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September 18, 2015 5:18 pm

Facebook: Video Alleging ‘Jewish Mafia’ Behind 9/11 Doesn’t Violate ‘Community Standards’

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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The September 11, 2001 terror attack on the World Trade Center. Photo: Wiki Commons.

The September 11, 2001 terror attack on the World Trade Center. Photo: Wiki Commons.

A video claiming the “Rothschilds Jewish Mafia” was behind the 9/11 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York does not violate Facebook’s “Community Standards,” The Algemeiner learned on Friday.

Text underneath the three-minute clip alleges the “Jewish mafia” ensured 7 World Trade Center was destroyed to “wipe out all evidence” of the mafia’s “many crimes,” and states as fact that the owner of the World Trade Center, Larry Silverstein, was involved in a conspiracy along with the Rothschild family to make billions off the tragic event.

The video has been viewed over 7,500 times on the social network, which is modest by Internet standards, and shared 276 times.

After the clip was reported to Facebook, the company responded that it “found [the video] doesn’t violate our Community Standards,” which protect users from “content that directly attacks people based on their: race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation,” among other things.

Associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, said the video was “obviously antisemitic,” adding, “we hope [Facebook] scrubs it.”

“In general, anti-Israel and antisemitic stuff is generally not a part of the narrative” concerning conspiracy theories about 9/11, which often allege the whole attack was an inside job. Still, the video in question is “antisemitic and false.”

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  • Emanuel

    First off, that skid mark, Mark Zuckerberg IS the problem, secondly, I hesitated to share this but I will; to say there was zero forewarning or coordination is impossible, some parties did know, the bin ladens, the FBI, Zim, that’s basically a fact, to call those parties “jewish mafia” IS racist so Zuckerberg IS again a douchebag of the highest degree. Anyone interested in the subject I strongly sugest going on YouTube and watching a long video by Mike Ruppert called “Truth and lies of 9/11” Mike (RIP) did an excellent job lecturing using open source info and news items looking at who exactly was involved but it sure wasn’t “jewish mafia” mafia maybe or maybe our government is the mafia and zuckerfuker is a part of it and we should stop admiring a disloyal thief of our information, by any mafia’s standards Mark would be out.

  • Alicia Morell

    It’s unacceptable!! Facebook must remove this video and eliminate this account

    • 911 was an CIA/Mossad ZIONIST False Flag ….go to Youtube and see THE RED PILL FINAL CUT to see the evidence.

  • dante

    the statement that anti-Jewish paranoia or hatred is generally not part of the 9/11 conspiracy theories is probably incorrect; its a component of a number of prominent conspiricist postings.

    in any event, the case in question represents undisguised anti-Jewish bias. if FB has any “community standards” that it intends to uphold, it should start here. otherwise, any “elders of zion” defamation will have been given a nice home on FB.

  • Yoshua

    What people need to understand is this; that when someone blames the Jew’s everyone in world thinks it the everyday person on the streets Israel are the ones they need to blame.
    We’ll! It’s not
    It’s the Zionists that are to blame for every atrocity in the world These people are demons and need to be shown for what they really are.

  • HaDaR

    Facebook seems to have its community standards implemented by the employees of a calling center in Peshawar working for them…
    Kill the Jews, Destroy Israel, and similar pages are OK for them, just as are pages glorifying the III Reich… However, they take down posts daring to say anything about the Mohammedans…even if not incendiary or inciteful at all!

  • Amnon

    And the owner of Facebook has just hired a Muslim kid that was arrested for scaring the heck out of a teacher, married to a Chinese there left wing liberals breading anti Jewish propaganda. OH I forget to mention he is Jewish.

  • Karen Solley

    Please remove this immediately from Facebook it’s it’s a horrific lie and is an active act of anti-Semitism! By Facebook reading this it’s adding to hatred in the hearts of people towards the Jewish people !

  • Carlito234

    Of course the premise is outrageous but in the USA we HONOR the freedom of speech and that includes speech we find offensive. The solution is: COUNTER NARRATIVE. Now make a FB page and DISPUTE their stupidity, it shouldn’t be hard.

  • This is blatantly antisemitic in content and nature. The people behind this HATE absolutely want to destroy Jews anyway they can. These people are no different than the NAZIS, and should NEVER have a platform to spew their vitriol.

  • Obviously the author(s) don’t know or understand Jewish people. We build things, like schools, hospitals, countries . WE DON’T DESTROY.

  • I am sick to death of this conspiracy the Rothschild family are responsible for funding every overt rebellious force against humanity. There is only one truth here and it is thus. Every terrorist act around the world is either funded engineered organized waged etc etc by ISLAM and ISLAM alone and those who have converted to this despicable religion if you can call it a religion. JEWS/Hebrews are not responsible for the ailments on society. Society is responsible for listening to propaganda and compliance with OIL rich nations just as Europe was under the Ottoman Empire.

  • sherry tanzman

    Why would Facebook post an inflammatory article stating that Jews were behind the 9/11 tragedy? I’m so utterly sick and weary of Jews being blamed for every horrible event that happens in the world. I’m surprised Jews weren’t blamed for the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004, the earthquake in Kobe, Japan in 1995 or the eruption of Mt St Helen’s in 1980 or the Oklahoma City bombing – also in 1995. I’M SICK OF IT!

  • Get this crap off Facebook. The Muslims never give up perpetrating lies and nonsense. What would possibly be the motivation for Jews to commit such an act. Totally rediculous and not worth it’s space on Facebook. I will complain to face book as well. Shame on all of you.

  • Mickey Oberman

    This is an example of one of a multitude of reasons why I will not use Facebook or any other “Social Medium”.
    They possess no social concerns or social conscience whatsoever.

  • Josephine Bacon

    Jeremy Corbyn, the new Jew-hating leader of the Labour opposition in the UKprobably endorsed it. Do we know who created it?

  • What amazes me about this, is that despite the two most powerful people at Facebook being Jewish, Zuckerberg and Sandberg, it has not been taken down, but the antisemites will still claim that the media in America, if not the world, is controlled by the Jews to the detriment of others.

  • This is so ridiculous it is laughable. From what I read years ago the Rothchild’s were so intermarried that most of them had hardly any Jewish blood at all. Many have gotten married in churches. So Rothchild’s Mafia I can’t stop laughing. Take this off Facebook. So antisemitic.

  • Fred

    So who were those Arab murderers who flew the planes . What disguises did they have. Who were the masterminds in Saudi Arabia & Egypt and so the mystery goes on, on ….

  • Facebook you should be part of the solution not part of the problem.

  • Pinchas Baram in Boston

    “we hope Facebook scrubs it.” that’s it??

    that’s a pretty feeble comment from the Weisenthal Center. I would have hoped they would have blasted that idiotic, anti-semitic video. Is rabbi cooper afraid of offending mark zuckerberg?

  • duPont

    What a fairy tale! Only the minds of children could have come up with this one. This fiction is like most antiSemitic falsehoods. I guess Jews are so superior that everyone is just threatened to the point of making up fairy tales about them. Get a life. Leave the Jews alone and try living an honest, good and clean life! Find another scapegoat for your insecurities. The Jews don’t bother anybody- stop bothering them. All of your lies, fairy tales,etc., will not change the fact that they are a brilliant, chosen people. It’s too bad Facebook won’t remove discriminatory fairy tales from their sites and in failing to do that, perpetuates lies and falsehoods. FICTION!

  • Elliott J Vizel

    FB’s standards are apparently gutter-worthy.

  • Flea-dumb OF SPEECH ?
    “Freedom of speech is not the right to yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater.”say a Supreme Court justice.

  • Isaac Semaya

    Attention Mark Zuckerberg.
    Free speech in the USA is what this country is all about. There is one no no about free speech. Yelling fire in a theater when there is no fire, is a big big NO NO. Allowing any anti religious statement is the same as yelling fire in a theater. In fact it is much worst. When specially the anti religious statements are absolutely lying about that religion. I hope FaceBook takes note of these facts and starts to remove these anti religious posts. No matter they be Anti-Semitic, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Catholic, Anti-Buddhist or any other religion. FaceBook looses credibility allowing these falsehoods.

  • marlene

    But it should be considered slander because it’s not true – the bush family is not Jewish! And since when does facebook decide when hate speech is violated – it’s the law. FB needs to be sued.

  • Igor

    Facebook doesn’t fight antisemitism, they prefer pleased the haters. Really corrupted company.