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October 16, 2015 7:18 am

Image of Israeli Soldier Giving Food to Arab Girl Rummaging Through Garbage Cans Goes Viral

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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IDF soldir Evyatar Ofri gave a box of cereal to a young Arab girl who was desperate for food. Photo: Facebook.

IDF soldier Evyatar Ofri gave a box of cereal to an Arab child searching for food. Photo: Facebook.

A heartwarming image of an Israeli soldier handing a young Arab child food, after finding her rummaging through garbage cans to find something to eat, created a stir on Thursday, drawing the attention of thousands on social media networks.

Corporal Evyatar Ofri, wrote about the encounter on his Facebook page, in Hebrew and English.

Here is how he described the interaction:

Today I met one of the most beautiful little girls I’ve ever seen, an Arab girl about 10 years old. She was looking for some food in a trash can about 500 meters away from where I serve in the desert. I noticed her while I was cleaning our site and took the trash out. She was standing there with her two donkeys, looking for food in the garbage, and having no success. She was wearing rags and a smile, barefoot with wild hair, yet at the same time very cute. I asked her what her name was in Arabic: Ranin.

Then I asked her to wait a minute (stanna shwayeh), and I went as fast as I could to my room, took a box of my favorite cereal with me, and brought it back to her. The smile that she had on her face made my day, and even with the language barrier we understood each other.

In that moment, this little girl reminded me that behind every religion, race or gender there are people, and human beings that just want to be happy and live peacefully, and we should never forget that being human comes before every conflict.

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  • This is a very touching article, but in a few years (if that length of time) this little girl will have been thoroughly taught to hate Jews.

  • DockyWocky

    While this story had the desired effect on folks of the Western persuasion, I doubt if it would have any effect at all on the Islamic side of the fence, as they are so brainwashed by hatred, they would, could they identify that little Arab girl, not only take the cereal box away from her that the Israeli soldier gave her, they would probably beat her to death and kill her donkeys.

    They are beyond hope.

  • Peter

    If we all had his attitude then the issues in Israel and Palestine could be sorted out very fast. Do unto others as you would have done to you.

  • Richard Spitzberg

    No matter what the media says Israel is a beacon and a model for
    the rest of the world to follow.

  • Mike

    Maybe this girl will remember that Jews are not evil.
    I hope so. Early childhood impressions can make a big difference.

  • Sister M. Michele S.C.M.C.

    If only these kinds of acts of charity and compassion would be multiplied in each village, city, country, continent…how the world would change! How it could change when hearts like Corporal Ofri’s heart responded to this young, needy girl.
    Thank you, Corporal, for your kindness to one of God’s little ones, His suffering little one. May you and your loved ones be blessed.
    Also, thank you to all those in the media, like Algemeiner who shared it with others…let’s keep it going around the globe.
    Another push for the positive…Love can conquer; and where we find and practice true charity, there is hope, happiness, and genuine peace.

  • A lovely encounter. The malicious allegations about the IDF being inhumane is sickening!

  • Leigh

    The problem is that as soon as Abbas sees this they will try to tie a bomb to her for her next visit.

  • Jill Burk


  • rbockman

    Doesn’t matter, they will continue to teach her hatred of the Jews.

  • A Zionist

    Brought tears to my eyes.