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October 23, 2015 5:43 am

New Republic Editor in Twitter War Over Refusal to Condemn Abbas’s Glorification of Mufti

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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas previously called Nazi collaborator Hajj Amin al-Husseini his hero. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas previously called Nazi collaborator Hajj Amin al-Husseini his hero. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

A Twitter feud erupted on Thursday between a Jewish writer and a senior editor at The New Republic, who refused to condemn Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for praising the Nazi-supporting Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini.

New Republic editor Jeet Heer had published an essay on Wednesday accusing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of “dangerous historical revisionism,” in connection with his recent comments about the Mufti’s involvement in the Holocaust. Netanyahu was lambasted for saying that al-Husseini had persuaded Adolf Hitler to exterminate, rather than expel, the Jews of Europe.

On Thursday, novelist David Sachs took to Twitter to ask Heer when he would similarly criticize Abbas, who called the Mufti his “hero” in 2013.

“When do we get your thoughts on the safe and cute promotion of the Nazi-supporting Mufti as a hero by Abbas?” Sachs asked Heer, before adding, “You seem strangely determined to draw attention anywhere except Abbas’ promotion of the Nazi Mufti.”

Heer responded by citing a statement from Abbas denouncing the Holocaust. However, the rebuttal didn’t suffice for Sachs, who continued pushing Heer to criticize Abbas.

Heer continued to defend himself against Sachs’ accusations, but failed to directly mention, or condemn, Abbas’ canonization of the Mufti.

At one point, he told Sachs he finds his question “baffling since Abbas is [a] person with no power.”

After much back-and-forth with Heer, Sachs sarcastically tweeted that perhaps Abbas’ “Nazi-promotion” and the current Mufti’s call for the death of Jews, are “not worth mentioning.” Pressing Heer one last time, he wrote, “Is it really so hard to say ‘Abbas’ promotion of the Nazi Mufti is dangerous’? Would it have been irrelevant to yesterday’s frenzy?” 


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  • Jeet Her

    Why would you not print the comment of someone who is the subject of a story and disputes your account of his words?

  • Jeet Heer

    For the record, I very explicitly condemned Abbas’ comments on the Grand Mufti, but just not in terms you would find acceptable. I think we should condemn anyone who collaborated with the Nazis and any attempts to whitewash those collaborators. This includes Abbas’s comments but also the whitewashing of the Stern Gang, and many other political groups who collaborated with or tried to collaborate with the Nazis.

    • jeremy

      You’re a sick pig.
      The Jews such as the Stern Group, were maligned as such, of course. But were part of the genocide of all Jews happening. The Jewish left besides slandering, were shooting random conservative Jews on the streets.

      You’re a real sicko.

      Comparing Jews whose families were the targets, to allies and accepted members of the genocide.

      You are beyond redemption, and absolute evil.

      Who would have guessed that the main victim of the first ever not censored genoocide pf the Jews, would end up somehow getting written in as the Jews.

  • steven L

    Jeet Heer shows his bias. Bibi was much closer to the truth than Abbas. There is no intended revisionism but lack of specificity and accuracy in Bibi statement.
    The antisemites will misrepresent anything.

  • the killing of the Jews has been created since the Jews did not accept Mohamed made up story of Islam by copy paste Judaism mohamed did not understand Judaism
    Mohamed brought islam to the Medina where jews lived and if the Jews will accept the islam more people will follow mohamed since this did not happen mohamed slaughtered the Jews exactly what ISIS is doing now
    the Mufti Jajj Hussenie did go to Germany and convinced Hitler the yellow star of
    David was created by the muslims and hitler made the Jews wear it
    Now abbas does not believe that holocaust happened , Palestine for sure never existed
    I am not surprised they all have the same agenda kill the jews
    I believe we should sue the arabs as one nation for what they did and still doing

  • dante

    the point is that abbas’ posture of injured innocence is laughable and it is characteristically dishonest.

  • dante

    without excusing the precise error that Netanyahu made, it should be said that Netanyahu was more right than wrong: the mufti spent the war years in berlin as the guest of the nazi regime, which lavisly supported him and to which he was adamantly and actively devoted. the mufti worked for the victory of the nazis and for the destruction of the Jewish people, in europe, in the middle east, and elsewhere.

    and, let’s not abandon all sense: in many Muslim countries and in many Arab countries and in the areas controlled by the p.a., nazi and paranoid anti-semitic propaganda is popular. and, of course, it should be remembered that in abbas’ despicable doctoral thesis he argued that the Holocaust resulted “only” in the deaths of 800,000 people and that the Jews helped the nazis.

    so, don’t be stupid: Netanyahu got it more right than wrong.

  • jeremy

    Abbass does have power, over a multibillion dollar, artificial western/Wahabist nation-building colonialist enterprise.

    And Abbass also wrote a Holocaust denying , short book, a few decades ago.

    Abbass recently called Jew’s feet “dirty” though lost on all but Shia Islam’s adherents, that is a direct reference to hundreds of laws in Shia Islam concerning Jews. Jews are inherently dirty in Shia Islam.

    One Shia law about puddles, punnishes a believer in Mohamed for stepping in a puddle after a Jew had, because you transfer the Jew’s dirtiness. That is what is lost on everyone except the Ummah itself when you read a quote from Abbass about the Jews all having dirty feet.