand and a sword in the other to occupy vast territories in the name of Allah.
    The pity is that there are numerous historical documents, and biblical history for all to read. Yet, for some incomprehensible reason, written history is ignored in favor of embracing delusions and lies.
    The Arabs have spread over 12 million square kilometers in the Middle East and into North Africa (the Maghreb). Israel’s territory today is barely 21,000 square kilometers (it was suppose to be 120,440 sq. km. according to 1920 international law and treaties) and may soon be reduced further if its biblical ancestral heartland of Judea and Samaria is torn from it to create in its midst a terror state called Palestine: the 23rd Arab state (just like Gaza).
    The world needs to acknowledge the million Jewish refugees mentioned above who were terrorized, persecuted and expelled, with all their assets confiscated from their residence in the Arab lands nearly 70 years. The world needs to also extend to said refugees the same sympathetic obsession they extend to the Arabs; the very Arabs who needlessly left Israel at the urging of the corrupt Arab League and the six attacking Arab armies. When Arab-Palestinians stop indoctrinating their children and the masses to commit terror and violence, then there may be hope for a better international community than what exists at the present time.
    At the same time the world needs to condemn Jordan for confiscating Jewish territory and assets, and barring Jews over 80 years ago from living in what was the Palestine Mandate territory east of the Jordan River. Furthermore, the world needs to condemn the so-called Arab-Palestinian Authority from barring Jews within its territory now. Also, the world needs to condemn the indoctrination of children and the masses by the Arab PA to commit terror and violence, and glorify suicide bombers. Only after such rightful condemnation by the world will there be equal hope for a redeemed international community.
    Meanwhile the Jews – the real authentic indigenous Palestinians – strive to live within the miniscule territory that is the Jewish state. They will continue to exist even as they are denied even one day of peace from their genocidal Arab and Muslim neighbors. Finally, the Jews of Israel now have to also survive the efforts by the American president, Barack Hussein Obama, who seems unwilling to rest until Israel crumbles under his malevolent gaze and swaggering intimidation.
    YJ Draiman

    • very well written article

    • Leia Sokolov

      I like your post YJ. There’s no like button on this site.