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October 22, 2015 2:09 pm

Bereaved, Injured Israelis Talk About Wounds to Body and Spirit Sustained in Recent Terror Attacks

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Police at the scene of a terrorist attack in which two Palestinian terrorists boarded a bus in Jerusalem and killed two Israelis. Photo: Israeli Police Foreign Press.

Police at the scene of a terrorist attack in which two Palestinian assailants boarded a bus in Jerusalem and killed two Israelis. Photo: Courtesy of Israel Police to Foreign Press Association.

Bereaved Israelis, who have lost family members and much of their spirit to recent terrorist attacks, spoke about their experiences in an interview with NPR on Wednesday.

Odel Bennett, 22, was walking with her husband and two young children in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City two weeks ago, when a Palestinian man attacked her and her husband with a knife. She screamed for help while being stabbed 17 times. Her husband and a rabbi who came to the couple’s aid were killed by the terrorists.

Bennett told NPR she remembers running for help with a knife still lodged in her shoulder, and though many Arabs witnessed the event and watched her stumble down the street bleeding and begging for mercy, no one stopped to help her. In fact, she said, they did the opposite.

“They yelled at me. They spat at me. They cursed me to die,” Bennett said in Hebrew, according to NPR‘s Emily Harris.

The mother-of-two, who is now out of the hospital, said her family is destroyed and she no longer has strength. She told NPR that she faces months of rehabilitation, and that her husband had been the sole financial provider for the family.

“The truth is we are shattered,” she said, “and we don’t know how to collect all of our pieces.”

Like Bennett, Menashe Haim recently lost a family member to a terrorist attack. His father and mother, Jewish immigrants from Iraq who moved to Israel when they were young, were on a Jerusalem bus last week when they were attacked by two Palestinians. Haim’s father was shot to death and his mother, who was shot in her elbow and chest, recently came out of the intensive care unit at a Jerusalem hospital.

Haim told NPR he had a hard time telling his 11-year-old daughter how her grandfather had died.

“She asked, ‘Why? Why did they do this?’ So I didn’t have any answer,” Haim said.

Noam Tzion told NPR he once believed Israelis and Palestinians had enough of the same core values to negotiate a peaceful agreement with which both sides would be satisfied. He’s no longer sure, now that Palestinians have carried out two terrorist attacks within a mile of his home. He said these days he is now wary of every Arab he sees on the street.

“What I changed my mind about is I don’t think that the issues that we have in Israel between Jews and Arabs are the result of a national conflict between Jewish nationality and Palestinian nationality,” he said. “I think the issues today are defined by radical Islam. And with radical Islam, there is no possibility of a solution of any kind.”

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  • Tabitha Korol

    How can there be peace when the Arabs are taught to hate and murder from toddlerhood on. In Kindergarten, the children are already taught to slice the head of dolls, in preparation for when they’re older and ready for “the real thing.” Muslims have been killing for 1400 years; the count now is about 900 million innocent people, 400 million of which were Egyptians alone. Until they’re taught to value life, they will only understand destruction and death.

  • FactsRule

    I forgot to edit my comment. Too bad there isn’t an edit feature. I meant to write that the only voice that matters as to what happens to & with Israel regarding major concerns is that of the current Prime Minister at a particular time.

  • FactsRule

    And, let me please add that Netanyahu’s overall continued response to every attack over the decades, asking them to stop doing this and simply casting blame on them without solving the issue himself makes him fully a part of them & against the innocent, as terrible as that sounds. IT’S TRUE.

  • Stu Tarlowe

    I’m surprised that NPR (Nat’l Propaganda Radio, Nat’l Pinko Radio) would air anything that casts the “peace-loving Palestinians” in a negative light. That’s very uncharacteristic of the way they view and report goings-on in Israel.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    And there I was believing that Rabin-Peres and the rest of that pile were bringing peace along with Arafat…
    Oh well… After about 2000 dead some or most horrible deaths and tens of thousands of maimed for life, the same trash still advocates on behalf of their Islamic partners as peace lovers.
    What can one say..

    • FactsRule

      One could say the following:
      The worst culprits supporting the so-called Palestinians have been from what Israelis think is the Right-wing, or Conservative, or whatever they imagine.
      Israelis have yet to collectively wake up to the fact that they have the worst political system in the Western world. A democratically elected dictatorship, the people of Israel have never in their history been given a voice.
      The only voice that matters as to whether Muslims sit in the kenesset, vote on Who’s a Jew, whether to solve this existential issue by repatriating the overwhelmingly genocidal Muslims back to Jordan & Egypt, whether to evict Jews from settlements they’ve built on their own land, whether to evict 9,000 innocent Israelis from all of their properties & holdings in Gaza, whether to give up 80% of their oil & the military buffer zone & neighborhoods in Sinai to Egypt in 1979 for a 2nd time, whether to free thousands of blood thirsty murderers & would-be murderers from prisons rather than repatriate them to Jordan & Egypt, whether to cry & complain to the anti-Jewish anti-Israel world leaders all the time, etc.
      Of course, it isn’t for a lack of trying to destroy Israel by suicidal concessions to Israel’s existential foes that the Left is always contemplating & doing, making them even worse in some ways, but Netanyahu gave away Jericho when elected not to, as far as I know. The people of Israel certainly didn’t want that followed through with after all of the deadly attacks leading up to it.
      If not for a deplorably biased Israeli media and educational system, Israel would have legally repatriated the overwhelmingly genocidal Muslims long ago, certainly after the first decade or two of their mass-murdering, mass-injuring attacks. And, certainly if they were aware of what’s been documented for decades at, including on the home page an interview where Abbas, y”S, admits to being the leader of sending terrorists into Israel that he calls (not whom, which is for humans) prisoners of war.