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October 4, 2015 5:24 pm

Wounded Widow, Mother of Injured Baby Recounts Tale of Jerusalem Terror From Hospital Bed: ‘The Arabs Watching Just Laughed’

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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Newly widowed Adele (Benita) Bennett. Photo: Screenshot.

The mother of newly widowed Adele (Benita) Bennett. Photo: Screenshot.

“I ran several meters with a knife stuck in my shoulder, covered in blood,” newly widowed Adele (Benita) Bennett told Israel’s Channel 2 on Sunday, from her hospital bed in Hadassah-Ein Kerem. “And the Arabs watching applauded and spit at me, calling out, ‘You should die, too.'”

The 22-year-old wife of murdered Aharon (Benita) Bennett, whose funeral she was unable to attend due to the critical injuries she sustained in the Jerusalem terror attack on Saturday night, recounted the terrifying ordeal, in which her two-year-old son was also stabbed. The baby, whose injury was described by doctors as “light,” was transferred Sunday afternoon from Shaarei Zedek Medical Center to Hadassah, to be reunited with his mother.

Adele’s account is as follows:

We were walking to the Kotel [the Western Wall]. We saw that a lot of people were walking alongside us. We didn’t think there would be a problem. The streets were crowded.

We prayed at the Kotel. And on our way back, there were lots of people around us.

We got to an area where we suddenly noticed that we were alone. Everyone had disappeared. I asked Aharon, ‘Where is everybody?’ [Because] there weren’t enough people around for us to feel safe.

So we decided to run to a safer area, near security forces, and then we would continue on our way.

Suddenly, he [the terrorist] emerged from one of the shops, that vile murderer. I didn’t understand what was happening to me.

I felt someone at my back, and then I saw my husband starting to confront him. Aharon punched him in the face. My husband is a big man; he really fought with him. He’s extremely strong… [But then the terrorist turned around] and started stabbing me, and after that resumed stabbing my husband.

Many Arabs were around us watching what was happening. They simply laughed and smiled.

I really begged, ‘Help me, help me!’

He [the terrorist] pushed Aharon down to the ground and continued stabbing him. I tried to fight him, to get the knife out of his hand. I realized I wouldn’t be able to; I felt I was about to fall. I thought I had to alert security forces.

[When I reached them], I told them that I was wounded and that my children and my husband were back there. I fell on the ground; I couldn’t move.

As I ran to them, I heard cursing; I got slapped, yelled at. They were animals. I felt that it had been organized.

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  • Mari

    Disgusting.Cant they at least leave the innocent children out of it? I dont support either side, but an adult that harms a child is a coward.

  • Sofia B

    It makes ones blood boil and run cold. This is a tragedy beyond words – these murderers and the watchers are not human – these are the young that were brought up by their parents to hate and kill Jews.
    They contribute nothing to Humanity – creating death and destruction – and the UN and the world is writing that Jerusalem is locked down in the old city for a few days.

    Words can’t destroy our sorrow – we are for now save in Canada, but for how long? Having been born in 1940 in Poland, as a child I know the agonies of war and destruction and I am afraid. Afraid and especially afraid for the Jewish people that have given the world so much of their knowledge, medicine and invention to help everyone.
    G-d bless them.

  • Will these Arabs be charged under our law:
    Good Samaritan Law, 1998 – Published 30 June 1998
    1. (a) It is an obligation of a person to aid a person in front of him, due to a sudden, severe and immediate danger to his life, to his bodily integrity or to his health, when the person nearby can help, without risking or endanger himself.

    (b) Someone who notifies the authorities or alerts another person who can provide the assistance required, is deemed to have helped for the purposes of this Act; In this section, “authorities” – the Israel Police, Magen David Adom and firefighting service.

    2. (a) The provisions of Section 5 of the Unjust Enrichment Law, 1979, shall also apply when the qualifying person operated under his obligation under Section 1.

    (c) The court may require the person causing the danger that the aided person encountered, including the aided person himself if he caused this danger, to indemnify those who assisted in accordance with their obligation under the provisions of Article 1 for reasonable expenses and disbursements incurred.

    3. Subject to the provisions of Article 2 (a), there is nothing in the provisions of this Act that shall derogate from the provisions of the law.

    4. A person who contravenes the provisions of Section 1 of this Act, shall be liable to a fine.

    5. The Minister of Justice is responsible for implementation of this law.

    6. The commencement of this law is at the conclusion of 90 days from its publication.

    Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister
    Tzachi Hanegbi Minister of Justice
    Ezer Weizman President
    Dan Tichon Speaker of the Knesset

  • max Genghis Cohen

    The stabbings of the Bennett couple together with Arab jeering and spitting at them reflects inhumane behavior that rises to the levels of dehumanized beasts. They need to be put down as rabid and incurable animals.

  • Valentina Perakh

    What is Israeli government doing about the Jerusalem terror?
    Why people of Israel are not raising they voices, not protesting, not demonstrating? Why the way to The Wall is not secured? It is so frustrating that Jews are again slotted and yet in their won country! The World said “Never again” after the Nazi’s Regime but it is again by all Muslim’s regimes and the World is silent!
    People,wake up! These regimes are more terrifying then the Nazi’s one. These regimes will not spare anyone,not only Jews!

  • Ezra

    Here is another lesson well learned. A Palestinian Arab doesn’t necessarily need to be a “terrorist” to stand by and watch while another Palestinian Arab terrorist murder innocent Jews. The fact remains that both are guilty of murder; one for committing it and the other for allowing it to happen, and even more, delighting in the prospect.

    So when the world bemoans the poor Palestinians, we need to tell them to go to hell. We, U.S. Jews, need to finally come to grips with the idea that all Palestinians are in fact out to murder us. It’s just a question of which Palestinian will wield the knife and which will stand back and laugh as our innocents are being murdered.

    Oh, and I haven’t heard any ultra liberal Jewish groups condemn the recent murders. Any idea why?

  • Atilla

    The only solution is to ethnically cleanse the Jewish state in it’s entirety of these feral scum.

    By any and all means.

    Allowing scorpions to live in your home is insanity.

  • Alberto Wyman

    While exist such asymmetry between the jewish and arab behaviors, this will continue. Why an arab can walk safe and quiet through the streets of Tel Aviv, or Haifa and a Jew cannot walk safe and quiet in Jerusalem or Jericho ?
    When the Jews begin to stab the arabs in the same way that the arabs stab to the Jews, may be that the arabs begin to want peace. Till now, the palestinians can live a relative calm life if they don’t make riots. When that calm is gone, perhaps the arabs begin to desire peace.

  • Michael Jacobs

    Whenever people consider themselves superior to others, they literally lose their capacity for compassion. This happened as a result of the Nazi doctrine of a German ‘Master race’ during the years 1933-1945, and it has applied to the Mohammedans ever since their Prophet migrated from Mecca to Medina, at the start of the Islamic calendar, roughly 1,400 years ago. In its most basic expression, Islam is a callous political ideology calling for and enjoying the murder of those it considers as infidels. In my opinion, it is disgraceful and blasphemous to call Islam a religion.

  • Robert Shorin

    One of Israel’s Generals (I don’t remember who) stated that he learned why Israel’s enemies would attack innocent children on a school bus instead of Israel’s military installations. He learned that the purpose of Arab warfare was to inflict pain on the enemy, and if they hurt their enemies — in this instance Israeli citizens — they would feel they had won. Pure vengeance and feeling that they got the upper hand in the battle.

  • Ephraim

    Music to our jihadist-in-chief’s ears.

  • nelson marans

    Although I, along with many others, do not have an answer to a looming intifada, I would suggest that any effort to appease the terrorists would be self-defeating. The soft approach was used after the two previous intifadas with the first leading to the failed Oslo accords. The second effort through a one-sided proposed deal with Yasir Arafat gave a second intifada.
    A velvet glove has proven useless. Would an iron fist be better? At a minimum,all restrictions on killing terrorists should be lifted and deportation of the families of terrorists’ families should be instituted..

  • I discovered recently that the Church of my youth has been stolen by greedy Demons
    In Human form. They lied to the aged Deacons. They claimed they were going to ” replant”
    The Church. The ring leader posing as a pastor, is actively recruiting Arab Muslims, claiming
    That he is converting them to Christianity. I am going to mail his flock this article.

  • Robert Davis

    I am not surprised arabs are laughing at jews. If they controled Western Palestine they would have expelled all the jews since a long time and the whole matter would have been settled long ago. All of these problems are the result of leftwing jews and their bloody governments present ovt.included. This matter can be settled ONLY by a rightwing Israeli government.Israelneeds badly FEIGLING and since Netanyahu loves so much blabber he should represent Israel at the UN. This PM is blabber master not a Statesman, he CANNOT give peace to Israel no matter how long he stays at the helm.

  • Art frank

    They are animals. All of them. The result of thousands of years of inbreeding. They must be
    Confined. Those who murder must be put immediately like rabid dogs.

  • Seth Lefkow

    I feel badly for you and your troubles. My ten three-week “hitches as a volunteer in the IDF with Sar-El (Google it) have left me with a deep understanding and love for the land and people. It might go against your beliefs, and if does, I’ll understand, but I feel that if more Israelis carried a gun, less Israelis would be killed. Arabs are cowards, kill from ambush, attack the defenseless, and when confronted one-on-one, will flee.

    Heal quickly, God bless Israel and its people.

  • sifter

    Those shops should be disappeared. How many Jews have to die while those shopkeepers “laugh,spit” at victims?

  • brenrod

    the shopkeepers were part of the plan, the reason why no one was around is that the arabs knew what was going to happen. One of them was lying in wait in the shop known by the shopkeeper. The video shows they were part of the murder. Every anti semite on that street should have been shot dead after the terrorist was shot. The IDF must be given a license to kill anti semites in the Jewish homeland. No anti semite should be allowed life in Israel.