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October 19, 2015 11:10 am

Algemeiner’s Dovid Efune on Fox News: Palestinian Incitement Similar to Nazi Dehumanization of Jews (VIDEO)

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Algemeiner Editor-in-Chief Dovid Efune on Fox News. Photo: Screenshot.

Algemeiner Editor-in-Chief Dovid Efune on Fox News. Photo: Screenshot.

Palestinian incitement against Israelis is similar to the Nazi dehumanization of Jews before and during the Holocaust, Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune said in an interview on Fox News‘ “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on Saturday night.

Commenting on the latest wave of Palestinian and Arab-Israeli stabbing, car-ramming, rock-throwing and shooting attacks in Israel, Efune said, “In order to want to have to go and stab somebody because of who they are, that person first has to be dehumanized. We saw this in 1939. Jews were dehumanized into Untermenschen before they were massacred by the Nazis, and today in Palestinian society, Jews are considered the children of apes and pigs and are accused of a litany of false crimes.”

He added, “The Palestinian Authority-controlled areas are the most antisemitic territories in the world, where, according to the Anti-Defamation League, 93 percent hold antisemitic views.”

Responding to a query about the response from White House officials to the violence, Efune said, “The Obama administration has a morality problem.”

“Here you have a situation where you have moral equivocation — you have references to the cycle of violence, calling on ‘both sides’ the whole time,” he said. “We know, Jeanine, that cops and robbers both shoot, but they are not the same, and to imply they are is simply immoral.”

Asked if this only applied to Israel, or to other countries as well, Efune mentioned the administration’s approach to Iran as another example of a failure to identify “evil.”

Watch the full clip of the interview below:

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  • Judah

    Simply the only way there will be peace in isreal is if isreal will stop being so defensive and start being offensive they let there enemies sleep with them open your eyes your putting the lives of your people at risk. And the lives of your enemies when u give them the opportunity to attack because they have no fear. And fear is available even if they have no perpose in life. And to instill fear u have to be proactive and isreal is just not doing that. Hashem yishmor.

  • Robert Davis

    Négociations with those arabs so called “palestinians” are no more productive than previous négociations with Hitler who was and still is their hero. The only way to stop this conflict is to expell all arabs from Western Palestine. As to Temple Mounts statu quo it is a mere JOKE : it is based from a …UNILATERAL OTTOMAN DECREE dated 1879 !!! Unilateral as all decrees!!! arabs do not respect legal treaties such as San Remo/Sevres of 1920 supported by international law and they demand Israel respects that ridiculous old …ottoman decree! In a way theyr are right to mak fools of Israel since its governements …respected it so far!

  • smb

    No matter what people do, there is no excuse for Arabs stabbing people. May the redemption come soon

  • Bob Smith

    [Quote]“In order to want to have to go and stab somebody because of who they are, that person first has to be dehumanized. We saw this in 1939. Jews were dehumanized into Untermenschen before they were massacred by the Nazis, and today in Palestinian society, Jews are considered the children of apes and pigs and are accused of a litany of false crimes.”[End Quote]

    “Dehumanizing”? You mean like what Talmud, Shulkan Aruk and other Rabbinic Commentaries say about non jews? Like what Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and other sick and twisted psychotic rabbi’s of the Orthodox and Ultra Orthodox say about non jews? Chabad Lubavich, Kahanists and a host of other psychotic nut cases who are accepted by mainstream Israeli society.

    I spend all day emailing, faxing and writing to Australian politicians informing them of “Jewish Power” and the sickness that is Judaism. And if you think they are not listening, you are gravely mistaken.

    Police too – counter terrorism sections that deal with local jewish communities. I like to keep them informed as well.


    You are toast. Just go with dignity.

    • Evanne

      Mr. Smith why don’t you get some dignity and go first?
      Conflating the rants of whack-job rabbis who are irrelevant in Israel’s secular society as some sort of unilateral anti-gentile public stance is dishonest if not irresponsible.
      If you want to find blanket condemnation of an entire people, check the other side’s anti-Semitic schoolbooks, regime mandates,and religious edicts of an all-too-big majority of Palestinians. Better still, you might want to do a little reading (from legit news sources) in addition to all that emailing, faxing and writing.

  • Alison Yocheved Frutkin

    Kol Hakavod. Good job, Dovid! Keep up the good work, bezrat Hashem!

  • zadimel

    Where are all the comments? Why are only a very few shown?

  • Godwin’s Law in extremis.

    Judge Jeanine and Fox is hardly objective journalism. David Efume is the editor of a political journal, this is how he makes a living. The Israelis control the militarized manpower, the money, the effective leadership in the former West Bank of the Kingdom of Trans-Jordan and resources available. They, the Israelis will flush this ‘flare-up’ but will only face the same problem again and again. Using your military as policemen does not have a good history or legacy. The question is are the Israeli public prepared to see their children live like this for the foreseeable future.

    Moralising about international affairs and the 2016 American election only confuses an already complex situation and is discursive, divisive and naive.

    • Correction: respectfully, Dovid Efune. Apologies for egregious error.

      • Robert Davis

        allan : you should apologize for being a nazi supporter of arab imperialism not for errors.

    • Robert Davis

      allan : which country does not control the “military Manpower” and “the money”? does germany,US or France leave arabs control the “military Manpower”? In fact “palestinians” are not the only ones to behave like the nazis, leftwing militants who ARE nazis just as Hitler was a socialist not a fashist as the left claims, are exactly on the same level and your comment proves it. By supporting the “palestinian” usurpers and nazis the leftwing is responsible of their behaviour. You are the AXIS leftwing/”palestinian” usurpers.

      • Labelling an argument with which you disagree, ie all critics of any situation regarding Israel and the occupation are made by Nazis, left wing crazies or professional anti-Semites, is not an rational argument.

        Ignoratio elenchi, also known as irrelevant conclusion,[1] is the informal fallacy of presenting an argument that may or may not be logically valid, but fails nonetheless to address the issue in question. More colloquially, it is also known as missing the point.

        Until a diplomatic solution is found, [because there is obviously not a military one], to the occupied West Bank [and Gaza!] Palestinians, this tragedy will continue. Investment in the Jewish state will be diverted into security until Israel will be economically bankrupted.

    • John

      Do you have a problem with the truth so you disagree with dovid and believe that innocent Israelis deserve to be stabbed to death just for being Jewish is this a fanatic view to condemn these blood thirsty Muslim terrorists for targeting innocent woman and children ur a moron.

    • Dale Baranowski

      You claim that Algeminer is hardly objective journalism, yet CNN, ABC, MSNBC, BBC CBS all display a very left wing slant and portray the Arabs as if harmless bystanders to Israeli cruelty. From CNN running headlines about Jewish holy sites setting themselves on fire to MSNBC running historically false maps about Israeli territory, from MSNBC reports lying about whether attackers are armed, to the BBC suggesting that Israel shoots people randomly, from the Los Angeles Times suggesting that “Israeli violence” is killing “Palestinian teens,” to The New York Times reporting that a Jewish man was killed after rocks magically pelted his car on their own, media coverage of Israel is egregious and getting worse. David Efune gave a factual overview of the real situation and you disparage it as mere politicking. Algeminer is one of the rare media outlets that gives an objective coverage of our situation and becaue the other’s are so slanted left you can’t help think he’s just l politicking.
      “Using your military as policemen does not have a good history or legacy.” So you imply that we should let our people be slaughtered in the streets and left lying in pools of blood because Jew-haters around the world think that it’s bad manners and indescribably harsh for us to defend ourselves? Yes, Jew-haters think very highly of Jews when we’re the underdog and being slaughtered. They give dying Jews wonderful press and they eulogize us with tears in their eyes. In those circumstances the Anti-Semites are with us all the way when we’re getting knifed, bombed , rocketed or sprayed with bullets. But frankly, if that’s what it takes for the world to like us and think fondly of us I’d rather have the Jew-haters revile us for fighting back, for not going down so easily. Let them condemn us for our stubborn refusal to turn the other cheek. I prefer my people alive and well, albeit hated for our survival.

      • @DaleBaranowski: Israel will only survive if it presents as democratic, western orientated and ruled by law based on human rights.

        Media coverage of the Palestinians probably contains just as many omissions, inaccuracies and obfuscations as they do other stories. In this case I agree with you. Fact checks by international media on Israel and Palestine are not rigorous and should be!

        Use of military as policemen has a poor history is something that the British experience in Northern Ireland proved.

        Your opinions on ‘Jew haters’ [and you see a lot of them!] do an injustice to those non-Jews who attempt to persuade editors, news managers, the ignorant [ and yes I believe there are a lot of them in the dictionary definition sense!] that Isreal undeservedly gets bad press.

        I would be interested if you are writing as an Israeli living in Israel?

  • Dani Renan

    The so called “the Arab Peace Plan of 2003” is a myth. The basis was made up by Thomas Friedman, who sort of sold it to the Saudis.

    But when they got together in the Arab summit, they added an additional provision – the absolute right of return for all Palestinians and their descendants to the locations from where they were expelled (and expelled includes all those who left before the war,fled, during or after battle).

    That is not a peace plan, but a surrender plan for Israel. I’m sure they can find one or two Israeli Jews who might agree to it (Ilan Pappe comes to mind),but very very few who live in Israel.

    What is this 22% of the Mandate? Trans-Jordan was 78% of the mandate. If you add Yehuda and Shomron, it’s about 85% of the mandate.

  • Atilla

    Perhaps we can collaborate with Putin to reactivate research and tailor this;

    to the muz slime genetic marker, that should not be too difficult to isolate due to 13+ generations of inbreeding.

  • Greg Rubinstein

    I was wondering why this so called “Judge Jeanine Pirro”
    Is kissing up to Jews and Israel by talking to Dovid Efune (some name)who is
    another British fanatic transplant into occupied land “Israel”, when she
    Herself is a Lebanese American! Just saying:-) I was also wondering as to what she
    Had to have done to become a “judge” 🙂 Only on Fox channel!!!!

    • John

      Do you have a problem with the truth so you disagree with dovid and believe that innocent Israelis deserve to be stabbed to death just for being Jewish is this a fanatic view to condemn these blood thirsty Muslim terrorists for targeting innocent woman and children ur a moron.

    Every time the government of Israel authorizes the establishment of a new town in Judea and Samaria, aka West Bank, the Arabs and their blind supporters claim Israel is infringing upon Arab territory. However, an examination of the facts, especially the post WWI division of the Ottoman Empire, proves such Arab claims are false and without merit.
    Prior to WWI the Ottoman Empire owned about 92% of the land in Palestine. It is a known historical fact that the Nomadic Arabs in Palestine owned no Land in Palestine. Approximately 8% of the land in Palestine was owned by wealthy Arabs, most living outside of Israel. Approximately 2% of the land was owned by some local Arab leaders including the Mufti of Jerusalem.
    Starting in the early 1800’s the Ottoman Empire, in need of revenues, sold land to Jews. Furthermore, most of the land acquired by Jews after WWI, was purchased at premium prices from wealthy Arab absentee owners, as well as some from local Arab leaders. In fact, the Mufti of Jerusalem testified in front of the British Peel commission in 1937, stating that the Jews had purchased their properties and no properties were taken by force from the Arabs.
    The recent furor surrounding Israel’s government’s decision to declare nearly 1,000 acres at Gvaot in Gush Etzion as “State Land”, is a classic example of the ignorance of history and law that governs most discussions of Israeli actions beyond the internationally hallowed “Green Line.” It is a known fact that after WWI the Ottoman Empire territory was divided by the Supreme Allied Powers in the Middle East. The Allied Powers set up 21 Arab states with over 5 million square miles, and one Jewish state in Palestine. Thus, under international law and treaties, Palestine was allocated to the Jewish people. Said allocation was 75,000 square miles and included what is known today as Jordan.
    However, Jordan with the help of the British (again in violation of the mandate and international law) enacted a law that prohibited Jews from purchasing land and residing in the new State of Jordan. Jordan later expelled Jews, and illegally confiscated about 80% of the Jewish allocated land, including all properties, homes, businesses, and other assets.
    Even though Arabs received over 5 million square miles of territory, they weren’t satisfied. As such, other Arab states followed Jordan and expelled over a million Jewish families, most of who resettled in Israel. The Arab states also illegally confiscated all Jewish assets including over 70,000 square miles of real property which is valued today in the trillions of dollars.
    Media headlines around the world screamed about “annexation” and “land grab” by Israel. However, Israel or any Nation cannot be “occupiers” in their own land. Thus, Israel does not need to annex its own territory.
    Of course, the Arab-Palestinian Authority deceptively declared the “State Land” designation by Israel as a “crime”. Moreover, foreign diplomats around the world demanded the reversal of the decision without examining any facts. World diplomats ignored legal precedent making it a violation of international law and treaties to declare Israel as “occupier” of its own historical ancestral land. Yet, few articles, press releases or communiqués mention the crux of the matter; the legal and historical status of the land in question.

    It is time to examine the facts about Judea and Samaria, and other parts of the legal boundary of Israel, as delineated under international law and treaties of post WWI. The post WWI treaties allocated over 5 million square miles to the Arabs, and Palestine’s 75,000 square miles to the Jewish people as their National Homeland in 1920. Yet, over 78% of said Jewish territory was then illegally allocated to the Arabs as the State of Jordan including all the area east of the Jordan River. Not only were Jews prohibited from purchasing property or residing in the new Arab State of Jordan, Jews were expelled from their own land with all of their assets illegally confiscated. It cannot be ignored not one foreign diplomat protested such wanton unlawful acts by Jordan.
    For many, if not most, around the world, every inch of land beyond the 1949 armistice lines is incorrectly thought to be automatically Arab-Palestinian. Such misconception is a display of intentional ignorance of facts and unfamiliarity with history, international law and executed international treaties of post WWI. The 1919 Faisal Weizmann Agreement states in no uncertain terms the Arab acknowledgement that all of Palestine is Jewish territory. Yet, said proof is ignored.
    To truly understand the status of this territory in Greater Israel we have to first differentiate between the personal and the national as the law of the land in the 1800’s and up to WWI.
    There is very limited land privately owned by Arab-Palestinians in Judea and Samaria, what many call the “West Bank” in seeming deference to the Jordanian occupation, which invented the term as juxtaposition to its eastern bank. These areas, like privately owned territory anywhere in the world, cannot be touched unless there is very pressing reason for a government or sovereign power to do so under the tern known as “eminent domain”. These areas, according to Ottoman and British records, constitute no more than a small percent of the total area of Palestine, meaning the vast majority of land in Palestine is not privately owned.
    However, to contend that these territories are “Arab-Palestinian” on a national level is more than problematic and seems intentionally deceptive. To claim an area belongs to a particular nation requires the territory to have belonged to that people, where they held some sort of sovereignty that was broadly recognized.
    All of these criteria have been met historically by the Jewish people, and none by the Arab-Palestinians. In the January 1919 Faisal Weizmann Agreement it was stated that Palestine shall be the land for the Jewish people, while the Arab nations will own the rest of the land, and the Arabs did receive over 5 million square miles of territory.
    In fact, the Jewish people were provided with national rights in these territories not just by dint of history and past sovereignty, but also by residual legal rights contained in the San Remo Treaty of 1920. This was confirmed by the 1920 Treaty of Sevres and Lausanne, and adopted by the League of Nations as the Mandate for Palestine. The terms of the Mandate for Palestine were never canceled and are preserved by the UN Charter, under Article 80 – the famous “Palestine Clause,” that was drafted, in part, to guarantee continuity with respect to Jewish rights from the League of Nations.
    It must be understood the League of Nations, the UN and the ICJ cannot over-ride international law and treaties. The UN can only recommend under its resolutions, and those recommendations must be accepted by all the parties or those recommendations are meaningless. The Arabs have continuously rejected all resolutions of apportionment of the land, and therefore all those UN resolutions which are recommendations only have no effect whatsoever.
    For the past 2,400 plus years since the destruction of the Jewish temple and the expulsion of many of the indigenous people, Israel did not have Jewish sovereignty. Rather the land of Israel has been under foreign control and occupied as an outpost in the territory by many global and regional empires.
    The Ottomans were the most recent to officially apportion the territory, referred to as Ottoman Syria, which incorporates modern-day Israel, Syria, Jordan and parts of Iraq. Before The Ottoman Land Code of 1858, land had largely been owned or passed on by word of mouth, custom or tradition.
    Under the Ottomans of the 19th century, land was apportioned into three main categories: Mulk, Miri and Mawat.
    Mulk was the only territory that was privately owned in the common sense of the term, and as stated before, was only a minimal part of the whole territory. It must be noted much of the privately owned land was owned by Jews, who were given the right to own land under Ottoman reforms.
    Miri was land owned by the sovereign, and individuals could purchase a deed to cultivate this land and pay a tithe to the government, which is the same as sharecroppers. Ownership to cultivate could be transferred only with the approval of the State. Miri rights could be transferred to heirs, and the land could be sub-let to tenants. Thus, an arrangement could be executed so a tenant in an apartment or house would have rights in the property, but not the title to the property.
    Finally, Mawat was State or unclaimed land, not owned by private individuals or largely cultivated. These areas made up almost two-thirds of all territory in Palestine.
    The area recently declared “State Land” by the Israeli government, a process which has been under an intensive ongoing investigation for many years, is Mawat land. In other words, it has no private status and is not privately owned. Many claims to the territory suddenly arose during the course of the investigation, but all were proven to be unfounded on the basis of land laws.
    Interestingly, it should be clearly understood by those who deem Judea and Samaria liberated “occupied territory”, that according to international law the liberating occupying power must use the pre-existing land laws as a basis for claims. Moreover, it is exactly as Israel has done in this case, even though Israel’s official position is it does not see itself de jure as an occupying power in the legal sense of the term. It is only a liberator of its own historical ancestral land.
    None of these facts are even alluded to in the many reports surrounding the government’s actions in settlement and housing. The omission of said facts is highly biased and unjustified. An examination of the relevant background, history and facts would provide the necessary context for what has been converted into an international incident where none should exist.
    Many nations and people are questioning Israel’s control of its own liberated territory. No one is mentioning that the Arab countries terrorized, persecuted and ejected over a million Jewish families and their children (who lived there for over 2,400 years) from their countries. No one is mentioning that Arab countries also confiscated Jewish assets, businesses, homes and Real estate property. Most of the expelled Jewish families and their children were resettled in Greater Israel and now comprise over half the population. The Land the Arab countries confiscated from the Jewish people is over 120,000 sq. km. or 75,000 sq. miles, which is over 6 times the size of Israel, and would have a value today in the trillions of dollars.

    Reviewing Jewish title to the land of Palestine, aka Israel, has numerous support. Historical ancestral land, International law and treaties (post WWI), and the actual land that was purchased from the Ottoman empire prior to WWI and after WWI the purchase of land from rich absentee Arab land owners and local Arab leaders. Therefore, it is a forgone conclusion that Israel’s rights to the land is supported by more than enough proof to assuage any arguments to the contrary.
    YJ Draiman

  • Peter

    How does one take anything from fox news seriously. They a bad joke.

    • Florida Girl

      Oh please. Fox News is about the only one telling the truth on the airwaves. The rest of the Media just give the pat answer of the current administration, afraid to give both sides of the story…you have things reversed.

  • Mickey Oberman

    The Nazis did a great job in getting millions of their followers killed.

    Abbas is trending in the same way.

  • Robert Spitalnick

    Great job telling the true story about what is happening in Israel.

  • Larry Andrews

    There are two salient points made in this interview. The first is that Palestinians do not consider Jews to be human beings. Because of that, there is no prohibition against murdering any Jew regardless of age or sex. The Jews are not people, therefore there is no difference between a child and an adult – any Jew deserves to be murdered, because all Jews deserve to be murdered. That
    belief system will not produce a peaceful solution. The second point is the complete ignorance of the Obama administration to recognize this belief system. President Obama continues to believe that people behave in a rational manner. History proves otherwise. Excellent interview!

    • Robert Davis

      Larry : obanana does not know about rational mind he is simply an antisemite and a “liberal” ie a socialist at least in appearance. In fact he has the mentality of an african dictator. The whole leftwing political system is nazi and we are presently in EXACTLY THE SAME SITUATION AS IN THE 30s with the caricatures, the medias biais,the pressures, the “kill jews” shouts . The only difference is that jews are strong nowadays not a weak and disarmed lot as in the 30s.

  • martin

    Problems such as this do not peter-out over time. There has to be a final solution.
    You know what it is. I know what it is. Do it, and be done with it.!

  • Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

    The vast majority of American Jews loathe Fox News despite their support for Israel n Jewish civil n religious rights worldwide as opposed to the anti-semitism and Israel bashing on MSNBC and CNN because outside of Israeli issues Fox is right wing biased reportung.

  • Dear Friends,please see below:

    And now about love and hate:
    Please compare TWO points of view about the civilization in which we live.
    1-The Jewish one exemplified by Albert Einstein:

    2-And the Muslim one exemplified by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi:

    Of course, everyone can understand what he wants…!

  • Emanuel

    Great job Dovid! I’d rather be an ape or pig than a: 1. Sitting duck 2. Cooked goose 3. Deer in headlights. 4. Whatever species of animal o and Kerry are, different colors, same weasel-vermin genetics on display there.

  • VictorMc

    Gross exaggeration.

    • Florida Girl

      This is not a gross exaggeration. How can you possibly say that when Palestinians are killing Jewish citizens and IDF on a daily basis – throwing stones from the columns on the porch of mosque at individuals trying to ascend the Temple Mount – throwing bolders down upon cars travelling on roads and killing the occupants of the cars – stabbing Israelis on the street, terrorizing citizens with home invasions. It is you who grossly misstates the situation. Israel has used restraint in the past, even giving medical treatment to those trying to kill Israelis. Lies are told by Palestinian government and they turn the tables on whom has started the aggression. Any other country would have been less accommodating to their attackers. It is time for all Israelis to arm themselves and fight back when they are attacked, like sitting ducks.

    • VictorMc
      You are truly a person of few words It is not “gross exaggeration” It is Abbas who is very, very gross.And that is not an “exaggeration”

  • Great job Dovid!

  • More Lies , Deceit and Disinformation from Israelis side, just can’t get enough killing for the Zionists to be Happy !

    Accepting the Arab Peace Plan of 2003 would have been saved Lives on “BOTH” sides, just Terrible Strategic Vision on the part of the Israeli Leaders and people, they are blinded by their history and weakness of character. Goal should not have been placed on 22% of keeping the last 22% of Palestine Mandate . But getting accepted into Region as a Home for Jews

    History will be tough on the Jewish side for Prolonging a Conflict that has a settlement on the Table.
    Yahweh turns his head as his Children fight each other over this.

    • Emanuel

      You sound like a fool, why not go on buzzfeez and find a less educated audience to lie to, idiot. Now don’t pretend to be offended and go drink another glass of blood sicko.

    • duPont

      William, it is clear from your imbecilic verbiage that you are a rabid anti Semite which comes, no doubt from a lack of education and intelligence. Let us know how you will react when the Arabs shoot rockets into your home. By the way- the Arabs are now killing Christians, so if you are one, you should hide. Their entire history is one of murder and mayhem. When they move into another country, it is the same- murder and mayhem. They are even killing each other. Perhaps you need to learn more about them so that you can protect yourself.

    • Florida Girl

      You are mistaken. Yahweh is the Holy One who turns the missiles launched into the air towards Israel away from their target. Even those firing the rockets from Gaza have said God changed the direction of their fired missiles. God is with His children forever, He will defend them as they are the apple of His eye, always. God is against those who are enemies of Israel. Wait and see.

    • Another “BIG” lie. Goebbels said that. Tell a lie long enough and often and people will believe it

    • Elischeva

      It is easy to blame the Jews for not accepting the so called peace plan of 2003, however, the local Arabs of the area at the time in 1948 turned down what the UN offered and waged war, then proceed to elect themselves a renown terriorrist as a leader by the name of Arafat, who in 1967 created the so called Palestinian people and trained and brainwashed their children to incitement, jihard and blind murdering hatred which is now so ingrained it is irreversible. This is abundantly apparent with all the news articles available with their own leaders saying any peace deal of a 2 state solution is only a 2 part process of anailation of the Jews.
      If we talk about Palestinian refugees then:

      The Jews have been the rightful owners of the land since time immemorial. They are the ones who have been stripped of their country by the Babylonians, the Syrians, the Romans, the Ottoman Empire, the British Empire. They are the ones that when forced off the land and dragged away and then persecuted in the foreign forced adopted lands for years, all of the Arab and African countries and then Europe, and then forced to flee again losing everything they owned again. They were never compensated for their loss of money, businesses and property from lands they fled in the Middle East and Africa. The JEWS fled to their own land which had been laid waste by invading populations. There never was a Palestinian People. The name Palestine was created as a political diversion by the Romans and Arafat used this in 1967. Learn history nearly all of the so called Arab Palestinian people are Egyptian or Syrian and this is admitted numerous times by Arab leaders throughout history. If we are going to use the word Palestinian as created by Rome – what about all the millions of Jewish Palestinian Refugees created by the warring nations who stripped Judea of her rightful people. The Arab world wants Israel as it is now no longer laid waste and is a prosperous Oasis in the desert in every sense of the word.
      It is well documented that countries like Syria and Iraq could easily absorb the Arab Palestinians refugees who they keep in refugee camps. Gaza is not a refugee camp. Instead Syria keeps them in camps as political pawns. They left Israel of their own free will listening to the lies of surrounding nations, who threatened war and annihilation of the Jews the TRUE and rightful owners of the land.
      700,000 Arabs left Israel in 1948;
      850,000 Jews fled from Arab counties alone in 1948 due to years of persecution and Arab collaboration with Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem among others; and
      Hundred of thousands at the same time were fleeing Hitler in Europe.
      Many of the Arab Palestinians living in Israel today don’t want to live under Hamas, they want to live in safety.
      Wake up world. There has been theft, murder and pillage of the rightful owners of the land for years and they have regained it and made it prosper.
      The current Arab Palestinian problem is nothing but a political ploy. The Arab States do not want to solve the refugee problem, they want to keep it as an open sore, as an Affront to the United Nations and as a weapon against Israel.
      Arab leaders do not give a damn about their own people who they have slaughtered themselves by hand, with bombs and chemical warfare if their people get in their way, let alone care about whether Arab refugees live or die.
      Israel whether the world chooses to believe it or not is a peaceful nation. They have pro-rats population been award the most noble peace prizes in the world and have contributed an enormous amount to the world and are known to be one of the worlds forerunners in technology, Nani technology and medicine and agriculture.
      Please stop the fighting and learn the truth.

      Grow up EVERYONE. There is only ONE G-d. What on earth makes you think he is going to want to have people killed in his name. You are a misguided, very sad, savage bunch of terrorists who believe that he would want this. You will reap what you sew. If you kill, you and yours will be killed. Stop before you destroy everything you hold dear to you.

    • David

      So called “Palestinians” are a reject people…no other Arab country really wants them…and to be exact a lot of them are from the tribe of Judah in the first place…they were converted to Islam usually forceably and because of this have a severe identity problem.

    • Robert Davis

      william : your nazi type assertions are sheer lies 1. The Mandate gave Historical Palestine to jews and 21 states to arabs, not 22% or whatever fantasy you calculated!!! 2.”arab plans” would lead the area into a world war and it is not a few people who would be killed nor even thousands or hundred of thousands nor even millions but probably 1 or 2 BILLIONS. Your stupid calculation is either a sheer lie or that of a doorkeeper who thinks he knows better than the chairman. To save 5 cents he would destroy the company!

  • Robert Shorin

    Shouldn’t the Muslim clergymen who are inciting the murder of innocent Jewish civilians, teaching their Islamic followers how to stab Jews with a knife and cut them into little pieces, be tried for their crime at the International Court of Justice?

    This crime should be presented before the United Nations General Assembly, and the perpetrators brought to justice at the World Court of Justice.

    • Hamanslayer

      Robert Shorin, I have to presume you were being sarcastic, not just naive.
      The Untidy Nations, in which Muslim, Muslim-controlled, and fellow travelers “third-world” countries along with Russia and assorted satellites form a majority, has managed to reduce even the agencies that once were proudly non-political (like UNESCO) to political hack forums.
      The “International Court of Justice” is just about the same kind of joke as the UN, its Human Frights (C)Omission, and of course UNRWA, which all of us support financially willy-nilly. That is the major reason Israel does not recognize this “court.”
      I have tried to look into what “International Law” is, where it comes from — and the best I could come up with, to date, is that it comes from resolutions passed by a majority of “the international community,” that same confounded community that overwhelmingly passed the resolution that Zionism is Racism (thus making it a crime?). And that includes many “good friends” in the West — like Sweden, UK, France (especially), Italy and the Netherlands, to mention a few….
      That is why the UN, the media, and all of our “friends” consider a Jew living in Judea and Samaria “illegal.” How fortunate that some of them actually consider the Jewish state as “legal!”

    • Elischeva

      That won’t happen as most of the UN is run by Muslim nations or Muslim affiliated nations. They take over everything little by little, like a worm eating an apple from the inside outwards, until you have no more defenses has everything is rotten and tainted.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    An excellent interview! In this case, the power of words transcends the power of images. Rabbi Efune’s descriptions, analogies, explanations, and pictorial interpretations helped me visualise the goings-on here quite vividly. I am writing from Ramot Bet, Jerusalem.

  • Actually, it’s the “Palestinians” who have been “dehumanized” by Islam, who are unable to make any moral distinctions or moral value judgments. Islam turns Muslims, regardless of age, into impersonal juggernauts and killing machines.

    • Michael Fox

      It is the promise of martyrdom, a heroic transition to paradise not to mention a bevy of beautiful virgins along with a narrative of hateful propaganda served up to an ignorant population with no self worth that feeds the morally starved Palestinian.