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October 11, 2015 6:54 am

The New Israel Fund Supports Groups That Endanger Israel; Jews Should Stop Giving It Money

avatar by Ronn Torossian

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

In the last few weeks, the state of Israel has been under relentless attack from Palestinian Arab terrorists. Nearly the entire country is united in the belief that the Jewish state must fight back against terror. Those outside of this broad spectrum of support include the New Israel Fund and the extremist organizations they champion.

Rabbi Arik Ascherman, the head of “Rabbis For Human Rights” (RHR), is mobilizing people to participate in Palestinian provocations against the IDF and Israel. He says he is looking for “volunteers willing to put themselves in dangerous situations.”

Ascherman – who has previously been accused of raising funds for the PLO – is an anti-Israel leader. Yet between 2008 and 2014, the New Israel Fund authorized grants worth $1,206,361 to RHR.

RHR also produced a film in 2013, “Fiddler with no Roof,” comparing Israel’s plan to resettle unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Negev to the expulsion of Jews by czarist Russia. In 2010, the group accused Israel of “foul and discriminatory policies against Palestinians,” and of “forcing Palestinians to live in a completely separate universe where time has stood still, and prevents them from properly planning their most basic needs and infrastructure.”

The New Israel Fund backs other groups that try to inhibit Israel’s right to self-defense.

When will the American Jewish community demand the ouster of Alisa Doctoroff, president of the UJA-Federation, who proudly personally finances the New Israel Fund? When will Karen R. Adler of the Jewish Communal Fund be removed from her position, due to her support for the New Israel Fund? When will American Jewish philanthropists — from the Leichtag Foundation to the Lopatin Family Foundation, Eric Dobkin to Sally Gottesman, Edith Everett to the David Hochberg Foundation — stop funding this group?

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  • TRaitor Jews

    Traitor Jews give to New Israel Fund:
    Alisa Doctoroff, president of the UJA-Federation, Karen R. Adler of the Jewish Communal Fund, The Leichtag Foundation, Lopatin Family Foundation, Eric Dobkin, Edith Everett, David Hochberg Foundation — These are Jewish traitors.

  • Rachelle Pachtman

    Israel’s “leaders” have dragged Israelis into a dark and ugly place of ongoing terror and 24/7 sinaht chinam. What Torah Jew thinks that buringing an 18 month old baby alive with no repercussion deserves a pass because that infant is Palestinian? RHR is the last vestige of Jewish soul and humanity, gmilat chesed and recognition that we are all made in the image of Hashem. What part of the Machzor reading did you miss? Obviously, the part that states Hashem’s commandment that Jerusalem is a place for ALL nations. Those who are driven by hatred of the other have lost their moral compass. Stop slinging lies and filth at Arik and RHR and examine what kind of Jew you really are.

    • “Stop slinging lies and filth at our Jewish State Israel, at our government and IDF and examine what kind of Jew you really are.”

  • Rabbi Arik Ascherman

    The idea that I raised funds for the PLO, as well as many other “facts” in David Bedein’s slanderous pack of falsehoods, is ridiculous. We do sometimes put ourselves in dangerous positions working alongside the Israeli army and police to protect Palestinian farmers from the evildoers who would seek to harm them. We also worked in the last few days to direct security forces to locations where Palestinians were being attacked, even as we condemned Palestinian violence and murders. Unfortunately, it looks like the current government intends to revive plans to destroy Bedouin villages that existed before the State, or are in locations where the State placed them, and dispossess them of most of their remaining lands. RHR does not currently receive funding from the NIF, other than for Israeli public housing advocacy groups, such as the “Maabarah”. Donor advised donations can be sent to us through the NIF. Every Jew who believes in upholding the values of our Declaration of Independence and the Torah should be a proud supporter of NIF.

    • How dare you invoke Torah!

      You would not know an authentic Torah value if one walked up to you and bit you in the ass!

      • Rabbi Arik Ascherman

        If you just want to use uncouth language and ad hominem attacks, then we don’t have much to talk about. If you are willing to correspond with derekh eretz, please cite your authentic Torah sources, and I will respond.

        • dante

          oh, that’s right, you’re “sworn to uphold the Torah.” so, you’re shomer Torah & Mitzvot right? or, is it only your torah, constantly redacted for convenience, as transitory convenience requires, and not “The Torah” that you uphold?

          you oppose the Jewish excavations at the City of David. is that right?
          and, you oppose the demolition of the homes of terrorists. you are an enemy. also, right?
          if so, you are profoundly alienated from the Jews, Jewish history, Jewish tradition, Jewish interests and Jewish destiny.

          but, all the same, if you could be trusted to honestly and fairly and impartially prevent attacks upon INNOCENT Arab farmers, I would join you. but, I don’t believe that you can be trusted and I would not defend Arabs who engage in attacks on Jews or who sabotage or steal Jewish crops or livestock or who vandalise Jewish property. if you do that, you should be on your own, taking upon yourself the consequences. I suspect that, for you, it’s always “the Jews’ fault.” I can’t join you in that pathology.

    • Mr. Ascherman, you are the perfect paradigm of a useful idiot for the Palestinian Arabs, you are supporting.

      You are also a most bigot Jew (I doubt that you are a rabbi), because with your infamous organization you are defaming, demonizing and delegitimizing the Jewish State of Israel, its government and institutions , the Jewish People and the IDF.

      I understand that your pro-Palestinian Lobby receives funds from your friend in the USA. The anti-Semitic Presbyterians?

      As a Jew, Israeli and Zionist I feel ashamed that persons like you are permitted to live in Israel. Fie!

    • dante

      you have made assertions about certain Beduin villages that are scheduled for removal:

      1. you asserted that the villages pre-date the state (this assumes, of course, that these are, in fact “villages.”)
      2. you asserted that among these villages that are slated to be removed are villages that were relocated by the government.


      (just for the record: I think that you are an enemy of the Jews but I am willing to consider any clear, concrete, & reliable evidence [in the form of historical aerial photos & govt documents] that you present. I expect that, if you provide what you contend is corroborative evidence, it will not be clear, concrete, & reliable. I think that you’re an enemy and a fraud. but, I’m willing to be proved wrong, at least, about the latter charge.)

      final note: odd that you should invoke Torah: suicide is forbidden by the Torah (current Parasha, right?). don’t expect knowledgeable, intelligent and conscientious Jews to be sending contributions to the nif any time soon. the nif gets its funding from haters of Israel & bds-Jews, jvp-Jews, etc.

      • The chief Guru of “Rabies for Human Rites” has invented the only Bedouin nomads in the world who are not nomads, but have settlements since more than 500 years!

        A Bedouin is an Arab word for a nomad. A nomad does not have fixed settlements, they move from place to place. In the past also in Israel.

        Israeli institutions, organizations and the IDF (!) have always supported our Bedouins, they did more from them than this obscure and bigot RHR.

  • Jews should also stop purchasing anti-Israel newspapers and magazines, including: The New Yotk Times and The Guardian (formerly of Manchester, now of London).

    Israel is being buried-alive
    under an avalanche of media bias
    and false accusations.

    These web sites can help refute
    those biases and false accusations: