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September 24, 2015 1:48 pm

UK Police Nab Arsenal Fans Over Smashing Spurs Stadium as ‘Back to Auschwitz’ Chanters Remain Free

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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White Hart Lane, where Arsenal fans ripped up infrastructure and chanted antisemitic slurs. Photo: Wikipedia.

White Hart Lane, where Arsenal fans ripped up infrastructure and chanted antisemitic slurs. Photo: Wikipedia.

British police have apprehended several suspects for damaging the stadium at White Hart Lane in London, but it appears other fans at the highly anticipated Arsenal-Tottenham Hotspur match yesterday — chanting “Back to Auschwitz you go” — are getting off scot-free.

According to Ireland’s The 42 for sport, “A section of Arsenal fans are set to face an investigation from the police and the Football Association after tearing down hoardings at White Hart Lane following Wednesday’s League Cup victory over Tottenham.”

Reports from the game, such as the one from sports writer James Maw of FourFourTwo Magazine, said Arsenal fans began chanting about Auschwitz “in the middle of police escort,” as the match drew to a close following Mathieu Flamini’s 78th-minute goal that ended a two-game drag for Arsenal.

Guardian sports writer Daniel Harris responded to Maw bluntly: “That sh-t should be self-policed.”

Legendary Arsenal player Ian Wright shamed Arsenal fans espousing antisemitic language in a tweet to his million-plus followers, saying: “Gotta say, reading some of the tweets the Spurs fans are sending about what AFC fans say about the Holocaust! Ashamed!”

But fans did more than spout antisemitic slurs from the bleachers. A group of Arsenal fans also decided to start ripping up the Spurs’s stadium as they celebrated, starting with the advertisements hanging from the stands.

Police said the suspects are charged with tearing down banners and destroying perimeter boards.

Antisemitic and Nazi-like chanting is nothing new at European matches. Just last month, a football match in Berlin between TuS Makkabi and BFC Meteor ended in violent brawls and back-and-forth antisemitic and anti-Muslim slurs.

In Utrecht last April, fans from the home team chanted antisemitic rhymes at visiting Ajax Amsterdam, a city apparently renowned for its Jewish community — things like “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas,” and “My father was in the commandos, my mother was in the SS, together they burned Jews, because Jews burn the best!”

Shimon Samuels, director for international relations at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told the Washington Post that the problem of neo-Nazi manifestations among diehard soccer fans has been an item since the 1980s.

The problem even led the Football Conference at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam to discuss the antisemitism rampant in European soccer. From the Anne Frank House website:

The past decades antisemitism in football context has been a very visible and at times large problem in different countries. In the Netherlands rivalry between Ajax supporters (identified as a ‘Jewish’ club) and supporters of other football clubs caused – often large scale – antisemitic incidents in and around football matches. Apart from that there have been incidents also around football players with an Israeli nationality and with Israeli football clubs.

In England the FA was seeking for solutions for rivalry between Tottenham Hotspurs (identified by rival club supporters as a Jewish club) and fans of other clubs, degenerating in antisemitic incidents. In Germany organised fans are opposing antisemitic incidents in the stadiums, apparently primarily caused by right wing extremist hooligan groups. In Poland problems with antisemitic fans were widely exposed in advance of the Euro 2012-tournament and targeted by UEFA and Polish authorities.

It seems that these problems have a common appearance (antisemitic incidents) but very different roots and contexts.  A first look at measures taken by authorities, football organisations an football clubs suggests that in that respect also large differences between countries are visible also.


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  • duPont

    Anti- Jewish behaviours from Christians always puzzle me. In effect they are denigrating, insulting and defaming the blood relatives of Jesus, their supposed saviour. When Jesus was crucified, he was still a Jew. How can any Christian in good conscience revive the evil of the Nazis and Hitler who in effect continued to spill the blood of Jesus through his people, the Jews? I can only presume that their Christian education has been sorely wanting.

    I agree with Julian’s comment that we need to work together to educate all members of the religious societies that we are all the same in the eyes of God and hurting those of any one particular religion actually hurts all religions.

    • Bindoon Blood

      These people are not Christians,they know nothing of Christ or the Gospels,know nothing about Judaism either. True Christians,those who have taken Christ into their lives ,love and respect the Jewish people ,as a people, as Brothers and Sisters. Our Lord ,as you say,was a Jew in His Earthly existence as were all the disciples and followers.Early Christians and Jews worshipped together in the same synagogues.
      Ignorant and/or malicious people in the institution of the Church divided Christ’s followers and their brethren.The early church accused the Jews of Deicide,but unaccountably they forgot that Jesus said from the cross,”forgive them ,they know not what they do”.
      please don’t think these thugs represent Christians,they represent themselves ,that’s all.

  • Atilla

    The UK’s gestapo, always blind to anything anti-Semitic.

    But always the first to protect islime.

    • Bindoon Blood

      Let me assure you that the average British citizen has no ill will towards the Jews.Many,if not most do support Israel by and large and it is only disinformation from the left that clouds their understanding of some Israeli actions.
      The Church at present is weak.It has been infiltrated by left wing activists and many are apologists for Islam,often out of a toady cowardice. Jesus warned that the wolves would get amongst the flock and would not spare the sheep.
      Jews and Christians should be the closest of friends and partners because we have one God.Us Christians ask nothing of the Jews but we do pray for their recognition of Jesus as their prophesied Messiah and saviour.Don’t concern yourself with the mindless thugs,they don’t know anything and, worse,don’t want to know.

  • Well, Europe has gotten rid of most of its’ Jews, and now they will have the pleasure of the Islam Invasion. Let’s see if they like this better. As Jews leave, many millions of Syrians, and others will have immigrated. They never assimilate, always seek to dominate. Your in for a big change!

    • Bindoon Blood

      You are right and it is a very poor exchange.We will ,as you say,live to regret our stupidity. It is not the British that have driven out Jews or made them afraid ,it is the Islamic immigrants.this is the same in all of Europe.

  • Benjamin Weiss

    How sad.Hate and bigotry is always disgusting and shows how low some people will stoop. ‘The death knell of the wicked is evil.Psalm 34 verse 22. But I am very proud and grateful of Germany and Poland for trying to put a stop to this ugly display of anti-semitism.

  • Yosef Leib

    AS Jewiah Arsenal fan, very ashamed of this garbage. These hooligans need to be brought to justice.

  • Seth Lefkow

    British soccer fans, the UK’s equivalent of America’s Trailer Trash, are in for a shock. When their kids are just getting out of the Brit equiv of High School, Great Britain will be a muslim country. The chickens wil have come home to roost.

    France will precede it by a few years and no one gives a damn about Italy.

    And the U.S. is considering taking 100,000 “refugees”? Dumb idea.

  • Julian Clovelley

    I know that part of London very well as it was many years ago. Jewish people and non – Jewish people lived happily side by side, their children sitting next to each other, and playing together, in the schools

    I only remember two antisemitic incidents in all that time, and one was very minor. Each had a core individual who had picked up antisemitic attitudes from his parents. One was a friend, and I persuaded him to apologise, because I was so upset myself and displayed it openly

    The most important thing to do in England – my birth country – and in Australia where I now live, is to quietly let non Jewish friends know this is happening. Historically in the twentieth century, the British defended their Jewish neighbours. We don’t like Fascism or Fascist behaviour

    My deepest sympathy to those that feel hurt. I may not agree with certain Israeli Government polices and with elements of what I see as extremism within Jewish communities – but this kind of insult and treatment is totally unacceptable, and I have no doubt that the vast majority of decent ordinary people in Britain, and of course Australia, would feel the same

    Backwardness is always sad and the perpetrators are generally the worst victims. We need vast social change if our societies are to be safe and stable.. Let’s all work together on this