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September 24, 2015 3:48 pm

Egyptian Student Convicted of ‘Indecent Ideas’ Posts Passionate Defense of Israel on YouTube (VIDEO)

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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Sherif Gaber, in his clip called 'Why do you hate Israel?' Photo: YouTube/screenshot.

Sherif Gaber, in his clip called ‘Why do you hate Israel?’ Photo: YouTube/screenshot.

A new YouTube clip defending Israel is causing a stir. What is unique about the recently posted video, which has reached more than 60,000 viewers so far, is that its creator is an Egyptian student on the run from authorities who sentenced him to jail after he questioned his professor’s religious, rather than scientific, approach to homosexuality in a science class.

The 22-year-old (now former) sociology major from Suez Canal University in Ismailia, though living in hiding, is continuing to use social media to get his views across.

“Why do you hate Israel?” is the latest in a series of polished videos produced by Sherif Gaber, whose “crimes” — which include “contempt for religion” and the “dissemination of indecent ideas” — were reported to the Egyptian police by university faculty and fellow classmates in 2013. After being thrown in prison and having his computer, phone and books confiscated, Gaber was convicted in February and sentenced to a year of hard labor.

On the verge of escaping the country with the help of an American lawyer who took up his case, Gaber decided to stay in the meantime, because – as he said in an interview last week with Cairoscene, “I’m not a coward.”

From an undisclosed location in Egypt, keeping his distance from his family, who could be put in jeopardy, Gaber has been voicing the opinions that got him into trouble in the first place, “to encourage freedom of speech and help people think and present to them alternative viewpoints, simply to let people know they exist. Whether people want to believe or not is their own choice, not mine. But I didn’t want to simply get arrested without being heard.”

Though most of his focus is on the ills of Muslim society, “Why do you hate Israel?” – showing Gaber ranting in Arabic with English subtitles — takes his critique a step further.

The following are excerpts of the transcript from the video below:

“This is a true story. In 2011, there was this ‘third Palestinian uprising.’ When they said, ‘Let’s unite us – the Arab world – from everywhere’ and attack Israel to free Palestine.

“I myself was about to join them, and actually wanted to free Palestine, back when I was a dumb Muslim. But I tried to understand the situation differently.

“I said, let’s assume that the land actually belongs to the Palestinians. Meaning that the Palestinians came to it first. So it’s theirs. And if someone from outside came to take a piece of it, then it’s called ‘colonization.’ …

“But when I looked at the reality, I found it a bit different. For example, I found that Egypt itself is colonized! How? Egypt was first a Coptic country. But when Abu Ibn Alaas invaded it, he turned it into a Muslim country… They told you that it’s called ‘Islamic conquest.’ But it’s actually colonization…

“Second, I told myself, let’s assume the land is actually theirs, and Israel doesn’t exist. Palestine – what do you think it’ll look like? Will it be like Japan? Will it be like the USA? Or Germany? I mean, will it be a civilized country?

“To put it simply, let’s imagine someone who can’t talk and he found a ‘microphone’ in the ground. Just like the Palestinians when they found themselves on Palestinian land. But that guy who found the ‘mic’ can’t speak, so he can’t use the ‘mic.’

“But there’s this other guy, who saw the mic in the first person’s hand, and he can use the mic really well…

“I told myself, so who should take the mic? The first one, the one who can’t speak or use the mic. He found the mic first, just like if we assumed the Palestinians found the land first.

“But there’s someone else who can use the mic. Just like Israel, when we see it uses its land pretty well. So who should take it? Your ethical thinking may make you choose the first guy, whether he uses it, damages it or even throws it away. But actually, if you thought about it more rationally, you’d find that Israel… is the one who should take it. Cuz it’ll benefit him personally, alongside the other guy who can’t use it.

“Maybe when the guy who can use the mic speaks in it, the other guy may listen and know things he didn’t know. Just like now, when Israel invents many things… And it’s helping the whole world. If Palestine took the land, it would’ve been just like any Arab country…

“What’s happening in Palestine and the continued battles there, only happens because of Hamas. The Palestinian people has nothing to do with anything… the battles are between Israel and Hamas and the armed jihadists.

“In 50 years, what did Israel manage to do? Doubled its population up to ten times. Its agricultural production has expanded 16 times. Its industrial production has expanded 50 times. Its use of water has decreased by 10 percent… The percentage of Israelis engaged in scientific and technological inquiry, and the amount spent on research and development, is the second highest in the world… Israel is the fifth most clean tech country in the world… Israel was ranked 2nd in space sciences… Israel is the best country for women in the Middle East…”

Gaber winds down his tirade by asking rhetorically what Muslims think would happen if they all got their stated wish to band together to defeat Israel and conquer the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

“What then? You won’t develop in science, because you’d already be developed if you could. You Arab countries are the worst in everything…

“In fact, the controversy between Arabs and Israel is no longer because of the land and who deserves it. Actually, Arabs don’t care so much about that. All this anger and violent resentment has nothing to do with anything but envy…”

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  • Person who doesn’t understand that the problem is not a matter of ownership, but that they are pushing the people who were there out violently to conquer land for economic reasons. Religion has nothing to do with it. Israel are jerks.

    • Michael

      Nadia, it is you who doesn’t understand and evidently doesn’t want to. If you were inclined to do actual research on the matter and not blindly accept what you hear or are taught, you would see there is no such entity as “Palestinians”. The Jews were there long before the arabs, who came from other countries. But, unlike Sharif, you are too moronic to think for yourself

      • Barry

        Correct Michael. Nadia makes several mistakes in her brief comment. The Jews were the rightful owners of the land as they were there first, there is no doubt about that.

        They are also the legal owners of the land as the outcome of the San Remo Resolutions in 1920, which were ratified by the League is of Nations in 1922.

        Whereas Arabs have no biblical or legal right to the land. Nadia could not possibly prove otherwise so she makes the comment “Israel are jerks” when the reality Nadia, is you know too little to have any credibility in your remark. Unfortunately, you are very typical.

  • Sarah Olsen

    Dearest Sherif,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful Ytube, for your courage and for your briliant mind. If there be more people like you, we could have hope that there will be peace in the Middle East. The small and courages Israel even in these dangerous suppounding brings so many wonderful discoveries to the whole world to use them for the benefit of all peroples. How much more will be Israel a blessing to the whole world if it will be allowed to live in peace.
    May you be blessed and may the ears of many among your people be open to the truth you are proclaiming.
    Please, also be careful. We want you to live, live and one more time live!

  • Spread the video.

  • Mohamed amin
    This is the true face of Israel just another crusade born of hatred

  • Nirit

    What a brave man. Thank you for speaking up!

  • Omar

    Go search the internet before you talk please man. All what you’re saying is very inaccurate.

    • Zeeva

      Maybe you need to read the history books and the real news, not the brainwashing you are used too. Every statement has been vetted.

      • Zeeva

        Search the internet???? You think everything that is presented in the internet is the truth? OMG! Please disregard my last comment and go back to the stone ages or the 4th century….

  • Henri Noach

    Sherif Gaber is absolutely brilliant, passionate and brave. He should be Israel’s ambassador to the world!

  • deborka

    Invite him to Israel

  • Sherif Gaber may well be a rare and courageous Egyptian but I bet he knows others like himself who are just too scared of retribution to speak up. Sherif represents hope for the future, as the online world of the Internet and Social Media, together with curiosity and a love of learning, make it increasingly difficult for totalitarian regimes to prevent the flow of ideas and of facts. May I suggest Sherif that you provide your followers online with links to the resources that you have found helpful so that they understand that the facts you cite are reliable and accurate and come from globally respected institutions. Keep up the great work and continue forging links with the rest of the world as well as Egyptians. In that way, your presence in Egypt will force the Government to have to confront your rising popularity publicly and with diplomacy and discretion rather than with violence and secrecy.

  • B.Abrahams

    When I worked in Egypt on a lay-barge to connect marine off-shore oil-production platform to refineries in the Sinai peninsula, I was befriended by many Egyptians also working there, from which the youngsters in an inexplicable way guessed I an Jewish, but even admired me, warning me not to make it obvious to some elder managers whom they expected not to be much in favour of Jewish/Muslim friendship. The relationship developed such that, when a barge returned these youngsters to Alexandria because their shift was over, they bade me farewell with tears in their eyes, proving that

  • No Jew has the right to yield the rights of the Jewish People in Israel – David Ben Gurion

    No Jew has the right to yield the rights of
    the Jewish People in Israel –
    David Ben Gurion
    (David Ben-Gurion was the first Prime Minister of Israel and widely hailed as
    the State’s main founder).
    “No Jew has the right to yield the rights
    of the Jewish People in Israel.
    No Jew has the authority to do so.
    No Jewish body has the authority to do so.
    Not even the entire Jewish People alive today
    has the right to yield any part of Israel.
    It is the right of the Jewish People over the generations, a right that under
    no conditions can be cancelled.
    Even if Jews during a specific period proclaim
    they are relinquishing this right, they have neither the power nor the
    authority to deny it to future generations.
    No concession of this type is binding or
    obligates the Jewish People. Our right to the country – the entire country –
    exists as an eternal right, and we shall not yield this historic right until
    its full and complete redemption is realized.”
    (David Ben Gurion, Zionist Congress, Basel,
    Switzerland, 1937.)
    “No country in the world exists today by
    virtue of its ‘right’.
    All countries exist today by virtue of their
    ability to defend themselves against those who seek their destruction.”
    “Man can live about forty days without food,
    about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for
    one second without hope”

  • NCS

    Amazing young man who thinks for himself with a rational mind.

  • Be careful Sheriff…free men and women need you and your voice. Be safe!

  • Dani

    This guy is brave and corageus. I know that some arabs would like to kill him for what he said but there are others that, even if they don’t agree with his ideas, they can feel respect for a valient young student.

  • Rosana

    Making a ractification. I said: ” …we would live in Peace, for sure..

    • hulabalou

      Learn English first.

  • Rosana

    Congratulations for your courage. If there were more like you, we woundn live in Peace for sure…Changes begin when thinking free

    • jeffberkman

      I applaud your bravery and your free thinking. You are a friend of the truth.

  • Tony Rice

    Answer to the question is jealousy and embarrasment due to the comparison between their performance and that of Israel.

  • Brenda Claveloux

    Such a brave young man. I fear for his life.

  • Wow, it is not only the truth but spoken by an Egyptian gives it that much more credibility. Every Palestinian should listen and hear what he is saying.

  • Ebenezer Samuel

    If this is true, then there is hope for tomorrow. Sheriff Gaber may be a lone voice today but tomorrow will bring thousands, hundred of thousands may be million Sheriff Gabers.


    I’d like to commend this young man for his courage to speak out about the deficiencies of his own people. What he speaks is the truth in his own mind because of what he learns is the truth in actions of a country determined to do good and be counted among the contributing nations of the world, while his Arab countries , who should be just as productive if not moreso by population alone,chose to hate , and vow for destruction the very nation that could have been such a viable partner in industrial excellence.It’s mind boggling. !!!


      I’d like to commend this young man who speaks the truth about a nation that is determined to do good and be counted among the most productive nations of the world.He professes the deficiencies of the Arab countries , ashamed of their inabilities to compete out of population numbers alone,and their refusal to learn and work alongside a neighbour who would be willing to teach and live in peace as true and viable neighbours.both Arabs and Israeli’s could be leaders in the industrialised world with pride and friendship. It’s just plain mindboggling.

  • Dante

    The last item is the answer to the question asked by the video. The hatred is furnaced by resentments and envy, like Jew-hatred usually is.

  • The only ‘indecent idea’ is that he can be persecuted for speaking the truth.

  • This young man was looking to leave egypt and live in usa running away from prison so simple and easy to do it abd succeeded to keep live there and have more help he found it easy to do something up normal so he made this declaration regarding Israel cause if any reasonable and any one feel human will never support or love israel any way see the daily suffering of Palestinian I think u r smart and know that

    • Eran

      Well, Israeli Arabs are the most educated in the whole middlest, they live longer and israel is the only place in the middleast were a Muslim is not only free but safe. Its the only place where Arab can choose their way of life.

      The so called Palestinians, in the west bank enjoy better life and more freedom of any of their brothers in the countries around and the only pla e where they suffer is in Gaza where the Islamic terrorist regime ruls.

      So called Plastinians of the west bank enjoy better education, the benefits of israel hospitals and free electricity from Israel (its not free but they refuse to pay yet Israel still supply it). And… they are the only Muslims in the area that dont have to worry from ISIS due to the IDF protction

    • Nirit

      How typical
      You can’t see pass your own hatred.

  • Atilla

    Who is actually in charge of Egypt ?

    El-Sisi or the muslimes in control of the so-called judiciary?

  • Posted from youtube comment section: This should be added to the website of the World Movement for the Culture of Peace for the Children of the World. Fifteen years ago, the world was proclaiming the International Year for the Culture of Peace. UNESCO had an excellent program that would have given the world the tools to choosing peace easier than resorting to war. Instead, the western powers chose weapons and bribery. We should get an inquiring process reactivated.

  • Peter Nasser

    I love Egypt, from which my family comes, in spite of its problems. I think that Sherif is more provocative than he needs to be or is wise for him. However, he is right about hatred against Israel: This hatred has been a disaster for Arabs; it has deflected attention from the shortcoming in Arab society and has provided a convenient excuse for every failure. Now, the hatred of Israel, which, despite the dispute with the Palestinians, is NOT a threat to the Arab world, has blinded the Arabs to the Persian threat, which is a very real threat to the Arabs. Israel has no wish to control Jordan or Syria or Iraq or Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, the Gulf States, etc., etc. But the Persians want to be an imperial power; they want to make the Arabs their vassals.

    Sherif should be more careful; he is not a coward; in fact, he is very courageous, but he should realize that Egypt is a very traditional country that is not accustomed to the views that he has expressed. Egypt would benefit from more original thinkers like Sherif but he would do well to be more discreet. I wish him the best.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    Wow. He really said it.

    • jeffberkman

      Nasser, you are a reasonable man… I/we speak in favor of good relations with Egypt, Israel, and The USA.

  • Harvey Friedman

    Sherif has hit it dead on. My only question is, if he knows this, why hasn’t the rest of the Arab world figured it out. Israel has given more to mankind than any other country, but yet as long as leaders of Hamas and other groups keep a tight rain on their people there can never be peace in the Middle East. It boils down not only about envy, but also the greed and power of those in control of Iran and the Palestinians.

  • Lowa

    This guy could easily solve the Middle East Peace Conflict….. if he doesn’t get assassinated first by those lovely Pro-Palestinians!!

  • Barbara

    Let’s hope this brave young man stays safe!

  • More power to this young Egyptian student. He is doing
    clear thinking and has a mind of his own. Hopefully he
    will be able go far.

  • jay

    You speak strong Truth and there is so much more.Welcome to my home in Israel.

  • Benjamin Weiss

    I pray sincerely for this beautiful kid, to get out of Egypt and to some country where he will be safe. He could easily be a journalist or TV personality in a country like Israel or some Western country, where he would be appreciated and safe.

  • Salomon S Mizrahi

    Wow! fantastic! His criticism also applies to the Leftist and Liberal jews! They are not so much different from the Muslim bigots!

  • You gotta love this guy.

  • Anthony Dayton

    A heartening story – this young man has much courage and wisdom beyond his years.

  • Tabitha Korol

    You are an amazing young man, who learned to think when everyone else in a totalitarian regime only learns to follow orders. You are the kind of person who would do very well in Israel, in any democratic country, because you would be interested in many things, find one that suits you, and strive to do your best for yourself and for your host country. You deserve a good life and at this time of year, the Jewish New Year, I wish you a long life of happiness, good health, and success in all your endeavors. May you never live in fear again.

  • Debra Michels

    Oh – this young man is so courageous and so alone! Please, everybody pray for him – that he evade those who would torture and kill him, or imprison him – and pray also for the Muslim Umma (community)- that it come to its senses concerning Israel and that Muslims, Christians and Jews begin to treat each other the way each group wants to be treated, itself…

  • suzy

    Welcome, welcome, welcome!

  • Watch the last three minutes. You will be moved.