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October 22, 2015 6:32 am

Palestinian Professor Outraged by Abbas’ ‘Investigation’ of Joseph’s Tomb Arson

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Hundreds of Palestinians set Joseph's Tomb on fire. Photo: Twitter.

Hundreds of Palestinians set Joseph’s Tomb on fire. Photo: Twitter.

Dr. Salah Na’ami, writing in the Jordanian paper Assabeel, is angry that Mahmoud Abbas is pretending that he will open a full investigation to find out who was behind the burning of Joseph’s Tomb last week.

Abbas was obviously trying to send a message to the West that he is against attacks on Jewish sites, although I will bet anyone that in one year there will be no concrete results from this “investigation.”

But even the sham is too much for Na’ami, a professor in Gaza.

President Mahmoud Abbas denounced the burning of the Jewish shrine Tomb of Joseph in the heart of the city of Nablus.

His decision to form a committee to investigate the incident and his pledge to restore the shrine is an affront to the Palestinian people and shows disregard for our national rights. It also shows leniency with the horrible crimes committed by the Jewish terrorists who visit this shrine.

This shrine is practically a Jewish settlement in the heart of the city of Nablus, attracting tens of thousands of settlers who take advantage of their presence in the region, and the protection of the Palestinian Authority security for them to provoke the Palestinians.

… Burning this shrine was an opportunity to get rid of the source of renewed terrorism, and this confirms how miserable this step by Abbas was and demonstrates his orientation.

Here is a fairly prolific Arab columnist justifying the destruction of a supposedly Muslim shrine because Jews claim it.

It is a perfect example of the absurd zero-sum mentality of most in the Arab world: if Jews like it, it must be bad for Arabs. And therefore, better it is destroyed than any Jews get to benefit from  it.

Of course, there are no comments on the column pointing out that Na’ami’s hate has nothing to do with Zionism, but Jews.

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  • ev

    The Palestinians obviously burned the site which was on their land BC greedy Jews there act as though everything is theirs with complete disregard of respect for anyone else and the international community, whereas Israel continues to violate against basic laws and shall be dealt with soon. The world will not watch such valiancy for long.

    • dante

      ev is too stupid or hateful to know that Joseph was a son of Jacob and the father of two (half) tribes of the Jewish People.

      the “palestinians” pretend that they revere Joseph but the truth is revealed in the attacks on Joseph’s tomb and the vile defense of those attacks by cretins like ev and na’ami.

      the name “nablus” is not even an Arabic name, genius. it is a corruption of the Greek name for the city, a city in which the Jews had settled thousands of years before the Muslim invasion.

      don’t worry, little man, where you live decency and truth are strangers. hate, though, is right at home and it will end your life, little man.