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October 1, 2015 11:03 am

Israeli Border Policewoman’s ‘Courageous’ Handling of Palestinian Rioter Goes Viral

avatar by David Daoud

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Sergeant Shani Keren Feldman became an internet sensation after a picture of her arresting a Palestinian rioter went viral. PHOTO: Facebook.

Sergeant Shani Keren Feldman became an internet sensation after this picture of her arresting a Palestinian rioter went viral. Photo: Facebook.

An Israeli Border Police officer became an internet sensation on Wednesday after photos of her arresting an Arab rioter in Jerusalem’s Old City started circulating on social media, Israel’s nrg news website reported.

Sergeant Shani Keren Feldman also received praise from Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan for her handling of the Palestinian, who had sprayed gas at a security guard.

On his Facebook page, Erdan commented on meeting the “brave” officer. She “did not hesitate to grab and overpower the rioter, while fending off other Arab rioters trying to extricate him from her grip,” Erdan gushed.

He also praised Feldman for her “courage and performance,” adding, “I salute you!”

Israeli website 0404 even proclaimed that Feldman had “restored honor to Jerusalem,” after videos surfaced on Tuesday of Jewish worshipers being harassed and humiliated by Arabs in the Old City as they made their way to Sukkot prayers at the Western Wall.

Social media users also circulated memes of Feldman’s chokehold of the rioter, with various humorous captions.

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  • Atilla

    I have nothing but admiration for Sergeant Feldman……
    however I feel she was exposing herself ( and other Israelis in the future ….) to unnecessary danger by not just shooting the POG.

    As ” z ” said , the filth will be back out on the street too soon………and the cycle of violence repeats itself.

  • Sergeant Feldman, I take my hat off to you. I like the look you gave the dirtbag in your chokehold. Wish I could have seen it in person. Thanks for your service. Prayers for you and your people from the Great State of Alaska.

  • Michael Ellis

    May the Lord continue to watch over you as you accomplish difficult tasks to protect The Chosen City.

  • Sofia

    Congratulations to Officer Feldman who is trained to deal with thugs –
    Unfortunately, Israel has to train all their young men and women, so that they are able to protect their people, and their Country.

    Thugs don’t take kindly to this treatment – they are cowards and hide behind their Mother’s skirts.

  • you are a courageous woman. Thank you

  • Lauren Goldman

    See, fool? This is why it is called a chokehold. Hold it for a couple of more minutes, Sergeant Feldman.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Except for the bad press it would generate, she should have chocked him unconscious. Still, the arab looks good in a choke hold. Wonderful photo, and kudos to Sergeant Feldman.

  • Dale Baranowski

    Atta girl! Her handling of the situation was brilliant! Since Islam regards women as inferior to men, and Jewish women even more inferior than Muslim women, her act of throttling that man puts that Arab man to shame as well as all the others who tried but failed to extricate their fellow from her hold. According to Arab cultural assumptions this should never happen because Jews should be weak and Jewish women even weaker. Only problem is that the one whom she throttled will feel compelled to strike back at Jews, and maybe even harder at a Jewish woman, in order to remove the shame and regain his lost honor.

  • Congratulations, Sergeant Feldman!! And the gratitude of many of us who are not Israelis and do not live in Israel.

  • Pinchas Baram in Boston

    a nice contrast to yesterday’s pic of chareidi Jewish kids crying and bawling like babies because some fat Moslem woman was yelling at them.

  • ART

    Obama/Kerry/hillary will probably denounce this as an obstacle to peace. Israel must reestablish security and law in Jerusalem arab attacks must be stopped. All “prisoner” releases ended. World opinion be dam-ed Israel must act to protect its citizens, besides other than a mass Jewish suicide whatever Israel does is condemned.

  • Coreyny

    Don’t mess with a Jewish woman.

    You should know better. Oy.

    Don’t they teach you that in like, 2nd grade?

    Hazzak v’amaetz

  • Seth Lefkow

    Gutsy lady. And smart. I have to assume two things: 1) she was armed, and 2) she had no back-up close by. By using non-lethal force she demonstrated her authority in a situation where too many American police officers would have shot the P.O.G. (piece of garbage). Further, facing off a number of arabs while maintaining her hold on the perp required required an admirable amount of courage. Way To Go, Sarge!

    • Barbara Biggs

      Good for her… amazing woman of courage.. with God on her side… (y) (y)

  • art frank

    Brava lady! You brought the savage down. Hope you kicked its ass.

  • z

    Yeah, and the Vatican sponsored “Israeli” judges and gov mafia will release these Jihadi punks tomorrow morning. What a joke and sad circus all this is.

  • Why wasn’t Feldman legally allowed or entitled to choke him to death?