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October 12, 2015 11:15 am

‘Jesus Was a Palestinian,’ Says Obama’s Former Pastor Jeremiah Wright

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Jeremiah Wright said on Saturday that “Jesus was a Palestinian.” Photo: YouTube.. Credit: YouTube.

Jeremiah Wright said on Saturday that “Jesus was a Palestinian.” Photo: YouTube.. Credit: YouTube. – Jeremiah Wright, the controversial pastor who preached at a church that was formerly attended by President Barack Obama, said on Saturday that “Jesus was a Palestinian.”

Speaking at a Nation of Islam event in Washington, Wright also called Israel an “apartheid state” and drew a parallel between “the youth in Ferguson and the youth in Palestine.”

“The same issue is being fought today and has been fought since 1948, and historians are carried back to the 19th century…when the original people, the Palestinians—and please remember, Jesus was a Palestinian—the Palestinian people had the Europeans come and take their country,” Wright said, The Hill reported.

Wright, who led Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago from 1972-2008, also linked the “Black Lives Matter” movement to the Palestinian cause.

“Palestinians are saying ‘Palestinian lives matter.’ We stand with you, we support you, we say God bless you,” he said.

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  • Sherlock Holmes

    Jesus was a Palestinian??? When the Romans destroyed the Temple and Jerusalem in the Year 70, a generation after Jesus, they replaced the name Judea with Palestina, named after the Philistines. Christians believe that Jesus was the fulfillment of the Jewish Prophets ‘Messiah from the Jewish royal house of David’. Today’s Palestinians are mainly Arabs who first arrived on the scene with the Islamic invasion in the 7th Century. Post 1948 about 800,000 Jews were pushed out of Islamic countries where Jews had lived since Biblical times, and most Israelis were from the Middle East.

  • Rene Vlaanderen

    This Pastor is already as it seems to me controversial enough as it is to me without me adding too much more, however he seems to subtract from himself enough and his own interests and intelligence when he makes ‘Unbiblical’Statements based on ‘his own biased Limited Knowledge.The Genesis of Jesus is in the beginning (Genesis 1 . 1-27)
    He spoke all things into Being as the WORD.
    Gospel of John Chap. 1.1. In the Beginning was the WORD and The WORD Was With God And The WORD Was GOD
    2.And the same (WORD) Was in the Beginning With God .
    Gospel of John Chap. 1. 14.And the WORD Was made flesh and dwelt among us . And we beheld His Glory . The Glory as of the Only Begotten of The Father Full of Grace and Truth .
    So this is how God sent His Only Son into theworld to save the world that No human that would choose the Salvation Through Jesus Christ Our Lord by Grace Alone Through Faith Alone Should need to be separated for eternity from God the Father Almighty .
    If this man . He is no Biblical Scholar to me. Knew the Genealogy . Of The Christ . If l spoke to him . I’d ask him in the first place if He believed that the Biblical Scripture are the Divine WORD of God Almighty Himself . And that every word is Inspired by the Holy Spirit and is useful for the Preaching Teaching and Training in Righteousness so that the man of God might be approved for every good work (2 Timothy3 :16-17).The next thing l would actually do is ask for him to read the Genealogy of The Christ according to the Book of Matthew Chapter 1 : 1-16 here we see the Stepfather of Jesus Arrive.

    Now Some Facts . ‘Palastinian’. is the modern Dirivation for the Name .’Philistine’.The basic meaning of the Name Philistine . Is . ‘Push them onto the Sea’.

    This is that what the Philistine armies and the Giant Goliaths they employed at the time had been trying to constantly do in ever increasing numbers of battles and with greater power . Yet when they took on Saul and Isreal The ‘Philistine’ Army was defeated by The courage and the Faith that a young Shepherd boy had in The God of Isreal . Not any False other god . (Which for the Palastinians today is the .(‘NO-GOD’ Allah fella). What ARE YOU REALLY THINKlNG? . You are a WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING . An ANTI CHRIST . Your Heart is Perverse and you have turned into the dark way . Turn before it is too late . I declare . Repent l say . In the Name of the LORD Jesus Christ.
    More Proofs . Read your “Book” (BIBLE). God Almighty Himself says this of lsreal (Not Palastine). ‘That she is the ‘Apple of His Eyes’. He will sustain her . Provide for her . Protect her . And bring her people’s home . Broaden her ‘tentpegs’ . Enlarge her territory . Prosperity her beyond all other nations . More people especially Born Again Christians are praying for the Nation of Isreal than any other nation in the world because the Bible . And that means The LORD Jesus Calls us to . (If Jesus was a Palastinian . [Which he definitely was not] . He would have told us to pray for Palestine]{TO PRAY FOR THE PEOPLE THAT YOU HAVE EVERY INTENTION IN THE PAST SINCE DAVID KNOCKED THE GOLIATH DOWN AND SLAUGHTERED HIM . UP UNTIL TODAY TO TRY TO CONTINUE TO “PUSH THE ISREALITE PEOPLE “INTO THE SEA” (The Mediterranean Sea) Using Whatever Arm of Violence is Available to them . But What’s happening in Palestine isn’t good . However that doesn’t detract from the fact tha You’re in such an incredable deception for a man of God . Well . You’re more a Self Please . And A Man Pleaser and Appeaser . ‘Hussain’ the muslim president of the USA and very untrue to his Word .
    Hussain is muslim . Quotes very well from the Aran . Has said that the USA is No longer to be Called a Christian Nation and at the Nationl ‘Christian men’s Breakfast Welcomed people who were of other Faiths with a Prayer in their own language to their own Dirty . What’s that all about ?Also he wears An expensive filigree gold ring which says “There is No other God But Allah” .To that . I say Who’s allah? .
    Pastor how can you condescending to this man Scripture says . What has Light have to do with Darkness . Yes l know that this refers to marriage in this verse but it is equally appropriate for your situations in who you strike up relationship with in the world . Look at yourself now in the mirror . Take this from me as a loving rebuke from the LORD through a brother in the LORD .

    Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour . The JEW . Remember this that the Gospel was to be taken to the Jews First . First . First . I Wonder Why that Was . And then to the Gentle . The Rest of the World .

    The Philistine Armies and their women And children in camps were always around the were made up of Bands of Marauding Tribesmen from rejected families who went through the Desert after they broke away from the Crossing over of the Red Sea after being chased by Pharoah. Then in the end they grew into a greater group of people . Probably tired of wandering .

  • Jack

    Jeremiah Wright has his hands full since he needs to relearn history.
    ‘Palestine’ is the English term for the area formerly known as Trans-Jordan.
    It dates well after the settlement of the area by Moses or the thirteen tribes.
    If the Pres likes him he must have somethin’ goin’ on….