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September 20, 2015 7:49 pm

Israeli Website Records 23 Rock Attacks Sunday Morning as Netanyahu Battles Attorney-General Over Rules of Engagement

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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Rock throwing. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

Rock throwing. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

At least 23 rock-throwing and Molotov cocktail attacks against Israelis had been perpetrated by Palestinians in different parts of the country as of 2 p.m. Sunday, the Israeli news site 0404 reported.

Among the violent incidents recorded during the first half of the day alone were an attack on an Israeli fire truck near the Jerusalem suburb of Betar Illit, carried out by masked perpetrators; a family car was pummeled with rocks near Beit Sahour, during an attack on several vehicles simultaneously – with a large rock landing next to a baby’s car-seat. Miraculously, no injuries were sustained in either attack, though damage was done to the vehicles. An IDF officer in the same area was wounded by rocks and rushed to the hospital with an apparent broken leg.

Due to the escalation of Palestinian violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a special security meeting on Sunday to reiterate his call on Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein to approve altering the rules of engagement for IDF soldiers and Israel Police confronting the phenomenon of rock-throwing.

According to information received by Israeli news website nrg, Weinstein said he has only approved the use of the non-fatal Ruger 0.22, the kind employed to disperse riots.

Nevertheless, according to nrg, Weinstein said he would continue to examine the issue.

To complicate matters further, according to 0404, a public bus in Haifa was pelted Saturday night, not by a rock, but rather by a lemon picked from a nearby tree. The impact, however, was equally dangerous to the driver. This is causing some to suggest that if the rules of engagement are changed, they should be extended to include the use of any objects thrown at soldiers or civilians.

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  • Steve Lieblich

    shoot stone-throwers, to kill

    • David Browne

      enough appeasement shoot to kill push the invader from your midst!

  • DockyWocky

    First, let’s allow for the fact that Palestinian “rock throwers” are not simply hand tossing small boulders or hand-sized “rocks,” but for the most part are using the classic rock throwing “sling-type” rock thrower brought to fame by the original Israeli David and his over-sized opponent, Goliath.
    David’s sling was and is classified as a deadly weapon by anyone with a functional brain.
    A sling thrown rock striking a critical part will do the job of putting the victim down, permanently. Any Palestinian slinging rocks is manning a deadly weapon capable of rather rapid fire. Some of these Palestinian “troops” are quite adept withh the weapon and ought to be treated as troops with deadly weapons – therefore, subject to being terminated with equally deadly weapons.

  • mjazzguitar

    They will be attacking synagogues and churches here in America soon.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Arabs living in the Jerusalem area receive all the benefits of an Isreli citizenship from what I understand.

    Take the rights away from them and all the entitlements.

    Arabs only fear force and strength.

    Show them!

  • Atilla

    PM Netanyahu needs to tell Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein to do pound sand and give the IDF and Police total freedom to respond as they deem necessary.

    And ALL leftists need to be purged from all branches of Israel’s administration.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Oops! The second comment was meant for my brother.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Ruger .22? My, my, those Israelis are certainly overreacting. The situation in the photo should require a minimum of a .30 caliber, dead center, just below the neck. If they need instruction on how this can be accomplished, I would be willing to demonstrate. For free!!

  • Lauren Goldman

    The only thing I can say about that photo is; one round in the center of the back just below the neck. I have a skillset which can accomplish this. The stone-throwers are committing attempted murder, so let them experience the end result. Often.

    • mary daly

      what is wrong with you and every other blood thirsty person on here its sooo easy for yous yo want to take lives on every aspect everyday one or more want to start a war over on thing or another its comments like this that turn people against the jews yes there were rocls thrown but to want to shoot and kill is no answer as for you miss goldman you really should be ashamed for your comments

      • Michael Fox

        Mary, the purpose of the Arab brick or Molotov cocktail thrower in Israel is to maim or kill Jews. Your ignorance in defending those intent on murdering Jews belies your not well disguised anti-Semitism.

        It is an obligation in every way possible to defend ones self when your life or another humans is threatened by homicidal physical violence.

      • Kevin

        And what do you think Syrians would do to Israelies throwing rocks at them? And no one would bat an eye at the Syrians either. I guarantee you that only civilized counties with liberal law makers are the only ones with rules of engagement that restrict their forces from using equal force to stop an attack on civilians.

      • Leonie Pipe

        Mary, when your country is taken over by islamofascists and comes crying to Israel about how it can protect itself (cue the Iran water crisis), don’t think for one nanosecond that Israel will listen to the likes of you.

  • Al Cabongawitz

    Since when is an AG a law maker? He is supposed to enforce the law according to that which the lawmakers(elected government) establish. If the “representatives of the people” in the entire Israeli government weren’t so corrupt, someone there would stand up and put the AG in his place.

    • Milhouse

      Welcome to Israel, where the government’s “legal adviser” (I don’t know why the press keep using the term “Attorney General”, which is an utter mistranslation) is in fact a dictator. The Israeli High Court of Justice has ruled that the government must accept the LA’s advice. It can’t even appeal his decisions to a court, because he represents the government in all legal proceedings, even over the government’s explicit objections. And the government gets almost no choice in appointing its “legal adviser”; it must choose from a short list provided by the leftist legal establishment.

      The same applies to every government department; it is assigned a “legal adviser”, who functions as a dictator, overriding the minister’s decisions at will, and the minister cannot get rid of him.

  • Attorney-General Weinstein must alter the rules of engagement, so lethal force can be deployed against Arabs, who throw rocks at soldiers or civilians. This would establish a credible deterrent to greatly reduce violent incidents, and make perpetrators pay a heavy price.

  • Rabid animals who throw rocks need to be shot. Winston Churchill understood this situation when he wrote: “Islam(mohamadism) in a man “is as dangerous as rabies (hydrophobia) in a dog”. Rabid dogs are shot. These rock throwers should be treated the same way.

  • nelson marans

    Considering the number and intensity of attacks by Arab terrorists that have resulted in death and injury to Israeli citizens, it is time to lift the restraints on the response. Let it be known that these attacks will be met not with batons or tear gas but with live ammunition.
    If these Molotov cocktail throwers know what is in store for their murderous attacks then they might cease.

  • ART

    Enough already. Even in the US throwing rocks, Molotov cocktails at vehicles is a felony. We are not talking about pebbles but rather brick sized rocks that can kill and do serious damage. In the US we had a series of attacks on cars by a rifleman in Arizona and it was taken seriously and treated as a felony though no one was directly injured. These attacks in Israel are acts of WAR plain and simple the perpetrators must be treated accordingly and the attacks stopped. As Rabin would say the punishment and reaction must be sevenfold

  • Patti Zentara

    Ah~ those peaceful Palestinians are at it again. If they loathe the conditions in
    Palestine yet are willing to live from money from Israel and work in Israel…
    Why don’t they go back to their country of origin ?

    Usually, the media in thev USA covers no attacks on Israel inclculing stud missiles.
    This is an anti- Semitic world.

    Look no further than Obama, Kerry and the Iran Deal for proof.

  • HaDaR

    Netanyahu named Weinstein…
    He can fire him if he KEEPS ON UNDERMINING every government decision.
    Otherwise he is just a big talker…

    • Milhouse

      No, Netanyahu did not name Weinstein and cannot fire him.

  • John Train

    Simple solution: make Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein drive with an unarmed escort and a standard vehicle through the mobs going to work and coming from work each day. Make him put his body in the same jeopardy as everyone else.

    • Milhouse

      How are you going to make him do that? He gives Netanyahu orders, not the other way around.