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October 12, 2015 4:50 pm

Report: Indian, Israeli Elite Units to Hold Joint Military Drill

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India's INS Trikand (pictured) entered the port of Haifa, Israel, on Aug. 19. Photo: Indian Navy via Wikimedia Commons

India’s INS Trikand (pictured) entered the port of Haifa, Israel, on Aug. 19. Photo: Indian Navy via Wikimedia Commons

Israel and India will take their strategic alliance to the next level with a joint military exercise in the near future, Indian English-language newspaper The Pioneer reported last week.

The drill is being organized through a joint working group including officials from the Defense and Foreign ministries and armies of both countries, according to the report, which did not give a date for the scheduled exercise. According to unnamed “sources,” the exercises will involve elite Indian and Israeli special forces.

Though Israel is the third largest weapons-supplier to India, according to the report, the two countries have yet to publicly hold joint military exercises in large part due to domestic Indian political opposition to closer ties with Israel.

The Pioneer report actually came just before a visit by Indian President Pranab Mukherjee to Israel, the first by an Indian president. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar are expected to make groundbreaking visits possibly in 2016, as well. Also, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon visited India along with an entourage of defense officials earlier this year, underscoring the tightening defense ties between the countries.

Though the countries’ full diplomatic relationship only dates back to 1992, the two nations have grown to enjoy strong economic, political and strategic relations, and the current Israeli and Indian premiers, Benjamin Netanyahu and Modi, have boasted a warm relationship.

Israel for its part has provided technical know-how and logistics to India in policing its restive western border with Pakistan, which has seen several incursions and terrorist attacks over the years. For example, an Israeli-trained Indian SWAT team was crucial in ending a terrorist siege at a police station in the western Punjab state earlier this year, according to Indian reports.

Additionally, the Pioneer reported that Israel’s Mossad and Indian agencies regularly exchange intelligence to combat terrorist threats facing both nations; terrorist attacks in Mumbai and Delhi have targeted Jews, Israelis and Israeli officials before, such as the attempted sticky car bombing of Israeli diplomatic officials in the Indian capital in 2012.

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  • jeremy

    I don’t trust India, they have a sticky, dumb, fanatical leftism to them..

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    Israel and India could have a good strategic relationship.India has first-hand experience of Muslim perfidy that dates back to it’s founding in 1947.Then the Muslims under their sinister leader Mohamed Ali Jinnah refused to be part of the new Hindu-majority state of India and demanded a two-state solution – so a new Muslim-majority country “Pakistan” was invented for them – after the deaths of millions of Indians in Muslim rioting and bloodshed.To this day the Muslims refuse to accept the border between India and “Pakistan” in Kashmir and sporadic violence and terrorism regularly occurs – always initiated from the Muslim side.Does all this sound familiar from an Israeli perspective? I hope the Israel-India alliance goes from strength to strength
    as Israel has no chance with any concordat with Europe and it’s alliance with the US is fading away thanks to Obama.

  • I have wondered why Israel and India have not done this deal before— considering their like Interests!

  • india has successfully demolished the babri masjid and constructed a rama temple there. ramayana says that there were giants in those days. Since the palestinian giant goliath is no more israel is established on the no mans land only. But gandhi says england for english, france for the french and palestine for the arabs. Actually it should be arabs for arabia and philistines for the palestine. But where are the philistines? As india has finished off the native tribes in Andaman they are no more

  • india holds joint exercises with all of its enemies except pakistan. When israel has supported india on kashmir india is close to iran and does not support israel on palestinian issue.

  • Jim

    What an encouraging report. Both countries have been under attack from Muslim terrorists since they were created. They are the only Western aligned ones that will take retaliatory action against Muslims. Perhaps Russia will join them.

  • relacion india israel, es como de amantes prohibidos, se quieren pero en publico no, por una tercera palestina

  • India , knows Zionist Steal high Tech weapons from Gentile America , Why Buy it, when Jews Steal it and sell it to other Governments. Just Asked Soviet and Chinese.

    • Noel Eliscu

      What planet are you from Israel is the most inovative country in the world and do not need to steal anything.

      • jeremy

        It was Israel that first told the US in the late 1970s early 1980s, that the drone is the future, and was persistent about it. According to the US researcher who basically fathered the drone program, up until that quiet Israeli military R & D man said that “at the time, no one in the US military development field was even considering drones” for anything.

        Antisemiites like William are the greatest evil, that ever was or will be.