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September 18, 2015 10:32 am

Cracks in Ann Coulter’s Armor

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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Ann Coulter caused a stir after tweeting about Jews in relation to the GOP debate. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Ann Coulter caused a stir after tweeting about Jews in relation to the GOP debate this week. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

When conservative pundit Ann Coulter live-tweeted her displeasure with the CNN-sponsored GOP debate on Wednesday night, she couldn’t have anticipated the firestorm that would ensue. Or could she?

Coulter, like the Republican candidate she supports, is no stranger to controversy. On the contrary, what she and presidential hopeful Donald Trump have in common is their constant hunger for it.

Indeed, it is the utter lack of “political correctness,” bordering on bad manners, that has gained each of them as many fans as it has enemies. In a culture addicted to a genre of TV that caters to the basest part of human nature (the very highway voyeurism that causes drivers to slow down at the scene of an accident to get a glimpse of a mangled body), figures like Coulter and Trump are necessarily popular as people one loves or loves to hate.

If nothing else, each can be counted on to say something inappropriate or outrageous on cue.

Sick to death of the language of the Left and its imposition of slow-drip re-education, causing us to become tongue-tied when trying to get a sentence out of our mouths that is deemed socially acceptable, we are relieved when someone comes along who refuses to succumb. The success of the Archie Bunker character in the 1970s hit sitcom “All in the Family” was due in large measure to the delight viewers experienced at being given permission to laugh at extreme racism, sexism and anti-liberalism, rather than be offended by them.

Trump shares some of Archie Bunker’s clown-like qualities, and arouses a similar gut reaction. So, though nobody actually appreciated it when he implied that the moderator of a previous GOP debate, Fox’s Megyn Kelley, must have been menstruating when she challenged him with tough questions, or when he took issue with candidate Carly Fiorina’s looks, the utter anti-feminist chutzpah was sickeningly entertaining. Like a horror movie. You may cover your eyes when it gets too gruesome, but you peek through your fingers so as not to miss a single gouged-out eyeball.

Coulter, by now, is an old pro at eliciting the same type of titillation. And she ought to be, as this is the shtick that has made her rich and famous.

Which brings us to her latest infamous tweet: “How many f—ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?”

The context of the anti-Semitic outburst was the pro-Israel stance of the Republican candidates at the podia. Following the massive angry response she received – as well as support from a large number of #IStandWithAnn Twitter users — Coulter doubled down.

We wouldn’t expect her to do otherwise.

As she told The Daily Beast on Thursday, “My point was this whole culture of virtue-signaling where debates are about nothing. Look, Republicans all agree 100% that we are pro-Israel, pro-life, pro-gun. So why do we spend so much time on these issues? It’s just pandering, so who are they pandering to?”

According to Coulter, it is not the “f—ing Jews” she was attacking, but rather the Republican candidates who think Jews are all-powerful.

Asked whether she could understand why her words could be construed as offensive, Coulter replied, “No. I don’t think it was my language. I think it was ripped out of context and lied about. … Anyone following any of the debate in America knew exactly what I was talking about. … My tweet was about Republicans and the pandering. It wasn’t about Israel, it wasn’t about Jews. It’s what Republicans are thinking in their little pea brains. I could say the same thing about Evangelicals. Who are you pandering to? A lot of it is to Sheldon Adelson and the Evangelicals. … This kind of suck-uppery is humiliating.”

Enough has been said about whether Coulter is an anti-Semite. A sufficient amount of ink has been spilled on the fact that anti-Semites, both on the Right and on the Left, came out of the woodwork to put in their two cents.

What I would like to know is how any intelligent person in America can imagine that championing Israel in general, and in the face of the Obama administration’s abominable nuclear deal with Iran in particular, constitutes “pandering” or “sucking up” to Jews.

As Coulter well knows, Jews overwhelmingly voted for Obama, not once but twice. She is also aware that the vast majority of Iran-deal opponents is Republican. Sheldon Adelson, whom she made a point of mentioning in her Daily Beast interview, is an exception, not the rule — one reason I myself have been known to refer to the “f—ing Jews” on more than one occasion.

As for the Evangelicals she brought up in the same breath: Well, the U.S. has a lot of those. And it is the job of a candidate in an American campaign to persuade the electorate to vote for him. If that is “pandering,” so be it.

It is no wonder that Coulter feels an affinity for Trump, who never admits he’s wrong and does not apologize for overstepping the bounds of bad taste.

There is a reason they get away with behavior for which the rest of us mere mortals would be penalized, not rewarded; it is related to the advantage of the sex of each.

Trump is a billionaire. Rich men are exempt from the constraints of polite society. Females fawn over them; males revere them. All hope to benefit in some way from their presence.

Coulter is a tall, slim blonde who can wear any outfit as though it were custom-made for her. The embodiment of a common male fantasy, she causes men to drool and women to hate their own reflections in the mirror.

If Trump were penniless and Coulter frumpy, they would lack the protective shield that provides them the bravado and brazenness they flaunt so fecklessly.

This last debate, however, seems to have put some chinks in their armor. And if it cracks, we will all be watching, popcorn in hand.

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  • Peter Castle

    Coulter tweeted a ludicrous assertion: “No: It’s pro-Semitic. Where is all the GOP pandering on Israel getting us? US becoming Mexico very bad for Israel.…”

    Coulter has just redefined anti-Semitism as pro-Semitic!

    See “Effing Jews and Ann Coulter’s Waterloo (or Damascus Road?)” at

  • Afro Asiatic

    Coulter is a Scottish surname, the same kind of parasitic white people whom the Jamaicans got rid of. There are more than 200 million African and Jewish people in the Americas, let us get rid of these pasty white sh*ts and send them back in a boat to scotland.

    • len

      Frankly Afro-Asiatic -Jamaica could use some white people, she isn’t exactly doing very well as a country except putting out Olympic runners which by the way are trained in U.S. Universities founded most probably by the WASP’s you despise!

  • shloime

    mostly due to her unfortunate choice of unprintable adjective, anne coulter failed to make an otherwise reasonable observation on american politics: at less than 2% of the population, the “jewish vote” isn’t going to get anyone elected. that’s demographics, not anti-semitism, and in the context of a political campaign, a fair question: why the unseemly obsession with israel? (a question which could also be asked of the white house, by the way.)

    for that matter, the “black vote”, at 12%, is also not a major force in elections. but to point out such simple statistical truths, one always runs the risk of being called a bigot.

    • Don

      The issue is not what percent of the total population a particular ethnic group makes up. A better measure of the electoral impact of an ethnic group is the percentage that group makes up of those who vote in a state and congressional district, and the percentage of their vote that they give to a particular candidate.

  • len

    The stupidity of it all is that she has played into the hands of those who will use her statements to talk about her anti-Semitism til kingdom come and veer off from the direction she originally would like these debates to go which is to discuss the issues!

  • Sandy kapp

    What does this commentary even mean. Speaking about politically correct, don’t want to offend anyone?

  • HaDaR

    My outtake on the issue is that I haven’t been able to stand Ann Coulter for a while, just as I can’t stand most Bible-thumping Xtian bigots (she is one!), who think that it is normal to tell Jews that we should “perfect” ourselves by becoming Xtians, and accept their god-on-a-stick, the hanging mamzer, as our “personal savior”, which has been their obsession for 2000 years…
    Jews don’t go around telling Xtians that they have to become Jewish to be “perfected”. The difference is enormous. If I really respect someone, I don’t try to change his deepest personal beliefs by telling him: “become like me, be perfected”! That kind of “love” is unwanted, hence it is abusive.
    Jews believe that “The righteous of all people’s have a place in the World to Come”, as taught by the Jewish Sages for 3000 years. Xtians believe in: “If you have believed and have been baptized you are saved”, as it is written in Mark 16:16…and all the others are good for damnation…Which is just pretty similar to what the Mohammedans think of the “infidels” who refuse to accept their paedophile murderer and his Qur`an.

  • Yale

    The real issue that should be discussed is that Donald Trump is to the Republicans what Barack Obama is to the Democrats. Both are people motivated by personal ego, lacking real ideas about policy, having no experience with governing, good at pulling emotional strings, and with no business being in the White House.

    Republicans should learn to make this similarity part of this campaign or else undermining the nature of American politics will be Obama’s principal legacy.

  • Max Genghis Cohen

    Dear Ms. Blum: Great column! May I suggest you find some old film footage of speeches made by Mussolini when at the height of his power. His facial expressions previewed those of Donald Trump, and they conveyed an arrogance and contempt that will soon sicken Americans. Trump will not be the candidate.

  • NCS

    Her comment was shocking. Most Americans view Israel as a welcomed-Western friendly nation in the Middle East among our many enemies. I lost respect for her as a reporter and writer. Her comment was vulgar and anti-Semitic. Very disappointing.Fox News should drop her.

  • Amnon

    The ugly sexually frustrated women got laid by a Jew and he left her unsatisfied ,no wonder who wants to bang a plank whit a hole.

  • rbockman

    I agree with everything in this opinion piece except, “she causes men to drool”. Although she is not scary looking, she is not a beauty, her skeletal frame and abnormally large adam’s apple are not attractive. She’s not a Kate Upton for sure.

  • Henry k.

    Shame on coulter

  • Michael Palmer

    She is a low life and a scum. Anyone using that term when referring to Jews is antisemite. This is not about “political Correctness”, this is about calling a spade a spade.

  • Lorraine Arnfeld

    No small matter, what she said is far from her intent. I have always paid attention to her statements; now, I hope she will be silenced. I am a proud American Jew and I did not vote for our Manchurian candidate in the White House. Look to a mans accomplishments and the “friends ” he keeps. Romney was defeated and everything he said came to be. Trump is unabashedly blatant in his remarks,candor ,etc. But he is not as polished as Mr Romney was nor as well versed in foreign matters. We do not need pandering politicians and the Republicans need to get out of the reproductive issues that face women. It’s time to rewrite Dem/ Repub platforms and determine that economic issues, foreign policy, military strength, and tax issues, as well as education and health of our people matter. Not how many dollars in food stamps and welfare recipients that you have increased. And added to the dole.

  • F.Chalfin

    I, for one, hope that Jews take her words to heart and make more and more Jews. That way we can help to offset the number of bigots and haters that are in, and coming, to America. Unfortunately, it isn’t JUST the muslims.

  • I whole hardheartedly agree I found the tweet extremely offensive and unnecessary. Taken in context I understand her frustration.

    She has a point about candidates pandering. Pandering has caused many voters to lose interest in our elections because of the false promises made.

    As to the Donald. To be up front I am a supporter. As such I too do cringe at each outburst. I know he has to know it is better a thought (rightly or wrong)than an loud public outburst.

    While he hasn’t apologized, I understand well why he wouldn’t. Once you take a step back you lose ground.

    As you pointed out both have an ultimate agenda. But and it is a big one. I honestly do not believe Donald sees it that way he is just frighting back with his first reaction. He can be an eloquent speaker he will do well when he puts most of what is ahead on ignore and stay his course.

    This stuck out to me the most:
    –“..If Trump were penniless and Coulter frumpy, they would lack the protective shield that provides them the bravado and brazenness they flaunt so fecklessly..”–

    That very sentiment can be applied to an endless variety of characters making money off of shock value.

    Including major celebrities and as I call them these days “so called comedians”. They get away with some very abhorrent exclamations and most do get a pass.

    Worst is as you mention the time and need for an apology.
    Once out of the mouth it really can’t be taken back. Apologies are worthless to me as it is simply expedient for rating or the box office.

  • Atilla

    The problem in the US is those referred to as ” the Jews ” are actually JINO’s, the same self serving, anti Israel vermin that support the traitorous Democrats and it’s anti-Semitic policies.

    The Democrats should be referred to as the ” f—ing Whites “. And the RINOS.

  • Jonah

    I would be very careful about painting with a broad brush and including Trump along with Ann and making it appear he is guilty for her type of shenanigans. Trump is the last hope Israel has against the liberal funded caliphate. If Bush was to be elected I fear he would do much worse than the giving of Gaza away, he would be for some convoluted two state solution, would he parrot what the Ben Lauden family wants because they have oil interests? Aside from Trumps silly off the cuff remarks and he does need to tone it down…he has a gut feeling for Israel’s problems and will fight for Israel. For this reason The liberal machine must destroy trump. The other republican candidates are candid, sympathetic, and most of them are Christians who understand Israel’s standing as Gods chosen people but they do not have the gut fortitude to take on Israels enemy’s like Trump would. Hillary has her gal pal Hummus, will you get more of the Obama Valerie treatment with her? A trump/Rubio ticket would guarantee Israel a golden age. Trump is your last chance don’t malign him. Invite Ann to come to Israel, let her meet the Israeli people, let her see the difference between Israelis and a American liberal. She is fighting the liberals, the enemy of your enemy is your friend. She might have had a bad hair day, psychotropic prescribed drugs with wine, something loosed her tounge and believe me she would like to put that arrow back in the quiver. Roll out the red carpet for her in Israel, have here meet with Bebe, let her air her grievances, show her pictures of Isis using Christian heads, children’s heads for soccer. Ask her why is Amrica allowing this to happen. The problem is not about Jews it is about your common enemy, Ann’s and Israel’s…that would be our “Christian”, president.

  • I’ve read one of Coulter’s books and often heard her on TV. Like many Catholics, I’m sure she has a vein of antisemitism running through her bloodstream.

  • Fred

    This when naratives come out of the mouth without a stopover at the brain. Coulter hits the deck.


    My belief is that Ann Coulter, using the language she did, is nothing more then a low life filthy creature.

    She should be banned by Fox News as well as all other Networks and should be apologizing to all those she offended.


    Ann Coulter speaks for the far right republican psalm-singing,Bible thumping amen crowd. She is telling you how
    they really feel about Jews…believe it. I am shocked that
    any Jew could ever vote for a republican.

    • len

      Joyce -really are the Jews really doing any better with the present day Democratic administration frankly I am shocked that you would be so satisfied for what is even less than mediocrity!

    • Don

      Joyce, I am part of the far right, Republican, psalm-singing, Bible-thumping, amen crowd. And I take a back seat to no one in my love for Israel and the Jewish people. There are millions of Christians like me.

      When I visited Israel a couple of years ago, the first thought that ran through my head when touching down at Ben Gurion airport was, “I’m home”. And I am not Jewish and had never been to Israel before. I would happily lay down my life to defend her and the Jewish people. It was very, very hard to leave.

      Upon returning to the States, I asked a Jewish friend/neighbor how a Jew could possibly support Barack Obama or a Democrat member of Congress after they way they have exploited the Jewish people and treated Israel. His response? That American Jews care more about liberal social policies – abortion and gay rights – than they do about Israel. How sad!

      The Jewish people have no greater friend than conservative, Christian Americans.

  • art

    At a time when the Republicans should indeed be courting the Jewish vote after Obamas and the Democrats treachery and betrayal this foolish egoist shots off her ugly mouth. She is a frustrated bigot ignore her let her go away for a later day. In the meantime Obama/Hillary/Kerry must be punished for their perfidy. The weak kneed Democrats have shown thta they do NOT deserve to rule

  • Victor H Miesel

    Very nicely written.

  • I think she looked better as a man. Some Trans have it and some don’t.

  • Rhonda Travis

    I actually respect and admire the fact that Ruthie Blum, whom is female and Jewish (two strikes against her), is forthright enough to call things as they are. Anne Coulter is no fool, she plays both sides as she stands up for feminism all the while knowing her looks are a huge part of her campaign! The Don stands up for no one but himself, but as we know…”money talks” louder than idiocy! The Republicans have been unabashedly pro-Israel, but as only Jews can attest to, there is never a safe assumption to be made on behalf of Israel as the winds have change can blow through at any time…

  • Barry Poladsky

    I always gave Ann the benefit of the doubt as a unique conservative Christian professional pundit with her own brand of controversial trademark humor (ie, a “perfected Jew”); but otherwise often on the mark… However, she stepped over the line with this incident, inferring that all political candidates are generally only engaging in opportunistic marketing (pandering) when they are before the public. Maybe she is, but she demeaned the Republicans on that stage who are authentically concerned about the survival of Israel because of their personal, compelling and courageous sense of ethical responsibility, regardless of who might not like to hear it, and its important connection for the future of the entire free world.

    Ann needs to get serious, she knows better, this is somewhat like liars who are trapped in their own lies, politicians indeed caught pandering too often, or comedians who wear out offensive jokes (stereotypes), end of story…

  • enufizenuf

    Megan Kelly did not challenge Trump with tough questions, she attacked him with distorted partial quotes taken out of context in a coordinated attempt to destroy his candidacy. Fox and CNN, the other television networks, and the RNC have been out to “get” Trump. Kelly’s mangled quote were putting words in Trump’s mouth, and a FAIR reading of his response the next day does NOT include any reference to menstruation. Trump was correct later on this accusation when he referenced Tom Lehrer’s ‘filth is in the mind of the beholder.’ As for Ann Coulter, Ms. Blum’s jealousy of tall blonds is showing, because few and far between American males find Ms. Coulter as even remotely attractive. In regards Ms. Coulter’s comment, suffice it to say that after being humiliated and then dumped by half-Jewish Bill Maher poor Ann has had a bit of a bug up her butt when it comes to the Hebrew people.

  • Michel Spiegel

    I am a holocaust survivor and it makes me sick at the way my people continue to support democrats and Hussein Obama. Most of them were born in the US and really have no concept that they are acting just like the Jews that voted for hitler, even though he showed his hatred of Judaism even back when he was just emerging

    The fact remains that, despite his statements, he has acted in yhe best interests of the Muslims since he is in office. He is throwing Israel to the wolves and if it wasn’t for the Republican congress, he would have cut off all support to Israel

    Anyone, even Trump, would be better for the Jews

  • sally kane

    Ruthie, did you also utter these words?

    ” — one reason I myself have been known to refer to the “f—ing Jews” on more than one occasion.”

  • Benjamin Gruder

    “it is the utter lack of “political correctness,” bordering on bad manners”

    Talk about being politically correct. It is not bordering at all, a lot of it is absolutely bad manners. Imagine one of us (without the billions of dollars and high profile TV presence) talking to our friends/family saying a lot of what Trump has said. Do you call people losers?

  • John Train

    Colin Kahl, Robert Malley,Robert Buchanan,Ben Rhodes are not only anti-Israel but they are also anti-semitic.

    Ann Colter is over the top and in this situation was a jackass. But in the scheme of things she doesn’t even come close to matching the current Obama White House staff.

  • Dara Levy

    1. this ann coulter antisemitic outburst, was not her first & this is what it is-an antisemtic outburst.
    2. She has nothing to do with donald trump
    3. this is a separate issue of antisemitism and not an issue of “say what you want”, it in fact goes much deeper.

    4.Sometimes saying what you feel and being unafraid is a good thing in the case of Trump alot of the time & I am ine jewish republican who likes him a lot.

    You should never have likened ann coulters antisemtic outburst with donald trump. It took away from the fact that she said it & it is antisemitic & it took away from a great candidate who has nothing to do with antisemitism

  • steven L

    Either she misspoke or the other side misunderstood or both or none! Which one is it?

  • Eitan R

    Shes right though.

  • Lorrie

    She apparently has difficulty in understanding why her chosen words ar found to be so offensive. Take her off the air so she can have time to think about the power of hateful vocabulary.