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October 18, 2015 5:11 pm

13-Year-Old Terrorist Could Serve No Jail Time Under Israeli Penal Code

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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13-year-old Jerusalem stabber Ahmed Manasra.  Photo: Screenshot

13-year-old Jerusalem stabber Ahmed Manasra. Photo: Screenshot

The 13-year-old terrorist who Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas claimed had been murdered by Israel is now at the center of a different controversy, Israel’s Walla news reported on Sunday.

Ahmed Manasra, the pubescent Palestinian who, together with his 15-year-old cousin, Hassan Manasra, went on a stabbing rampage in the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Ze’ev on Oct. 13, is back in the headlines, this time surrounding the issue of his arrest, indictment and sentencing.

According to Israeli law, anyone under 13 years of age cannot do jail time. Because Ahmed turns 14 in January, his lawyer is trying to speed up the legal process, to keep his client out of prison. According to Walla, attorney Muhammed Mahmoud’s strategy is for Ahmed to confess to the crimes of which he is accused on the same day that he is indicted, and to request that his sentence be meted out as soon as possible.

A criminal lawyer in Jerusalem, who requested anonymity, told The Algemeiner on Sunday that, according to the Israeli penal code, minors under the age of 14 who commit serious crimes cannot serve time in prison. Rather, he said, they are sent to a treatment facility. Once they are 14, however, they can be sentenced to juvenile prison.

“This is why Manasra’s legal counsel is in such a hurry,” the attorney said. “Because the cutoff age for this law is determined not by the date of the criminal act, but by the date of the sentencing.”

To complicate matters further, he said, “Even if he ends up being sentenced to juvenile jail, Manasra is liable to be released when he is 18.”

Ahmed Manasra and his cousin, Hassan Manasra, carried out the stabbing attack that left a 13-year-old Israeli boy, who had been out riding his bicycle, and a 25-year-old Israeli man, seriously wounded. Hassan was killed by security forces during the attack. Ahmed has been treated at the Hadassah Medical Center on Mount Scopus – the same hospital where the Jewish boy he stabbed is still fighting for his life — for injuries he sustained when hit by a car as he was fleeing the scene.

In an address to his people that was broadcast live on P.A. TV, Abbas accused Israel of having “executed” Ahmed.

According to Israeli Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, Abbas had conspired with Ahmed’s parents to claim that their boy had been killed in cold blood by Israeli security forces — and for this reason the family refused to let the media photograph him alive and well.

When video footage emerged of Ahmed, lying in an Israeli hospital and being spoon-fed by Israeli medical personnel, Abbas was widely criticized across the Israeli political spectrum for engaging in what amounted to a “blood libel.”

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  • Herve Bosquet

    All terrorist regardless of their age should be executed, done away with. Unless Israel get tough on these satanic inspired Arabs, they will killing Jews. Firstly deport them all to the Jordanian, Syrian,and Lebanon border and make sure they don’t come back. 2nd Ban all arabs to employment in Israel. Theses are draconians laws, but we are not dealing with humans, these Palestinians are not humans, they are demons in a human body. Now is the time to get tough or suffer more deaths.

  • art frank

    The little savage will grow into a big savage and will attack again. Terminate the savage now or lock it away for the rest of its life.

  • Jacques

    Terrorist should have security laws.
    No terrorist who comit criminal act should be free.
    No matter what age. Secular law shall not be in discrepancy with religious law.
    You are responsible for your acts after 13, not 14!!!!????

  • Atilla

    It needs to be shot trying to escape ASAP.

    And then change the Penal Code.

    Shooting is a lot cheaper and prevents the cycle being repeated.

    Baby scorpions are just a lethal as adults.

  • How about torturing this little prick?

  • Even if this young ‘unexecuted terrorist’ does not serve a prison sentence, his family members should lose all social benefits they receive. If they live in Israel, they can be expelled as ‘persona non grata’, can’t they?

  • Steven

    He should be executed he is a murderer if we let him go ge will kill again and again

  • D

    Simple … Wait until his victims fully recover so you can determine whether to prosecute this miserable creature for murder or aggravated assault and battery … In the meanwhile, change the law.

  • ART

    Delay it in every way you can. A through investigation is needed, were there others involved besides his cousin? Who influenced him? Who assisted or encouraged him? any good bureaucrat can stall this 4-6 months. Then amend the laws to punish these murderers.

  • brenrod

    LOL, jews are pathetic. give him and accident or deport him and his family or be dunces subject to terror forever.

  • Joel Keller

    Abbas is senile. He is non compos mentis. He believes that a live 13 year old is dead and he also believes he is still serving a 4 year term as “President” of the PA, even though he is now in his 11th year in office.

  • ART

    The family homes should be destroyed, otherwise more families will send out the children. Remember the pa will pay the families and make their children (not all are children) famous. The funds to the pa MUST be cut off. Penalties must be enforced against terrorists and their families, this is not like little Timmy stealing from the local candy store. This is people, some young, being used as weapons of war.

  • Roberto Fiad

    It doesn’t mean he got away with it. Human courts can only go so far. When you mess with God’s children, you messed with God himself because of that promise that God made to Abraham and God cannot permit His word to return to him void. That thirteen year old Palestinian lad has two options: he can repent and fast OR he can face the music when God decides to repay.

  • Michael

    Declare the equivalent of martial law. The parents of this Palestinian terrorist should be imprisoned and their house torn down. Arab children grow up fast on the streets They are incited to violence in there Holmes, schools and mosques.

  • SteveHC

    When and if the time comes for his release it should be to Gaza, where he should be rejoined with the rest of his family who will have superseded him.

  • beth harris

    agreed – he should get lethal injection -and so should they all, or put something in their water to eliminate the problem promptly and without major public cost.

  • Jewish roots and rights to all the land of Greater Israel are stronger than ever!

    “If I am turned out of hearth and home and remain outside one night, I am legally entitled to return the following day. If I suffer for ten, twenty, five thousand or fifty thousand nights, does my right of return stand in inverse relationship to the length of my exile? Quite the contrary; my right to return and recover my freedom becomes stronger in direct proportion to what I have endured, not by virtue of some abstract arithmetic, but because of the nights spent in exile, and because I want my children, to be spared a similar experience.”

    YJ Draiman

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Deport him then. Send him off to Europe where he can be their poster boy. Hell, send him to Obama.

  • Laura

    13 is not “under 13”

    • Reform School

      Do you really expect angry liberals to think critically? Ahmed’s mental disorder must be cured before treatment may be withdrawn. Who knows how long that might take?