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September 30, 2015 1:29 pm

Student Leader in California Blasted for ‘Blatantly Antisemitic’ Remarks, Holocaust Denial

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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1487778_688766751167906_1344328788_o (1)Sacramento region community college student trustee Cameron Weaver’s recent comments questioning the number of Jewish Holocaust victims are “blatantly antisemitic” and constitute “clear Holocaust denial,” said one of the heads of a nonprofit organization committed to combating antisemitism at institutions of higher learning in the U.S. on Wednesday.

“Weaver’s comments are a clear form of Holocaust denial,” said AMCHA Initiative co-founder Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, a University of California, Santa Cruz lecturer. “They are not only ‘troubling, misguided and abhorrent,’ as Los Rios Community College President Johnson has called them; they are blatantly antisemitic and should be identified as such by college administrators.”

Weaver raised eyebrows following a September 18 interview with the Current, the student newspaper of the American River College, a community college near Sacramento.

“Now I’m definitely not gonna go out and venture and say anything like, ‘Oh, the Holocaust didn’t happen.’ There are tons of people that make that argument. And from a really non-biased perspective, I completely disagree, but I also completely agree. What I mean when I say both is I don’t know the answer,” Weaver told the paper, according to the Sacramento Bee, which reported the incident on Tuesday.

The student representative, who receives an $8,500 annual stipend for his role, also alleged that a share of the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust were actually killed in prior acts of religious persecution, according to the Bee. 

Los Rios Community College board president Dustin Johnson distanced the school from the remarks, saying they flew in the face of historical accuracy.

Weaver, meanwhile, apologized for the “tumult” caused by the interview, saying the story did not “accurately reflect my views.” Weaver did not, however, take back his claims.

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  • Bob

    How is it nasty and bigoted to question history?

    Do you think you “jews” might need to grow up – and shut up? Seriously.

    Russia lost 27 million people and you keep carping on. People are really sick of it.

    You are truly a selfish, narcissistic, self infatuated identifiable group – without doubt.

    Grow up.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Back in the 1960’s in a five star East Coast university we had a visiting professor of 20th Century History. He spent a lot of lectures on WW2, but only in the last lcture of the series did he allude to the Holocaust, saying, ‘If there was a Jewish problem before WW2, after the war there wasn’t’ !!?? Regarding California, Holocaust denial does not begin at college level. A CA school district gave 8th grade pupils an opinion essay to discuss inter alia whether the Holocaust was a Jewish plot to demand money from Germany !!??

  • Uriel Priwes

    I cannot believe that anyone can be admitted into university who is quite this ignorant. This person is not speaking from ignorance. He is knowingly uttering an antisemitic lie, and deserves to be exposed as the bigoted hateful person that he is.

  • I am glad to sharing your thing, let me know so much about your information.

  • Lloyd Grauman

    General Eisenhower was correct when he ordered that photo documentation be taken as evidence of the horrors of the holocaust. He said that one day people will say that it never happened.
    Germany to this day acknowledges the atrocities of the Nazi regime of the 30’s and during World War II. I just wonder if this young man ever took a world history course.
    Perhaps he should watch the Nuremberg trials and the trial of Adolph Eichman who made claim in his defense that he was a “cog in the wheel” of what went on.
    He is entitled to his opinion but not to tell such an outright lie and continue to receive an $8,500 stipend.
    My parents lived that that hell. To put it in perspective, when I took my dad to see Shindler’s List and asked him whether Speilberg did a good job in the film presentation he told me that in reality it was much, much worse.
    If Weaver did take a history course…his grade should be changed!

  • Steven Kalka

    Maybe he should be asked what sources he’s read that would indicate far fewer victims or that they occurred in an earlier time. I wonder if he’s the product of the current school system. If he denied the Holocaust completely, it would be clearly anti-Semitic.

    • Bob

      How can you ask him about “sources” when he is being demonized and abused?

      Ask a simple question – how is it Raul Hillberg put the deaths at Auschwitz at around 1.6 million and the plaque at Auschwitz was lowered by half but you are all STILL insisting on the 6 million figure?

      Its a simple question that “ordinary people” are asking and your behaviour when asked gives over to the next question – “Jews go crazy when you question ANYTHING about this event. What do they have to hide?”

  • Pear

    Weaver should be stripped of his title!

    • Bob

      Kill him as well. He doesn’t believe entirely in something you believe in. Maybe you should kill all his children too? Call him an Amelakite?

      Do you think you are all quite insane?

  • ivana

    This idiot kid shows the true value of most college education today…training for NOTHING and can’t even think for himself. “I completely disagree…I completely agree…I don’t know”. Now how’s that for clear college-level thinking?! If my goldfish could talk, it might say something like that.

    And for this the residents of the PRC (People’s Republic of California) pay this kid $8500…good luck with that.

  • Has the College rescinded its payment that keeps this person in a place where he can spout his drivel?

  • Isaac Semaya

    When some one says I’m not sure the Holocaust happened or it might not be that many. then I would wonder how a California College would admit that person who clearly FLUNKED ALL OF HIS HISTORY COURSES !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cgg

    Why is he still a student there? He should be booted out.

  • Otto Schiff

    Antisemitism is evidence of a disease.

    • Bob

      Jews baying for blood when people don’t believe what they believe is a symptom of a disease. Psychopathology.

      You have a psycho religion where you your “god” calls for you to wipe out all living things. Read the book of Joshua – then you complain people are nasty bigots? You claim yourselves for a “race” then DEMAND a “jewish state” – to the exclusion of all others.

      Do you think you all might be completely insane?

  • ART

    There is nothing sacred these miserable bigots will not desecrate They lie play nasty word games because they are afraid to clearly state their ugly ideas.. Maybe our smart Jewish kids should start boycotting these schools. The schools need their SATS, GPAs and $.

  • Linda Ansell

    I am appalled and saddened at the Holocaust comments
    made by student trustee,Cameron Weaver. Even though he is a student he still reflects and represents the trustees of American River College.
    The ignorance and misinformed Weaver is a disgrace representing the students and college.

    This week my family watched on KVIED TV channel several hours of Hitler’s plans and WWII that were presented by National Geographic. I hope someone sends him copies of them for him to educate his ignorance.

    He wants to be in politics well, I think he will not go far I hope as people and students will never forget these terrible comments.

  • .

    At a time when the Palestinian Arab terror war on Israelis is in full spin, it is shocking that JTA would welcome an oped to encourage Jewish educators to teach the “Palestinian perspective”…/op-ed-why-jewish-educators-need-to-tea…
    This is a time when JTA should cover the ‘education’ that the PA indoctrinates into every school child, especially in the UNRWA schools, which are financed in part by the US government.

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    Op-Ed: Why Jewish educators need to teach the Palestinian perspective

    Why do Jewish institutions encourage critical thinking about ancient Jewish texts — but avoid this approach when it comes to Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?


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