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October 23, 2015 2:22 pm

Poll: US Voters Mostly Think Washington Should Stay Out of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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Have American Jews abandoned Israel? Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Israeli and American flags. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Most U.S. voters believe Washington should not get more involved in the Israeli-Palestinian crisis if the violence continues to escalate, a Rasmussen poll revealed on Thursday.

Despite Secretary of State John Kerry’s previous efforts to relaunch the peace process, 55% of Americans now disagreed that the U.S. should get more involved. Instead, they said the U.S. should leave the situation alone.

Just 34% of likely voters said the U.S. should get more involved and 11% were undecided.

The figures, Rassmusen reported, were similar to another poll taken during the 2014 war between Israel and Hamas, which broke out shortly after the collapse of the U.S.-led peace talks.

This time, 60% of voters thought Americans supported Israelis more in the latest round of violence, while only 10% of voters said they thought Americans supported the Palestinians more.

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  • Cherie

    Totally agree for the USA to look after their own backyard and Israel not to go traipsing to the US for advice because the US don’t have the answer. If anything, they have more problems which they cannot handle, let alone trying to solve other nations’ problems!!

  • Jonah

    If it was up to the people of America more than a size able majority would guarantee the safety of Israel and its people. But the White House has been taken over by anti Semitic hooligans, it will be all that Israel can do to hang on until their is a regime change. Let’s hope some catastrophic event does not allow elections to take place.

  • Nina Hardoff

    I agree. Kerry and Obama should stay out of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They only make the situation worse.

    • Cynthia

      I can’t agree with you more. They are not invested in making sure that Israel remains safe from the terrorists plaguing them today. Hopefully the people of Israel realize that the figure above of 55% being against their policies is actually skewed. I can tell you that the vast majority of Americans do support Israel and her people, and when the violence is one sided, with the response being the only thing reported, there will be some who will bite. The schools are over run by communists these days, so the children are not smart in matters of politics. But all that being said: The American People do side with Israel and her people.

  • Re: The truth about Jerusalem’s grand mufti, Hitler and the Holocaust

    The article states:

    But Netanyahu was right on when he emphasized the Mufti’s Holocaust complicity and activities before, during, and after the war when the Mufti lied about alleged Jewish intentions to expel Muslim and Islam from Jerusalem’s Temple Mount—the same lie that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas repeats today in support of the current “knife Intifada.”
    Netanyahu said: “Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he wanted to expel the Jews. “And Haj Amin al-Husseinei went to Hitler and said, ‘If you expel them, they’ll all come here.’ ‘So what should I do with them?’ he asked. He said, ‘Burn them’.”
    Netanyahu’s quotation of the Grand Mufti is word-for-word accurate, but it is not true that the Fuhrer needed the advice of Islam’s leading anti-Jewish fanatic to implement the Final Solution. That was his dream as far back as 1919 as a letter that he authored and signed now on display at the Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance documents.

    If the quote is word for word accurate, the attempt to modify it or to be politically correct with the interpretation is disingenuous. It is also one of the reasons that Israel and the Jewish people have a real fear of being wiped from the face of the earth. If Jews do not respect themselves and vigorously oppose their enemies (including those who consort with their enemies) survival is not a probability.

    This does not mean that not putting a foot in the mouth is eliminated as an option – but, it means that trying to denigrate Netanyahu. Extermination of any people even in 1936 was only an option when the criminal advocating such action knew that he had support for his mischief. Roosevelt in not opening the doors of America to the people threatened by genocide and the Mufti’s assurance that the Muslim world was behind the anticipated genocide certainly were strong factors in the holocaust.

    It would have been nice if Netanyahu had kept his interpretation to himself – but he was damn ‘right on!’