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October 11, 2015 12:15 pm

Biased Amnesty Report Says IDF Soldiers Aren’t in Real Danger From Firebombs and Boulders

avatar by Elder of Ziyon

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Palestinians throwing fire bombs. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

Palestinians throwing fire bombs. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

Amnesty International issued a report on the situation in Israel. 6 paragraphs mentioned attacks on Israelis – and 21 paragraphs attacked Israel for defending its citizens from those attacks.

This section of the report was particularly absurd:

While Palestinian demonstrators have thrown rocks and firebombs towards Israeli forces in many demonstrations, and there are reports that Palestinians have shot at Israeli forces in isolated cases, Israeli military and police forces are heavily protected and must ensure that all use of force is strictly necessary and proportionate, and that firearms must only be used to protect against the imminent threat of death or serious injury.

The rest of the report shows that Amnesty does not consider a single case of Israeli use of force to be justified. Because the Israeli forces have magic “protection” that stop firebombs and knives and stones and sometimes bullets from being dangerous.

For example:

The Israeli military said that there had been a violent demonstration in which rocks and firebombs were thrown at Israeli forces, and that troops had used riot dispersal means before opening fire at three Palestinians who were throwing firebombs, but did not release information to suggest that the lives of Israeli troops had been in danger.

Yes, Amnesty really said that even though the IDF explained in detail that the terrorists had not responded to the exact kind of non-lethal weapons that Amnesty insists the IDF use, and they were still throwing firebombs at them, that is not enough information for Amnesty to decide that the IDF acted properly.

One wonders what else the IDF could do to prove it acted properly, and one immediately knows the answer – nothing. Amnesty is looking for evidence of guilt, not fact-finding.

Besides this, the report shows the usual extreme anti-Israel bias. It makes numerous specific demands from Israeli authorities. Just a few of the many examples:

Israeli actions to apprehend and bring to justice those responsible for such attacks must comply with international law; there is no justification for arbitrary arrests, or for torture or other ill-treatment during arrest or detention.

Amnesty International calls on the Israeli authorities to publicly disclose the current openfire regulations for Israeli police and military forces, including those being applied in East Jerusalem. The Israeli authorities must urgently issue directives clarifying that Israeli army and police personnel can only use live fire, including .22 ammunition, when strictly unavoidable to protect against the imminent threat of death or serious injury, and that all use of force must be absolutely necessary, strictly proportionate to a legitimate aim, and in full compliance with international human rights standards.

As the occupying power, Israel is also bound by the Fourth Geneva Convention, and is prohibited from imposing measures in the name of security – including restrictions on the movement of Palestinians in the OPT – that are arbitrary, discriminatory or amount to collective punishment.

Israeli forces must protect Palestinian civilians and their property from settler attacks, and end the impunity for such attacks by addressing the systematic failures in investigating them.

But the report does not ask Fatah or Hamas to do a single thing to stop terror or incitement.  There are no demands. The word “must,” used liberally when insisting on what Israel must do, is completely absent in regard to the PA.

Even though Amnesty reported that a Fatah-linked group took responsibility for the murder of the Henkins, it doesn’t ask Fatah’s leader Mahmoud Abbas to lift a finger to stop terror.

It gives specific numbers of alleged attacks by Israel reported by biased sources, but it doesn’t mention that far more attacks on Israelis have been recorded – 440 as of Friday. No indication is given that Amnesty even tried to find such a statistic.

The real purpose of the report is to slam Israel yet again. Listing a few attacks on Jews is a fig-leaf to put on top of another hit-job.

Not putting any responsibility on the PA and Hamas shows that Amnesty really has no problem with how they encourage terrorism against Jews.

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  • gail wilhelm

    Innocence is like virginity. Once you’ve lost it you can not get it back. Likewise for Amnesty International. They have become captives of arab apologists.

    Amnesty International used to be a respected organization: but no longer. It’s just a front of arab aggression and terrorism.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    All amnesty personnel should be rounded up and made to wear protective gear such as used by the IDF.

    Then Israelis should thrown firebombs and rocks at them and let’s see if their reports are right that IDF soldiers are in no danger.

    Let’s do it.

  • hadassa

    Amnesty International needs to send some of its members to experience having rocks and firebombs hurled at them…..and connecting! That would make for some interesting reporting….

  • Lucifer69

    Amnesty= Wankers

  • Yale

    Part of the problem here is that the various Geneva Conventions were written in the expectation that the various sides to a conflict would seek to resolve it as soon as practicable. As anyone who has followed this conflict knows, the last thing the Palestinian leadership wants to do is end the conflict since doing so would be tantamount to acknowledging that their decisions for the last two to three generations have been wrong and they are responsible for all the “suffering” of their people over several decades.

    Against this background, it might be necessary to rethink the Conventions to identify what should be done where one side refuses to resolve a conflict, even though its demands cannot be met without doing so. The onus MUST fall on that side, and the other side should have a freer hand to do what is necessary to bring the conflict to a conclusion since ending a conflict is far and away the most effective way to end the problems caused by it.

  • Mordecai Ben Natan

    The situation is so critical, with the terrorists using knives.

    Some months ago, I read that the PA youth have been having “lessons” on how to use a knife to kill or injure Israeli Jews.
    My grandson’s friend is in a critical condition from being stabbed.

    PM Netanyahu must give an order.
    SHOOT TO KILL any terrorist who uses a knife or throw stones. Stones are no less deadly that bullets.

    There must be no mercy for those killers. Let Amnesty International visit Israel for just one day, and see what is happening.
    Let those people walk in Jerusalem.
    They will learn what the truth is.
    These terrorists are being brain washed by their Imamas in the mosques.

    time for Israel to expel any inciter to murder.

    Jordan expelled Arafat and his gangsters for all the trouble they caused. Remember Black September.

    Close the Temple Mount to all Palestinians and all of the Old City.
    arrest all trouble makers and put them in prison. Feed them with pork. If they don’t like that then they can starve..

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    The news always refers to the Arab/Palestinian “refugees” which, they say were expelled from Israel. They have never refer to the
    850 000 Arab Jews, who were expelled from the Arab countries, with no compensation for all the properties, and money that they stole from the Arab Jews, who left with nothing more than the “shirts’ on their backs.
    Those Arab Jews were immediately taken into Israel and helped to build their future in Israel.

    The Arab refugees are kept as refugees, in squalor. in camps, and being told it is because the Jews forced them out.
    They were told by the 5 invading armies on day one of the reborn Jewish state, to get out, so that they can send the Jews into the sea, and that the ARABS CAN RETURN AN TAKE OVER ALL jEWISH PRPERTIES, ETC.

    Why have they never been integrated into Arab countries?
    If that would happen, then they would not be able to blame the Jews for being “expelled” from Israel.

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    When will the press stop referring to terrorists “militants” ?? A terrorist is not a militant. He/she is a terrorist.

    As for Amnesty International. Who are they?
    they are an Arabic Islamic organisation.
    Have they ever reported about how Israel saves lives of wounded Syrians or Hamas being treated in Israeli hospitals at no cost to the terrorists?
    Or that Israel is the first country to send help to disaster areas?

    time for the UN to be disbanded, together will all their “off spring” like UNRWA, and all the other organisations, which are fuelled by hatred of Israel. Why do they hate Israel?
    Because, 1. It has beaten every Arab army in every war after being attack by the Arab armies. eg, The day the Jewish state was reborn, 5 Arab armies tried to destroy the Jewish state.
    With huge loss of life, Israel made the 5 Arab armies leave with their tails between their legs.

    Israel is also a sore thumb, as it stops the spread of Islam, and is in the place that G-D gave the Jews

    Israel will be there long after the Arabs disappear. This is with the help of G-D.

  • Sarah Ruth bat Sarah Imeinu

    In my humble opinion, all of these people and organizations finding fault with Israel’s responses to molotov cocktails, rocks, etc., should shut their mouths and keep their opinions to themselves until they have been to Eretz Yisrael and experienced the fear, terror, anxiety, etc., which is constantly felt by Israelis.

  • Then let Amnesty offer up some volunteers to demonstrate their theory. Let them prove that fist sized rocks are not a risk, and let them stand in front of a fire bomb. Also safe from knives , I suppose.

  • Amnesty’s never had a problem with constant arab misbehaviour, threats & murder.

  • harold

    Maybe if someone should toss some rocks and firebombs at them and their offices, then they might consider them dangerous. Unless there were Jews present. Then, nothing to see here.

  • Ephraim

    That’s easy. Let the IDF use Amnesty personnel as human shields. After all, the bombs, bullets, and knives are harmless, so they will not be in any danger.

  • Paul Winter

    Amnesty should place its experts in front of IDF troops to provide proof positive to all the world that rocks and Molotov cocktails are harmless.

  • ART

    I suggest a field test for the experts at Amnasty International. We line them up in military gear. The 9-12 year olds in the little league team I coached will throw molotov cocktails and rocks at them and see what happens.. Wait I don’t want the kids to get hurt so the coaches will throw the firebombs, after the kids go to a safe place where they won’t hear the screaming as the ‘experts” burn and where they won’t smell burning flesh

  • Ellen

    Amnesty International is/are a bunch of jerks. BUT I have an idea. How about they volunteer themselves as human shields. Each member can stand in front of a member of the IDF. If the Amnesty Volunteer is seriously maimed or killed that will be proof that the Palestinians were using lethal force and there will be no question if the IDF fires back.

  • nelson marans

    Amnesty international would claim that Israelis were not in danger even if Palestinian Arabs were shooting at them, while repelling any attacks by rock throwing or fire bombs would represent a crime against humanity by Israeli soldiers or civilians. Certainly no one in his or her right mind should donate to this pro-Arab organization.