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October 7, 2015 1:44 pm

Christian Charity Fails to Condemn Palestinian Murder of Israeli Jews

avatar by Dexter Van Zile

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A snapshot of Gaza from the World Vision website.

A snapshot of Gaza from the World Vision website.

There was never much doubt that the people who work in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza offices of World Vision are pro-Palestinian partisans.

When they speak about the causes of the suffering of Palestinian children, the staffers at World Vision — one of the largest (if not the largest) Christian charities in the world, invariably point an accusatory finger at Israel. On the other hand, they almost never condemn Palestinian leaders for their crimes against children. The partisan behavior of the organization’s staffers is not an anomaly, but part of a larger problem within the organization itself.

For example, take a look at how World Vision has responded to the issue of child labor that is used in smuggling tunnels between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, which became public in a Journal of Palestinian Studies (JPS) article pointing out that Hamas failed to stop the use of child labor in the operation of these tunnels. In a follow-up to the article, JPS reported that nine children have died while working in these tunnels

The author of the article didn’t mince words: “During a police patrol that the author was permitted to accompany in December 2011, nothing was done to impede the use of children in the tunnels, where, much as in Victorian coal mines, they are prized for their nimble bodies.”

Clearly, some sort of comment from World Vision, which bills itself as a child welfare and advocacy organization is in order. The organization is charged with speaking up on behalf of children, and promoting policies that protect children.

If World Vision has commented on the problem of child labor in Gaza tunnels, it sure hasn’t done a very good job of publicizing it. The Twitter feed for World Vision’s offices in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza does not even include the word “tunnel,” nor does it even include the word “Hamas.” It does however, include numerous references to “Israel.” (But you knew that.)

Compare the organization’s silence over child labor in the Gaza Strip with how World Vision addressed the issue of child labor elsewhere in Africa. In March 2013, the organization issued a report about child miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo, titled “Child Miners Speak: Key Findings on Children and Artisan Mining in Kambove DRC.”

Why is World Vision so quiet about the failure of Hamas to protect children in the Gaza Strip? Is the organization afraid of the terrorist organization, and as a result cannot effectively advocate for children in the Gaza Strip – except of course, when it can point the finger of blame at the Jewish state?

A more recent example of the organization’s anti-Israel bias can be seen in how the organization’s staffers responded to recent attacks against Israelis in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Again, go to the Twitter feed for the organization’s operations in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza. Virtually every one of the tweets on this timeline highlight some controversy that paints Israel in a bad light. The tweets, rarely (if ever), point to anything that Palestinians have done wrong. There is no mention, for example of the murder of two Israeli Jews in front of their four children that took place last week. And there is no mention that after the attack, Palestinians took to the streets to celebrate.

Why can’t staffers from a Christian child advocacy organization comment on such an obvious crime against children? Is murdering someone’s parents in cold blood not a crime against childhood itself? Can World Vision remain silent about the antisemitic hate that has taken root in Palestinian society and still call itself a child welfare organization?

The same timeline makes no mention of the attack that took place near the Lion’s Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem on Saturday. Two men were killed and a child was injured. And to add insult to murder, Arab bystanders mocked the wife of one of the men who was killed as she fled the attack with a knife sticking in her back. Is murdering a child’s father in cold blood not a crime against children? Is laughing at a mother struggling for her life an outrage that World Vision can pass over in silence? The organization’s staffers regularly draw attention to what they regard as Israeli misdeeds. Why the silence over Palestinian misdeeds?

The first tweet on the timeline after these attacks was a link to an article detailing the shooting of a 13-year-old Palestinian boy, who was killed by the IDF on Monday, October 5. The IDF is investigating the death.

Yes, this boy’s death was a tragedy and World Vision’s staffers in Israel were right to draw attention to it.

But how can they justify not pointing out the ongoing attacks on Israeli Jews that preceded it?

Palestinian children are taught to hate and have been for years, and World Vision, a child advocacy and welfare agency, simply will not confront this crime against children.

Either World Vision does not care about anti-Jewish attacks, or its staffers are too afraid to speak about the homicidal ideology that has taken root in Palestinian society.

Whatever the motivation, World Vision’s one-sided witness about events in Israel and the disputed territories is an undeniable and inexcusable outrage.

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  • World Vision was my mother’s favorite charity. She died in 1980. Once I discovered how anti Israel this organization is, I will never support them. Yes, they are anti-Biblical as well. The covenant between Almighty God and Israel is eternal. As a Christian, I will always support Israel. My roots come from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

  • dante

    shut it down. invite organizations of goodwill to pick up the slack and discharge the duties heretofore assumed by world vision.

    give the world vision administration, officers and all hostile staff 24 hrs to leave or be deported. allow the non-belligerent staff members to continue to function, pending transfer of duties to successor organizations.

  • Lauren Goldman

    It is simply the reality of so many pro-Israel Christians. They love Israel because it must exist to fulfill their end-time prophecies; but actual Jews? Not so much. I have spoken with some of these people and, for the most part, when given enough time, it becomes clear that their views of Jews (not Israel) is less than stellar.

    • Keren Hening

      I have been saying for YEARS that Israel & Jews should distance themselves from people whose agenda is to fulfill their Revelations prophecy, which calls for the annihilation of all but 100,000 Jews who convert to Chrstianity.

      • Michele Bartlett

        Not all Christian lovers of Israel hold a dispensational (i.e., “we’re getting out of here in the Rapture”) theology. Some — in fact, many (and the numbers are growing)of us actually think that’s a doctrine from the pit of hell. We stand with Israel, with Jews, forever, no matter what, because they are G!d’s treasured possession. Period.

    • Ellen

      Jewish and Israeli people have been persecuted for way too many years. It needs to stop. We have always been a peaceful people trying to protect ourselves and our country of Israel. Trying to live with the hate as a child not understanding why we were hated. People continue to believe the lies told by the ones that are actually persecuting us.

  • Mario

    I was right in refusing to donate to World Vision.

    • A Haley

      Not persecuted enough, that’s the problem, there evil assasins

  • To Israel & her people: I am a committed Christian. I am ashamed of the cowardice & dishonesty of World Vision and I apologise to you for their behaviour. They are not speaking, writing & acting in my name or in the name of many millions of other Christians, who support Israel.

    • dante

      thank you. Heaven bless you.

    • A Haley

      Is this creature a member of the stern gang

  • Mr. Van Zile, your article is very much appreciated, as it’s not often that the truth is presented in the media regarding Israel, I thank you for this… however,I would respectfully ask you to please not refer to these Gazan-Arabs as ‘Palestinians’…as there are no such people as Palestinians, nor a place called ‘Palestine’…their home is Jordan, and the land that they squat on is Israels land, Judea and Samaria.

  • Fred

    No, World Vision does not care. They care like all the organisation to amass millions of dollars in the kitty.
    These organisations are short sighted and please only Arab ears. Yet, they publicise the plight of children to garner sympathy & Dollars. That children are employed by Hamas is just to bad : I see nothing, I hear nothing I will not speak evil of Hamas but I will be merciless to Jewish victims of murder & mayhem. World Vision of no vision.

  • Carl

    How “Christian” of these people. Guess the parts of the Bible dealing with things like bearing false witness aren’t part of their moral underpinnings. I’m pretty sure that willfully ignoring facts so that victim becomes aggressor and the guilty are wrongly exonerated does not comport with standards of justice that they claim to follow so religiously.

  • enufizenuf

    They have a Jerusalem office. Close it down. Confiscate all their files. Don’t let anyone working for them enter Israel. PEOPLE DON’T LEARN TILL THEY’RE TAUGHT.

  • Saba

    World Vision unfortunately has gone the way of rejecting the Bible as a whole, and has become for the most part an organization that espouses replacement theology as part of their belief system. This theological system which most non-evangelical supporters support, believes that God has rejected Israel and all the promises he made to them has been transferred to the church.

  • Larry

    These Christian charities are not so Christian. In this day and age for a Christian to be anti-semitic is a sin against Christ.

  • marlene

    These are false, non-biblical christians. I’ve been to Israel and their church leaders are a disgrace.

  • As a new believer in Jesus Christ in 1973, I used to give donations to World Vision, as encouraged by the Alliance Church, the first evangelical church I began to attend. By 1975, my wife and I ceased to contribute to them because we discovered questionable doctrines and practices with World Vision. Some will find this difficult to believe, but in our understanding of the Scriptures by the Spirit of God, Whom we received on January 1, 1975, we discovered that World Vision was anti-Christ.

    I declare that anyone siding against Israel is anti-Christ. They have nothing at all to do with Israel’s God, Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach).

    • A Haley

      Is victor another member of the stern gang

  • Uncle Sam

    Too bad World Vision did not go to the Feast of Tabernacles parade or the rally at the Jeruslem arena of the United Christian consulate to Israel or go to the Friends of Zion mueum in Jerusalem which describes the actions of those righteous gentiles who love Jews and support Israel. World Vision should be worried about the crimes these jihadis are committing against Christians including ethnic cleansing and against Muslim children. I guess they are too busy being Christian anti-Semites to worry about Saving the Christians!

    • Lauren

      Also world vision was implicated in financing the popular front for the liberation of palestine

    • A Haley

      Well we all know who uncle Sam loves, there Jew owners