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October 13, 2015 8:20 am

3 Dead, Dozens Wounded, in 4 Terror Attacks in Israel

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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The first terrorist attack on Tuesday, which took place in Ra'anana. Photo: Magen David Adom.

The first terrorist attack on Tuesday, which took place in Ra’anana. Photo: Magen David Adom.

Four terror attacks, two in Ra’anana and two in Jerusalem, occurred in Israel on Tuesday morning, in the space of an hour and a half.

Two took place almost simultaneously in different locations in Jerusalem. A total of three Israelis were killed in the latter – one attack was carried out on a bus, and the other by a vehicle ramming into a bus stop — and more than a dozen were wounded, some of them critically.

The terror timeline is as follows:

At 8:50 a.m. a terrorist went on a stabbing rampage on the main street of the city of Ra’anana, in the Sharon region, managing to wound a 32-year-old Israeli man at a bus stop on the city’s main street, near City Hall.

The victim managed to fight the terrorist until other citizens came to his aid and police arrived. He was then evacuated to the Meir Medical Center in nearby Kfar Saba, where he is being treated for stab wounds to his upper body. His condition is defined as “moderate.”

The terrorist, who was identified by police as a 22-year-old resident of east Jerusalem, suffered serious wounds.

At 10:15 a.m. two terrorists boarded a number 78 Egged Jerusalem city bus in the neighborhood of East Talpiot (also known as Armon Hanatziv), and sat down near the front. Shortly after the bus left the stop, the two began shouting “Allahu akbar,” while one began shooting passengers towards the back, and the other moving down the aisle and stabbing as many people as he could.

A security guard on the bus managed to shoot one of them. But when this did not stop the terrorist from getting up and trying to resume his attack, the guard shot him again, this time neutralizing him.

According to initial eyewitness reports, the other terrorist tried to take over the driver’s seat and lock the doors, to prevent passengers from exiting and police from entering. Some passengers later said he was trying to hijack the bus.

Golan Cohen-Gabai, a motorist witnessing the scene, said he blocked off the bus with his car to prevent this from happening.

“Then [the terrorist] opened the doors and wanted to come at me with a knife. I closed the windows, so he ran back and returned with a gun… I held him here for two minutes and then police forces arrived,” he told Ynet.

One 18-year-old survivor of this attack recounted his version of events for Israeli news website nrg from his hospital bed at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center. He said that the terrorist with the knife stabbed him in the neck. He said that he tried to escape, by running for the back door, but was unable to get out.

At 10:20 a.m. conflicting reports emerged of the number of wounded in a vehicular attack in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Geula, with one person dead, another in critical condition, and a number of others in moderate-to-light condition. The terrorist, a resident of east Jerusalem’s Jabel Mukabar neighborhood and an employee at Bezeq (Israel’s phone company) was killed.

According to police, the terrorist drove his Bezeq company car into a bus stop where people were standing. He then exited the car with a hatchet and a meat cleaver, and began stabbing passers-by.

One of the people murdered in this attack was identified as 60-year-old Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky.

At 10:30 a.m. a terrorist in his 20s, later identified as a resident of east Jerusalem, began stabbing people at a café across from the Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital in Ra’anana and then fled, as he was chased by citizens. A truck driver who saw the suspect running away rammed into him with his vehicle, and a taxi driver stopped to help subdue him. He was then evacuated to the hospital, but there are conflicting reports about his condition.

These attacks are the latest in an escalating wave of Palestinian terrorism that has been spreading across Israel since the Rosh Hashanah holiday last month.

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  • Mickey Oberman

    Israel should set up decoy situations among both pedestrians and drivers in order to lure these Muslim murderers into traps where they can be killed or captured.
    An innocent looking car with three or four well armed passengers could eliminate a substantial number of murderous rock and fire bomb throwers before they could hurt anyone.
    In all cases the decoys and their defenders goals should be to eliminate as many terrorists as possible.

    They should make it known that their ammunition is lubricated with lard.

  • rivka michal kahn

    Bibi! Initiate curfew wherever Arabs are housed. Whomever attacks a Jew get his identity and raize his home to dust. Retaliate with the only weapon understood by the children of Ishmael -BRUTE FORCE. Don’t concern yourself with Barak Husein Obama – HaShem put him in the White House – move forward. We here in North America are with you. By the way Bibi, slip a kippah on yiur head and have Mrs. Bibi cover hers, keep HaShem’s diary = the Chumash -5 books of Moses – we may then we’ll stand a chance. After all if the top “gun” in Israel shows the world he is a proud Jew just maybe HaShem will lift the “gazeira”…..

  • Shocking! Shameful! and where exactly is the World’s condemnation? Israel is becoming a more frightening prospect for Jews! As an author on The Holocaust, I will give it serious consideration before I contemplate any visit to see YadVashem? Sad that there is even an on-going debate as to whether to allow Syrian refugees in! Imagine Jews declining refugees a status they deserve for fear of Islamist terrorism being concealed from what would be an altruistic Jewish benevolence. Of course Jews, Israel will be then criticized for denying entry to those in obvious need? A reversal of a Jewish status during The Holocaust!

  • Tone Lechtzier

    Shalom, in the founding of Israel, Jews would buy properties from Arabs, then the Arabs would return, kill the Jews, and move back in. This went on on for several weeks, until… Meyer Lansky put out the word that for every Jew killed, a hundred [ may have been a thousand ] Arabs would die. In about two weeks the Arabs “got it”, and stopped killing us. [ from my father Saul, Meyer’s life long friend, relative, and business associate ] From this, Arabs seemingly only understand force. So… for every attack and murder, deport a thousand Arabs. Cut off electricity and water for a week. Never mind the backlash, our lives and security are more valuable. We share the fable of the father and son riding the donkey, no matter what we do… it’s wrong. Millions of us have perished at the hands of other Nations, while the rest of the world stood by. Nada has changed.
    Blessings ~ Tone

    • Not too sure what the answer is if dialogue does not work. One thing is certain! Violence begets Violence so be mindful that Israel needs to protect itself at the cost of enforcing draconian measures!

    • Mickey Oberman

      Mr. Tone’s suggestion sound fair and reasonable and oh so timely.

  • Allan

    Its time Israel’s carry concealed weapons. Here in Florida I carry whenever I am in a questionable area.


    • A weapon in the wrong hands will not protect all too many of those in need of protection!

    • Dani Renan

      There is no concealed weapons law in Israel. If you are in army or have a license, how you carry it is up to you. Of course it would be quite uncomfortable to carry a concealed assault rife. The number of people walking around with arms is quite high. And it is often the reason that attacks are stopped.

      Other than that, the whole notion of concealed weapons is quite laughable. It derives from the old German tribal law of “boot und wer” where stealth is consider to be worse than any crime. “Come out and show yourself like a man”. Yeah and you get shot. I’ll go with stealth and surprise.

  • Gary Katz

    Maybe it’s time for an Israeli intifada – against the Palestinian-brand Arabs. Let them know that their incitement and attacks carry a heavy cost. No government in the world should or would stand by while its citizens are repeatedly attacked on the street by a hate cult.

    • I keep seeing the same images of Arabs who were killed by Israeli’s. It is time for Israel to show why these Arab’s were killed, in defense of Jews, Murdered by Arabs to make it look like Jewish murder or simply self defense against an impending an immediate threat! The political response should produce a more positive rebuttal of those images which conceal the Truth. That response should be independent and continuous.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Immediately remove all benefits of the E. Jerusalem Arabs.

    No benefits at all.

    See what happens.

    • Subjecting people to adverse poverty will not have the desired effect. It will radicalize even more! Look at the poor any where in the World. They are conscious of what they have been denied. They will get the message that their only recourse is a radical one! Political revolution! The poor have little option other than struggle against this oppressive recession?

  • Wm. J. Levy

    So it begins. Abbas incited this new Intifada by blaming Israel for defilement of the Dome of the Rock under which stands the remains of the 2nd Temple and they destroy it from within.

    How many more Jews have to die before we put the Arabs down forcefully by having them disappear as Ariel Sharon did.

    The refugee camps are a breeding ground for hatred of Israel and all the Jews in the world and the Jews do nothing in the U.S. to protect themselves and the Herudim are truly the Children of Death, all 600,000 of them.

    600,000 Jews left Egypt according to the Torah.
    600,000 German-Jew lived in Germany and gave the world the Holocaust.
    600,00 Herudim live in Israel and don’t protect or aid the State other than being so pathetically weak and are takers not givers.

    The time has come to destroy the Arabs who would destroy the State of Israel.

    Jews love to say, “Never Again”. I simply say, “Why Not?”

    It will happen again and this time we can stop it now not in 10 years from now.

    • Which Arabs do you suggest Israel kills billy boy? You cannot identify a terrorist by the color of the robes they wear! How would you select those destined to die. hitler’s idea was to just call 6,000,000 People worthless lives, because they were Jews. What is the newer identifying mark?

  • Lou VanDelman

    Why are they bringing a wounded terrorist to an Israeli hospital.
    They must leave him in the street to die, hopefully covered in pig smaltz. He has no right to be attended to by doctors who might be available to help Jews.

    • Jews are Humanitarians lou, you idiot! You would expect the lessons of The Holocaust to produce the same Intolerance or Indifference to Human life! Give me a break! Hatred on one side will not be countered by hatred on the other side!

    • June Grant

      It’s called humanity.

  • expulsion

  • Reform School

    Like Utopian Dreams? Thank Hussein Obama, Bill & Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and (First-but-not-Least) Shimon Peres!

  • Subject: 2 Samuel 8 – The Wars of King David A. King David’s many wars. 1. (1) King David subdues the Philistines.

    2 Samuel 8 – The Wars of King David

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    After this it came to pass that King David attacked the Philistines and subdued them. And David took Metheg Ammah from the hand of the Philistines.

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  • ART

    Time to pressure abbas/pa hold back money, arrest pa gov staffers, arrest imans inciting the murderers. Demolish the homes of terrorists.

    • Retaliation is not a credible response. Denounce the attackers. Shame those who support them! Act defensively. Offensive responses are offensive to Humanity! Murder does not bear well on a society under attack by those who would Murder them. There is a plausible response in self defense!

  • G.Ben-Nathan

    We look forward to being in Israel throughout November and the remaining part of October to show solidarity with the citizens of Jerusalem.

    Painful though these casualties are, let us be thankful that Israelis are able to defend themselves. In previous ages, defenceless Jews were attacked for whatever spurious reasons and were sacrificial lambs for the slaughter.

    • George Jones

      I found your comment well meant but naive. However it is reminiscent of what I am sure many Jews said when Hitler first came to power and the brown shirts began running a muck. The arabs are going to slaughter more and more Jews until the Government decides to take actions to stop these attacks. I honestly don’t care what has to be done to bring this to an end. Cut off funding, cut off all aid to those arabs in Israel, Bomb the west bank out of existence, withhold medical care for any arabs in Israel. Arm every Jew and require concealed carry so individuals can defend themselves. I would probably expel all arabs from Israel and only allow them in to work where appropriate and all would be searched when entering the country. You can not reason with these animals and no amount of money or service or work or care will overcome their perverted sense of religion.

    • Whatever else the Jews were Slaughtered for, it was nothing more than a means to steal from them more than we had already stolen. God! Religion! A Christ! The Holocaust was the cover for an immense larceny by hitler, with a destructive undertaking of catastrophic proportions! The wealth of ‘nations’ has borne this out!

  • Jack Holan

    Mahmoud Abbas, PA/HAMAS PLO You exclude our country from your Website that shows the Middle East, you denigrate our religion, you don’t accept our country as a Jewishish Nation, you plan a future of racism excluding Jews from your country, you have continuously rejected bilateral negotiations without pre-conditions and try try to bypass negotiations through UN Mandate and EU Diktate. Perhaps it’s time for us to re-evaluate what will be best for us and not you at the end of the day. You’ve had since 1992 to prepare the next 2 generations for peace. You’ve indoctrinated them for terror and war. So at this you may not be ready to govern yourselves.

    • Much of the Muslim World has proven itself incapable of Governance. There are to many internecine suspicions and hatreds amongst them. Syria! Afghanistan! Iraq! Palestine! Who rules when hamas is threatened by isis, fatah or hezbollah! While they see Israel as a target, their corrupt manner is shielded from view! Their’s is not a solution, it is a sequestering of value and wealth!

  • David Wise

    I’ve lived in Israel previously for 4 years and I KNOW that you cannot physically prevent these random ” ad hoc ” attacks taking place.

    It is imperative that everybody goes out now prepared with such weapons as they are allowed to carry or ,if young , disabled or otherwise incapacitated, with people protection.

    • The Will to achieve any sort of peace between a Jew and a Muslim will not be gained by those who have no interest in a common good! Jews know they can reside with all peoples! They do so in every corner of this World. The fanatics of islamist terrorism do not speak for the Muslim world. They speak with no authority but their own. It is filled with greed and larcenous intent! They are no more credible than the ira ever was!

  • Daniel Less

    Israel should introduce the deathpenalty when it comes to terrorists committing these acts inside the State of Israel.
    It might not deter all would-be murderers, but it would probably have the effect of making them
    less enthusiastic to actually carry them out.
    I think that the people of Israel have shown too much patience and stoicism with these kinds of people already, and that it is about time to react more forcefully.
    The USA have no qualms when it comes to using capital punishment, why should Israel?
    Enough is enough!

    Daniel Less
    Stockholm – Sweden

    • Thing is Daniel. These Murderers have pronounced their own death sentence. Suicide bombing their way toward oblivion!

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Today is such a sad day for us here in Israel. We mourn our dead who died only because they were Jews and we deeply feel the pain of the wounded. Those of you who read this and are sympathetic to the people of Israel, please pray for the peace here. I live in Jerusalem.

    • I live in another World, away from your pain but touching it none the same! Where a Jew grieves, there are Christians, and I would reckon Muslims too who will mourn your loss! I have no doubt it is a place of infinite beauty and history. That perspective should compel the World to act in accord with what should be a Jewish demand! Leave us in Peace!

  • brenrod

    no terrorist should be taken to a hospital, he should bleed to death. Orders should be issued as shoot to kill. So how many dead Jews until the Jews wake up and kill the anti semites instead of delusionally seeking peace?

    • Who are the antisemites you wish to kill! They are not readily identifiable. They are a cancerous, hate filled and cowardly bunch! They have removed the kkk brand from their forehead!